Final Grad Week Photo Dump…Plus Some…

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The last group of photo dump pictures…because if you haven’t seen on Facebook (okay, maybe you haven’t…) but I think I might have taken close to 400 pictures. Do enjoy these pictures and let me go ahead & tell you that the blog might be slow over the next two weeks – the only internet I will have is at the office.

My modem has decided to go ahead and die on me, and since I’ll be vacating the premises in less than 10 days, I just went ahead and called AT&T and got the internet cancelled because…hey…no reason to be paying for something I can’t use! Anyway, enjoy this post filled with pictures and I’ll get back to this whenever I have the chance!

I really do love all the hats associated with Lindsey’s uniforms…even though they don’t fit my big ol head!

She’s a graduate folks!

One last shot in front of the AOG – check out my foxy sunglasses, ha-ha!

Family Photo! We’re so colorful….

Lindsey & Kaylon just hanging out during Dan & Janelle’s wedding rehearsal…Lindsey looking all fierce & such….

The Broadmoor in all it’s glory – I loooovvveee this place!

We can’t behave ourselves when we get together…oops…

Did you know geese have teeth on their tongues? A fascinating fact my cousin Kyleigh taught me this week…

Re-enacting a shot from five years ago, minus cousin Kellan….we were a little bit giggly…

A party was going on at the Broadmoor – we couldn’t get in, so we (myself, Lindsey & Kyleigh) danced around in the lobby. We don’t need no velvet rope to get down!

Releasing all the party balloons on Friday morning…

Pikes Peak – glorious as ever….

Lindsey singing at Dan & Janelle’s wedding…she sang “A Thousand Years”…

Exchanging rings!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Cook – so sweet!

Lindsey & the rest of the saber arch, making sure they get their kiss just right before they can proceed…

A stand of Aspen trees – they were everywhere…

Some deer that came to visit us….

Wedding food – Kansas City style BBQ with baked beans, potato salad & macaroni…and dessert, a delicious cookie & the Bride’s drink – sweet tea, lemonade & vodka! 

Two rainbows instead of one – how awesome??

It started raining as we snapped this – rain drops smacking you in the eyeballs always gives you a funny look, ha-ha!

I love this sweet little chica!

Hello gorgeous view!

The kissing camels share a kiss in the setting sun…

The rain retreating in the distance…adios rain clouds!

Absolutely gorgeous – sigh – never get tired of these views.

I think Lindsey has a LOT of stuff! 🙂

Airport chaos…

I love you Southwest – we got bulkhead seats! Hello leg room!!

The plains of Colorado as we left Denver…

Fluffy little clouds…

Riding into the storm clouds…

You know you’re in Louisiana when you see the swamps…

My Grandma kept telling me they were going to land the plane in the swamp….ooooh weee…

And now just a couple pictures from the rest of the weekend…since I returned home around 7 on Saturday night!

He has discovered his car seat is in the house & he is in LOVE.

Loving on my sweet babies on my second to last Sunday as the nursery coordinator!

I missed this sweet face while I was gone!

Well – there you have it! The final photo dump from the whirlwind week in Colorado! As I said, I’ll try to stay faithful to all this business but I can only do so much without the internet! Hope y’all have a wonderful week ahead!

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