Photo Dump – Part Two

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Oh gosh – I’ve done so much on so little sleep in the past three days that I can’t believe I’m still functioning – thankfully today has next to nothing on the schedule and if I want to, I can just stare at the Rockies off the deck of the house we’re staying in. I’ve got some more photos to share…all 400+ will be uploaded to Facebook at some point…till now, this will have to do! Ha-ha!

Cadet Wing Parade on Monday morning.

A panoramic shot of Stillman Parade Field & the 40 Squadrons of the Cadet Wing.

The Thunderbirds arrived at USAFA around 11:30 on Monday….& then proceeded to show off for about 30 minutes….

Lindsey posing by the trophy case for one of the two Squadron awards that her squadron won – go CS16!

With her class crest – way to go kiddo – you’ve made it!

Ha-ha…brace yourself Colorado Springs!

Singing her heart out at her final Echelon performance!

Sipping a Blood Drop by the fire pit at Aaron’s graduation party!

The Cadet Wing, lined up for the graduation parade on Tuesday!

Cadet Squadron 16 steps out of the formation – they have symbolically left the Cadet Wing…

With my little cadet….on her last day as a cadet!

Recieving her plaque for being one of eight (out of 995) to be nominated for the Roslyn Schulte Leadership & Character Development Award!

What I was charged with hanging on to for the afternoon – the all important butter bars.

Dad, Lindsey & Sam in their mess dress – they certainly don’t look a mess, ha!

Sam makes a pre-commissioning ceremony adjustment to Lindsey’s uniform….

Family photo with our new 2nd Lieutenant!

Lindsey found the Thunderbird pilot(s) as soon as she got in the door of the graduation reception – talk about a one track mind!

The view from Vandenberg Hall…..

The Summerlins!

Graduation 2014 – It was a WARM day!

The future 2L have entered the stadium – way to go class of 2014!

A cuddly baby selfie with Evie! We were both rocking our floppy hats!

Lindsey gets her diploma!

Class of 2014 – You are dismissed!

The T-birds putting on a post-graduation show!

So proud of this new 2nd Lieutenant! 

9(ish) years later – a dream a long time in the making becomes reality.

And now it’s time to party!

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