Weekend Photo Dump

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I’ll do a (much) longer post about the week that is about to happen – I assure you, there will be so much happening in the next week that it may warrant more than one post. Until I have the time to give Lindsey’s graduation week the post(s) it deserves, I’ll be doing daily or every other day photo dumps…so enjoy!

Colorado bound with my sweet seat mate!

NOLA from the air…

Flying over Lake Pontchartrain!

Do you see the Mississippi river? I do!

Yeah – I took a LOT of pictures from the air….

Once more….

Clouds, clouds everywhere…

Big puffs of cotton!

Flying always leaves me in such awe – we are blessed to live in a world filled with wonder.

About to descend through the soupy clouds into Colorado…

The first glimpse of the mile high city…lovely!

And once more, before we landed!

So happy to see this little lovey again – hadn’t seen her since Christmas!

If this isn’t food porn, I don’t know what is. It was delicious!

Sunday morning sunshine!

Selfie with the graduation week house!

Our home away from home for the week of graduation….

A late afternoon storm forming over the mountains.

At the entrance to the Superintendent’s House for the reception – smile!

The fine china was set out – a VIP was coming for dinner…

A look at the menu & the guest of honor – also Lindsey’s graduation speaker.

Sunday afternoon mimosas & refreshments at the Superintendent reception.

Having a deep discussion with one of the many instructors on hand…

Petting one of the Falcons!

Hi there birdie!

A band providing some music for the afternoon – so nice!

The sun begins to set behind Pike’s Peak!

So proud of our (almost) 2nd Lieutenant!

Lindsey & I were just cracked up by how completely different our feet look – can you guess which foot belongs to which Summerlin?

The seesaw in the backyard provided at least thirty minutes of solid entertainment!

Sister selfie!

The guard cat admitting us to the house…

And that’s all for now…I’ll do another photo dump in just a few days! Till then – have a great Memorial Day!

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