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Well – the past week seems like it went by in a blink of an eye – hence the title. My parents were here for the start of the week and that’s always nice; except that they buy me donuts for afternoon snacks, which are delicious but not so helpful to the waistline. Oh well, it didn’t stop me from inhaling it at about 2:30 on Monday afternoon…because hey, I’m not going to buy them myself but if you put it in front of me, I’m usually powerless to say no. That’s neither here nor there though, so the week in review:

Lemon donut as a Monday afternoon snack – courtesy of the parents. Bad for the figure but good for the soul.

Hiding under my umbrella at graduation – rain, rain, go away!

The last Watson grand kid graduated – we’re all “big kids” now.

My cousin Colton graduated on Monday night – he’s the youngest grand kid and so with his graduation, all five of the Watson grand kids are officially high school graduates. I’ve always thought we were all pretty smart cookies and if memory serves me correctly, we all graduated with honors or high honors – so I think I’m correct when I say we are all smart cookies, ha-ha! It came a small rain shower during the ceremony and there must have been hundreds of umbrellas open all over the stands – and yet somehow, we sat in front of the one woman who wanted to have her umbrella open but bark at us that “I can’t see anything…” – well, too bad, so sad lady…we can’t cater to your whims.

That was snarky of me, wasn’t it? Oh well – sometimes snark happens.

Amaryllis is bloom – it will only be pretty for about a week, but hey – what counts is I got it to bloom!

Rainy Wednesday porch…

Thursday morning when I opened the door to Watson’s “room”, his bed was collapsed in half and hanging sideways off the chaise lounge. He was stretched out across the floor and when I looked at him and asked “what in the world??” he just wagged his tail, hopped up and traipsed into the living room. I have no clue how his bed ended up that way but yet again I’m left wishing I could rig a camera up in his room so I would be able to see the antics he gets up to in the middle of the night. Did he sleep so wildly that he literally crashed into the floor? I’ll never know…and that is one of life’s truly sad things.

Obviously Watson doesn’t exactly sleep peacefully – too bad I don’t have a camera in his room; I have no clue if he wiggled so much he fell out of the bed…

My new favorite food – chocolate covered Acai Blueberries – they are to die for.

Watson takes his treats on the run – scoops them up from the treat rug & heads for the front porch.

Blue sky Friday!

I may or may not be something of a chocolate rabbit thief. You see, I was nice and helped someone at the office on Friday and was told that as a thanks, I could have the chocolate rabbit sitting on the desk. I figured I’d leave it until the afternoon and then collect my prize – but suddenly another co-worker threatened to snatch the rabbit from my grasp. I knew I had to act, so I quickly ran around the corner, grabbed up the rabbit and ran back to my desk…and then proceeded to text the picture below to my competitor, to let him know that he wouldn’t be having any chocolate rabbit that day. It was all in fun, but I guess he was a sore loser because once he got the picture, he text back “I’m not allowed to text at work” and effectively ended the fun on a party pooper note. Oh well – it was funny while it was happening and now I have a chocolate rabbit – which, oh yeah…I don’t need.

Easter bunny theft at the office – I may be the culprit…

I picked up around the house on Friday night – Watson was a huge help. All he wanted to do was watch Game of Thrones…

Watson & the traveling Beggin Strip.

I spent my Friday and Saturday cleaning up around my house – I was both busy and lazy at the same time, organizing and straightening for an hour or two, then stopping to collapse on the couch for an hour. Watson seemed to have zero motivation on Saturday; the only thing he seemed driven to do was find multiple cushy nap spots and sleep the day away. I gave him a Beggin Strip early on Saturday morning and proceeded to be amused by him and the Beggin Strip for the rest of the day. He took it outside with him as soon as I gave it to him…and when he came in about an hour later to nap on the rug, he brought the strip with him and laid it on the rug by the door for later. He took it back outside with him and laid it on the porch while he napped there…and I assume at some point on Saturday he ate it because it wasn’t on the porch at the end of the day. Such a mess, oooh wee!

Saturday afternoon visitor – drool & all, he was a blast!

Hanging out with one of my favorite bandits – he’s so cute I’m sure if we stuck up a store, they’d just give us what we asked for…ha-ha!

Sunday was stressful at best…and well, at worst…we won’t even go into the worst. Suffice it to say that sometimes Sundays manage to be the worst day of the week for me and only sweet little faces are the saving grace that makes the day better. Also, it is far more fun to watch an animated movie with an almost three year old than just to watch it by yourself – they are far more amazed by all things; not just animated movie things. So, I suppose eating goldfish, drinking Sprite and watching Wall-E with a little kiddo isn’t the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

Sunday afternoon baby cuddles!

So – this week has come and gone. It’s Monday again, it’s only 9:15 and I’m on my second cup of coffee because I didn’t sleep worth a flip last night. I suppose that’s all a story for another week though, so here is where I’ll end. Adios and have a good week!

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