As Previously Mentioned, I Have Issues with Titles….

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Another week has sped on by…and before the next week has finished, we will be into another month but I don’t suppose I need to elaborate on how quickly the days and weeks pass, I feel certain almost everyone understands and echoes my sentiments. A look back at the week that sped by so quickly, before another one is upon me and gone before I know it!

My Monday started in a completely different place – in Tennessee! I look like I’m on medication in this picture…but I wasn’t…yet…

My choice of pancakes: Banana Pineapple Triumph; banana spears rolled in thin pancakes, topped with pineapple syrup, powdered sugar & whipped cream. I tried so hard to eat every last bite.

Monday started in the mountains and we kept with tradition and had breakfast at the Pancake Pantry; whenever we are in the mountains we have to end our vacations with a breakfast there. I’m trying to work my way around the menu to all the different varieties they have and I’m making good progress! After breakfast, we had some final hugs and then I parted ways with my parents for the long drive home – it wasn’t so bad but I’d woken up not feeling too well and by the time I was about two hours from home, I was feeling terrible: groggy, achy and just downright miserable, I couldn’t swallow without my throat feeling like it was on fire. The drive was made a wee bit more manageable thanks to some Halls I’d found in my purse and the discovery of the book 12 Years A Slave on CD about an hour into my drive. I rolled into my driveway at about 5:45 and unpacked as quickly as I could before dropping on the couch to watch Game of Thrones while feeling a bit like I was dying. Yikes!

Watson inspects his goodies from the Easter Beagle.

Two bags of delicious treats and a new collar – such a lucky little pup!

The sun trying to fight it’s way through the clouds on the Tuesday morning drive to work.

Chicken noodle soup – for the win! So delicious and comforting!

I thought on Monday night that I was really getting very sick – the combination of a cold setting in combined with aches and pains from hiking five miles and zip-lining had me worried I might very well be getting the flu; on Monday night from about 6 to 8, I really felt absolutely awful: shaky, everything hurt, I had no appetite and my head was just a foggy, achy, miserable mess. Thankfully some medicine, a warm bath, some chicken noodle soup and a good night’s sleep helped immensely and I felt some better on Tuesday. I bought real medicine on the way home Tuesday evening, as well as some real deal chicken noodle soup (all I could find on Monday night was Ramen) and by Wednesday, I was really beginning to feel a change come over me!

Taking a treat break – not on his treat rug like he’s supposed to…but on my actual, nice rug! Rotten puppy.

Looking handsome in his new collar on Wednesday morning!

Leftover mountain goodness that I nibbled on throughout the week – I love taffy!

Leftover cake from Administrative Professionals Day – cake makes any day better, especially a Thursday afternoon.

I don’t know why, but when my alarm went off on Friday morning I was just convinced it was really Saturday and I’d made a mistake. When I realized it wasn’t, I had to lay in the bed and have a come to Jesus meeting with myself because I really did not want to get up. It was a tough realization to be sure. Friday followed suite with the way the morning started; the day was bad by no means, but I have never had a day drag on so long as Friday seemed to. It was nuts! When 5 o’clock finally rolled around I scooted over to Best Buy to get myself a new cell phone – my contract was set to renew and I knew exactly what I wanted: a bright green iPhone 5C with a pretty blue case! I thought I’d be spending around $49 on the phone because that was what I’d saw advertised on the website but to my surprise, when I traded in my old iPhone 4S, they gave me $40 for it and when the purchase was all said and done, a phone that rang up at $699.99 to start with was only about $5! I ended up getting my brand spanking new phone, a case for the phone and a car charger all for what I thought I’d pay for the phone on it’s own! I was one very pleased girl, to be sure.

A slow and easy Saturday morning, sipping coffee and watching Fargo.

The abundant & brilliant wildflowers lining the highways on the way into town on Saturday afternoon!

I spent my Saturday morning sipping coffee and watching Fargo, a show I’d started recording two weeks ago and finally had the time to sit down and watch: of course, I’m hooked but I’ll have more on that in a later post. I met my friends Melissa and Jordan at the movies around 1:30 to see The Other Woman, which was an excellent movie if you need a few laughs…plus, the man candy in it isn’t hard to look at either, ha-ha! When the movie ended, I sped back to Collinsville to see my “little sister” McKenna off to prom…it makes me feel really, really old to know she’s going to prom. Where have the years gone?? I watched a little TV until around 6:45 when David showed up and we went back into the big town of Collinsville to get supper at the Mexican restaurant; I don’t know what he ordered but it was hot like a firecracker and I spent most of my meal watching him gasp and guzzle water – which was fairly hilarious. We watched some TV and talked and I think I’ve managed to sufficiently pique his interest in Sherlock (yes – victory!)…so the night was a win.

Stop growing up! Also, when did you decide you needed to be so much taller than me??

Sunday morning – it was torrential downpours, thunder, lightning…the works. Sheesh!

Rain splattered leaves….

And just like that…a mere three or four hours later, it was all gone.

So, a fairly slow week and as always, a weekend that feels like it flew by absolutely way too fast. That’s always the case though, isn’t it? I guess that’s all for now though; I’m going to go read a book and get some sleep…because apparently the world is going to blow away tomorrow afternoon. Don’t you love Spring weather? Me too….

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