Brace Yourself, It’s Been A Doozy

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What a week – I’m telling you. It was just one of “those” weeks, if you know what I mean. I didn’t necessarily have one day that was really that stereotypical bad day but there was always something almost each day that just made the day a little less…good. I suppose we all have weeks like that and in life, it’s to be expected that things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows – even the best days can have slight fall backs, but we all soldier on and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

What a colossal nightmare. Even the dog was terrified.

Monday started things off with a bang – thankfully not too literally but close enough. The weatherman had been predicting severe weather all weekend and delightfully, late Sunday night and into early Monday morning was the predicted time, which let me assure you just delighted and excited me. NOT. I hate bad weather with a panic-inducing, anxiety attack level of hatred that runs deep and has been with me since day one. Blessedly, my satellite held up through the season premiere of Game of Thrones (because that is what is most important here people – the Game of Thrones – the lives of fictional characters in a made up continent is of paramount importance) but after that it was really having none of it, so I switched over to the regular TV and had grand plans to watch the news because I was certain that the weatherman would say that there was nothing to fear. Hah – yeah right!

I made the executive decision (not really, but that’s fun to write…executive decision) that Watson and I would sleep on the couch so that we could have the TV in the background in the event that the world was to come to an end; I need to be able to monitor the weather from all angles. It should be noted I also had my cell phone, laptop and tablet on hand as well. I should have taken a picture of the Summerlin Weather Set-Up but I was too preoccupied with the notion that I might die in a windy hailstorm of thunder and panic, so I didn’t get around to that. So terribly sorry, I’m sure it would have provided so much laughter. I did intend to actually try and sleep but did you all know that iPhones do double duty as terror-inducing panic alarms? They do – as I soon learned when mine proceeded to shriek and wail every time a fresh watch or warning was issued…which was about every 45 minutes until around 5:30 AM…and turning the sound off did not help, they blazed right on, completely undeterred by silly sound settings.
Around 2 AM, the panic truly set in when the weatherman burst in on TV to alert all the weather-crazed insomniacs that a tornado was headed right in my general direction. I’d “joked” with my Mom about crawling under my overturned couch (I kid you not, it was a real discussion) but she encouraged me to instead get into the smaller of my guest room closets and since I stupidly assumed that my life wouldn’t be in danger, I didn’t worry about getting the mountains of Christmas/seasonal decor that is crammed (neatly) into that closet out….until 2 AM. So I’m running back and forth from the guest room, dragging out Rubbermaid tubs and then flying back into the living room to see if we were still in danger of impending swirly death. Watson meanwhile had hidden his face under the blanket and was having none of it. Of course, right about the time that I get that closet good and emptied out, the tornado takes a turn and we are out of mortal danger…at least for now. *sigh* Praise Jesus.
I didn’t finally fall asleep for good until about 5:30 AM, which led to complete and total sleep-deprivation and may or may have made me a wee bit sick. I spent my Monday on my couch, trying to overcome the illness and lack of sleep that the awesome weather experience provided me.
So – Monday’s less than spectacular moment? The weather + panic = sickness. Joy!

Late Monday afternoon…seriously rain & thunder, you can GO AWAY NOW.

I think I need to make myself one of these – maybe then people will understand?

Trying to fight the good fight & rally a Spring look, even though it keeps getting rained out & blown away. 

Someone is graduating in just a few weeks…so exciting!

Oh Tuesday, hello there…what fresh calamity might you have for me? That would be – a sick dog! Yahoo! You know what’s more fun than scrubbing dog vomit out of your carpet? Scrubbing dog vomit out of your carpet three times while trying not to freak out because WHY has he been sick THREE times in a row, this NEVER happens..he is going to dehydrate and die and then what in the world will I do??? Yes, I know – I err on the side of extremely dramatic. What can I say? I love my dog and it really stresses me out when he doesn’t feel well. He’s a dog – it’s not like he could tell me that he thought he’d just ate something that didn’t agree with him; for all I knew his insides were on fire and ready to explode at any moment. 

He threw up three times and for some reason, he has a real affinity for puking on carpeted areas. I don’t know why that is – I tried to move him off the rugs/carpet/etc…but the minute he’d touch hard floor, he’d seek out carpet and let it rip. I can’t really understand why he thought the carpet was the best place to be ill, but what do I know about dogs and puking? Blessedly, the third time seemed to be the charm and all was well after that. I mean, I guess all was well. My nerves were shot and Watson basically collapsed in a heap on the carpet in post puke fueled exhaustion. 
Tuesday’s less than spectacular moment – Puppy Puke Panic!

The many phases of being a sick dog….

Completely worn out – being sick is really hard.

You see – the hits just kept on coming, because the week was only to Wednesday. I suppose Wednesday really had a double whammy of sorts: the first came in the morning and the second came in the evening. The first was just splendid because it involves one of my favorite subjects – money…or better yet, the lack thereof. Two weeks ago, with only one thing to add to my taxes, I was expecting a refund. Once that last thing was added in, instead of a refund I discovered I owed – to the tune of more than $500! Suffice it to say I felt physically ill and struggled not to have a little pity party at my desk, but I held it together…even though I had some lingering gloom the rest of the day.

The second hit came while I was on the way home. You see, a very nice truck decided to speed past me and throw a rock onto my windshield – my windshield that is all of four months old. Of course this caused a crack to form and there was plenty of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as I continued down the road. I was on the phone with my family and I’m sure they thought I’d had some major trauma because I immediately screamed out loud and literally wailed a little bit – as I’ve mentioned above, I have a flair for the dramatic. Thankfully I have good insurance and they’ll be coming to fix that right up for me but still, it’s the principle of the thing – only four months old and already my “baby” will have a battle scar. *sigh*
Wednesday’s less than spectacular moment(s) – horrific tax news and a pinged windshield…

I decided I needed some Stark courage around about mid-week, so I brought the coolest mug ever to work.

SERIOUSLY? Yes, I know it’s small…but still….

Wednesday night blogging – with a certain sweet pup sitting on the couch with me.

Can I just tell you – miracle of miracles, Thursday and Friday passed without incident. I can’t really be sure why but I guess after the hiccups of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the universe decided to give me a break! That break even included getting off work at 4 on both Thursday and Friday and also getting some delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream on Friday! Not a bad way to cap off a work week.

I wandered around the yard on Thursday afternoon to check out some of the Spring flowers!

Proof that I might have a little bit of a green thumb – my Gladiolus are starting to bloom for the second year in a row!

It’s hard being little…obviously….

Ha-ha….this cracks me up, a little bit. I mean, I’m not amoral….I don’t guess…

Less than 100 days to go – I can’t wait!

Lemon Custard & Birthday Cake – talk about an absolutely delicious afternoon snack!

I had a fairly lazy weekend and there’s nothing ever wrong with that! I spent Friday night with a friend watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and talking with her sweet baby. It was unexpected but I was so glad to have some company to watch a movie with and there’s nothing to dislike about getting Friday night bedtime kisses from a sweet baby boy! I spent Saturday doing some laundry and just general cleaning up – although no complete disasters that led to me nearly wiping out in the middle of the floor – and for that I can be thankful. I did get sucked into a House Hunters void while I was having my morning coffee and I stuck with that for a little while (okay…three hours or more) before getting on with my day. Those three hours were probably the laziest I’ve been in a while; I usually struggle to just sit and watch TV, if I don’t have something else to do I feel useless. I was fairly “useless” on Saturday but I did manage to get a few things done around the house, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Gorgeous blue skies late Friday afternoon.

Trying to add some Spring decor in my house – I thought these looked especially nice in my $3 thrift store vase!

Some delightful little bird is making a nice home for it’s family….

Just a wee bit of tweaking in the living room…

My precious begging boy…he’s a mess but he sure is cute.

An awfully sweet way to spend my Sunday morning.

So, with that – you have my week of mishaps and misadventures. I’m just thrilled that Sunday night is here again, it isn’t raining cats and dog and thundering like the world is about to end and I’m only an hour away from a new episode of Game of Thrones. So, until next time…adios for now and have a good week!

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