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It’s been a week of living fast and dangerous, which I know comes as quite as shock if you’re a long time reader. Granted, my definition of living fast and dangerous is probably far different from the norm. This week seems like a fly-by interspersed with epic acts of clumsy on my part – and that is what I mean by living fast and dangerous. Having blown your mind with that confession, please read on for the thrills and spills of the past week.

Okay – this is kind of a cheat because it’s from last Sunday night, but it was super tasty & I needed to share it.

I’ve got some Greek in me – who’d have ever thought?

The week of epic fail…or falls, however you want to call it began on Tuesday when my body betrayed me completely and decided it would be much happier on the floor than in the chair at my desk. It was made all the more delightful of a crash since there were three other people in the front office as opposed to the normal one other person that shares the space with me. You see, I leaned over to check that a cord was plugged into the computer correctly and as I felt the chair start to slip and I knew deep down that if I fought the crash, it would just be that much worse. I slid out of the chair and into the floor with a plop…and immediately became completely tickled with myself…which made the other people in the room crack up as well. Well, except one of the men who works in the office who was quick to point out he wasn’t laughing because he didn’t “laugh when people got hurt…” which, cue the huge eye roll from me. I wasn’t hurt and I provided amusement for everyone, so I guess that’s that.

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be getting squeezed in such a loving way? 

A sweet co-worker returned from her lunch break bearing these earrings for me – people never cease to surprise me.

Watson has recently made friends – two little dogs of his own size – and since he now has friends, he is more like a teenager than he ever was. He disappears out the door in the mornings, immediately off to find his friends and I usually don’t see him again until 7:30 or 8 at night. Once he comes in he usually eats his supper (he has new food and he inhales it like he’s never seen food before…) and immediately stretches out on the couch and falls asleep. I swear I feel like sometimes I just run a dog hotel for him. I told my Mom that and she just cracked up at me…but it’s true. I get him “ready” in the morning (that basically means putting his collar on him) and then when I come home, I make sure he has supper and then tuck him into bed. Yep – I basically run a hotel for dog. He loves me for my food and sleeping arrangements. Little punk.

Please leave me be…I’m trying to take a nap before I go to bed….

It’s Easter Beagle season!

Another selfie – still hoping I’m making progress on my ViSalus journey. 

The weather of late has been warm, then stormy, then cooler…and then it all cycles back around. Also, the pollen has begun it’s yearly bout of torture and my car has gone from being a shiny steel color to a murky yellow gray mess. Gross. Everything I touch is yellow and dusty – gotta love it. Friday morning ushered in a bout of rain and storms that had the house lit bright as day at 6 AM and the walls rattling with each clap of thunder. I decided when I got up around 6:20 to be kind and “rescue” Watson from his room, so I padded through the dark house to open the door to his room. As I made my way through the living room, it thundered so loud the walls shook, so I quickly opened his door and he came fleeing into the hall to stand by my leg. He then followed me back to my room, got on the bed and tried to sleep…although every time it thundered, he jerked his head up at me in terror. Its remarkable how like me the little wuss can be!

When will this thunder stop???

Getting ready for Game of Thrones with my epic mug! 

I do love some coffee – it is so absolutely delightful.

A Saturday morning isn’t complete without a cup (or two) of coffee!

As mentioned, this week was a week of epic falls – I set out to clean my house on Saturday; as I’ve said before, when that mood strikes I try to seize it because the mood doesn’t strike too often. I am obviously overwrought with grace and elegance because as I was mopping, I stretched out the mop to reach a certain spot and slipped – as I slipped, my right leg slung wildly out to the side in an effort to right myself, smashed into an end table which immediately crashed, flinging coasters as it fell and breaking one. I didn’t fall but the minute I was able to right myself and then sit down, I noticed my ankle was already turning a brilliant shade of bluish purple. So, while cleaning with a vengeance isn’t exactly a smart idea, I did manage to soldier on and I was able to sweep, mop, vacuum, re-organize my closet, clean and tidy up the rest of the house, sweep off the porch and do four loads of laundry – all before 2 in the afternoon.

I should mention that a possible reason I almost fell in a heap…possible…not definite…was because I tried to turn around to see a Game of Thrones preview that was playing on the TV since I cleaned house all day to the sounds of the Take the Throne marathon on HBO. I mean, I don’t really think that’s why I almost fell but it’s a possibility. Ha-ha!

Re-done wall art collage on the wall in my bedroom!

Once the damage was done. It’s a good thing I like the color purple…

As mentioned – this weather. Oh Lord have mercy but I am a little bit tired of the rain, thunder and dreariness. It started raining around 2 AM on Sunday morning and it’s supposed to keep right on raining until sometime on Monday afternoon – if we haven’t all floated away before then. Of course, it can’t just rain and rain…there is also the chance the we all might blow away tonight.  I don’t know about your hopes and goals for the coming week but mine are pretty simple: I don’t want the rain to keep me from being able to watch Game of Thrones tonight and I don’t want to blow away. That’s really not a tall order, so I’d really love it all this tornado business with just scoot right along so I can curl up on my couch, watch the Lannisters and the Starks duke it out and get a good night’s sleep.

My Sunday afternoon nap partner – such a little mess!

My Game of Thrones name – I like it. I’m a Stark…who’d have thought?

So – that’s that. Now then, I’m going to go ahead and do just what I said – curl up on the couch and try to contain my excitement when I hear those familiar strains coming from my TV. I suppose once that’s over, I’ll batten down the hatches and do my best to get through the storms….as Melisandre would say on Game of Thrones – “the night is dark and full of terrors.” *Sigh* On to the next….

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