A Fourth….

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We are a fourth of the way through 2014 – how does time pass so quickly? A look back at the past twelve weeks, via twelve quick snapshots from those twelve weeks. Time moves much too quickly, right?

2014 begins….
And then it got cold….really cold…
MS has schizophrenic weather…so then it got warm….
And then January ended in snow….see, crazy?
February calls for shoes….
And some more snow – third time in less than a month, unheard of!
Taking things a bit darker as February began to wane….
A “beautiful” end to the month of February!
Spring sprang…for a little while….
In coffee heaven on a March weekend…
Getting some sweet baby snuggles & smiles….
Soaking up the early Spring sunshine…

So – three months down, nine more to go! It’s been interesting so far and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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