Titles Escape Me….It’s A Frequent Problem…

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Oh Lordy – another week. Tomorrow is the last day of March and I don’t even know if I can wrap my head around that! I know sometimes people say they felt like the first of the month was just yesterday but I really do feel that way! It’s one thing for the week to fly by…but when the weekend flies by, that is just so sad. Obviously I get broken up over really important things – like the length of a weekend. Ha-ha! Anyway, the week in review.

I think I’ve posted this before – but it’s 100% true.

Monday night quick fix – I whipped up some pulled pork chili & it really tasted delicious!

I think he might play really hard all day – because as soon as the sun sets each evening, he sleeps & sleeps..

Note – This will be mostly pictures because pretty much nothing really “exciting” happened this week and I try my best not to bore you to tears. I assure you, the breakneck, high speed thrill race that is my life is also sometimes too much for me to take too – but if you’ll just hang in there with me, maybe something exciting will happen one day, someday soon. That’s certainly what I’m hoping for. Until then, it’s dog tales, movie reviews, food and random happenings….so hang on, there may be turbulence. Ha!

I’ve never tried fried green tomatoes until this week – the verdict? Delicious!

Oops – the March winds have arrived…at the end of the month…

Another sleepy pup picture – because you can’t ever get enough of those!

Definite proof that my parents know me very well – comic books & chocolate. Nice!

Way too pretty – almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST. I’ve eaten five of the six…

As promised – a dog story. The weather got a little fierce on Thursday night and because I’m a complete softie, I got up in the middle of the night and went to see if Watson wanted to come sleep on my bed – he’s pretty terrified of bad weather. He came right down the hall behind me and crawled right up on the bed with me…but then every time I shifted, he would get irritated and jump off the bed. You see – even though it is MY bed, if he is going to get on it he wants everything exactly to his liking..and that meant I needed to lay down in the bed like a corpse and let him get comfortable. I finally got up to go to the bathroom around three and he was sitting by the bedroom door, just looking frustrated with me. He stomped (seriously, he can stomp…with his little paws…he stomps) into the living room and got on the couch and would NOT move – that was where he was sleeping the rest of the night, no questions. I told him that was fine but if he started going on a barking spree at 4:30 AM, I’d have to lose my mind. I kid you not – when I came into the living room at 7 AM, he was in the exact same position that I left him in, except he’d hidden his face under the blanket. Apparently that’s the best way to avoid thunderstorms – hide your face!

Riding out a thunderstorm – apparently the couch is the best place for that.

A really sweet, unexpected surprise from one of my best friends – I love it.

I love those little paw prints!

One week! Just one week! I can’t wait!

Friday night nap!

Saturday morning coffee with my (new) favorite mug!

Watson says “I need you to move this plant so I can go be wild & free….”

Saturday – oh hello eventful. Life on a grand scale doesn’t usually go as planned and on Saturday, life on a small scale didn’t really go so well. I had grand plans to go see Divergent at two and I took my surrogate little sister with me to see it. I was intensely involved in the movie when I noticed that she seemed a wee bit…uncomfortable. I inquired and she said she felt hot and sick to her stomach…and things only progressed from there; halfway through the movie we had to make for the car because she thought she was going to be sick. I quickly grabbed a ticket for the four-thirty showing, made the thirty minute drive to her house (praying she wouldn’t get sick in my car – praise Jesus, she didn’t) and dropped her off (right at 4) and turned the car around and headed thirty minutes back up the highway to the theater. I grabbed a seat and once the movie started and I knew the theater wouldn’t get crowded…I crept out, grabbed a Sierra Mist and some chocolate chip cookie dough bites (because all I’d had to eat all day was a cup of coffee and a ViSalus shake) and then plopped myself back down to enjoy the show. Granted – by the end of the day I’d spent $18 as opposed to $6, spent almost 2 hours of the day in my car and burned up tons of gasoline. Sheesh. Thank goodness the movie was good, right?

It took two tries to finally see Divergent – but I saw it all in the end.

Taco Bell has issues – I asked for an order of pintos & cheese….& apparently they heard pints of cheese.

Getting some Sunday morning snuggles….so sweet.

I’m not sure what kind of plant this is – but I love it! So pretty!

Wishing on a dandelion fuzz…

Maybe it helps if you wish on more than one at a time?

Well – that’s all she wrote. As in, that’s all I’m going to write. So…until the next time, good night and good luck!

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