I Just Need More Coffee

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I don’t know about y’all but I am still struggling hard with this whole time change business and that happened two weeks ago! I mean; as I (started to) type this it is 8:20 on Saturday night and seriously, I am yawning so frequently that I’m going to overdose on oxygen at this rate…it’s nuts. The sad thing is that it has been this way all week! I mean; two cups of coffee almost every morning and I was still ready to lay down on my desk and sleep at 11 AM. I mean – this whole extra daylight at the end of the day is great but can we get some extra daylight at the start of the day too?

I suppose that’s all beside the point – except that I spent the last week in a coffee-fueled haze of sleeplessness…which is weird, since I slept like a rock (almost) every night….

A little Monday evening chill session with this little guy – always a pleasure when he decides to be sociable.

My happy from London – brought back to me by sweet Rachel that works with me. I just want to squeeze all the “London-ness” out of it. *sigh*

Nothing better than potato soup on a dreary Winter night!

Watson’s three favorite activities are playing outside, begging for people food and sleeping – he likes sleeping a lot. It was obvious to me from the start of the week that he was playing extremely hard while I was at work because each afternoon when I got home from work, he’d continue to play until the sun went down and as soon as he came in, he would eat (or beg for what I was eating) and then immediately crawl onto the couch and completely crash. Hence the tons of pictures of him asleep from this week on Instagram; I managed to keep it to just 2 or 3 for the blog.

I promise you – there is not a more rotten dog this side of the Mason-Dixon!

He obviously has been playing extremely hard all day, every day because this is his M.O. each night…

I may have an almond addiction…

Confession: I have an almond addiction. Which is funny since just four or five months ago I wouldn’t touch the things. I’m not so much a fan of plain almonds but a friend at work (oh wait…I only actually have one work friend…) introduced me to Habanero BBQ almonds and that was all she wrote; those things are delicious. Once I’d had those, I discovered Toasted Coconut almonds and then I was really in trouble when I stumbled onto Honey Roasted. So can I just tell you, when someone at work mentioned that Walgreens was having the Blue Diamond almonds on sale for buy one/get one free…I might have had my own personal moment at my desk and immediately planned a lunch excursion to Walgreens and went a little nuts – ha; no pun intended! I have to say – Pumpkin Spice are delightful but I’m not so sure about Lime ‘N Chili…

And yes – I know. My life is fraught with excitement. I just wrote a paragraph about almonds. Hold your horses because it can only get wild and crazy from here.

Spring has sprung – flowers blooming outside my Grandma’s house!

Wednesday night = the world is on fire…kind of literally…

Oh Wednesday night – what a hot mess! Again, no pun intended because when I came home the air smelled a little bit like smoke but I didn’t think too much of it. I sorted my clothes to walk over to my Grandma’s house and do some laundry and with each trip I made, the smoke got thicker. I began to realize that my whole house smelled like someone was having a barbecue in the middle of my living room; with each subsequent trip I ended smelling like a Lil Smokie – it was nuts. The thicker the smoke got, the more concerned I became that someone had set the woods on fire and so I called not one, but two area fire departments – and let me tell you that I don’t know how safe I feel in the event of a fire since NEITHER fire department answered the phone. Epic fail! I finally got to talk to someone and was told that there were no reports of fire in the area and it was probably someone burning leaves. Well let me just tell you – if it was just someone burning leaves; they burned a whole forest of leaves. Lordy what a mess; I went to sleep breathing smoke – not exactly a smell that lulls one into pleasant dreams.

What happens when you have to jump out of the tub and run for your phone….

A sweet gift from a dear friend, made by another dear friend.

Colors everywhere – I especially love this pink tree on the first day of Spring!

A birthday cake egg – while it’s quite fantastic, I must say it didn’t taste as good as I’d hoped.

I took this picture at the perfect moment – do you see that beggar??

2 weeks. Just two short weeks away from all this goodness.

I spent my Friday night with some of my favorite people – Hope and Micah! After I got just a few groceries at Wal-Mart (which is just always a hot mess…) I dropped them by the house and made my way to the Mabry’s house to hang out and get some cuddles in. We played and chatted and I even got my hands on him for just a little while; at least long enough to get a good picture! He is so sweet and silly and I do love the chances I get to catch up with him – I can’t believe he’ll be one in less than two months! I encountered about six or seven deer on the way home and since I was creeping along when I came on them, they slowly parted on the road, I rolled down my window and took the time to try to get a picture of them…which was of course, dark and shady at best. I spent the rest of my Friday night poking around on the computer, organizing my room and finally crawling into bed to read.

Friday night fun with this little goofball!

All in a Friday night’s “work”…napping, supper and talking on the phone!

A deer! Just one of the many….

Talk about cracking me up!

I have been playing a game called Disco Zoo on my phone and I just recently added some fox to my zoo – again, I realize my life is fraught with thrills and the one thing you really wanted to hear about was my fictional zoo on my iPhone…but it is what it is – anyway, before I fell asleep on Friday night I noticed the little fox kept “saying things”. Whoever created this game obviously had a sense of humor because I noticed that the fox were saying lines from the song What Does the Fox Say. I’ve only heard that song once but once was all it took for it to scar some part of my brain forever…but having said that, I did get a giggle out of the game being so goofy.

Pretending to be a big bad protector and “guard” me from the guest that had come to visit us…

And once the threat had passed, he got into this apparently very comfortable position and slept. Just…wow.

Have you ever seen such a face? He was not pleased to see rain on Sunday morning.

Just thinking about Monday makes Watson feel exhausted. I know the feeling buddy!

Well – another week has come and gone. As always, I feel like the weekend didn’t last nearly long enough, I feel like I only just started the weekend and now it’s over! I guess I should go stockpile my K-cups to make sure I have enough coffee to get through another week. *sigh* I just need more coffee…and more weekend.

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