Snow Day – 2014

Amazingly – a snow day! I can remember when it snowed in Mississippi once every three or four years, but I’m pretty sure it has snowed in January for the past three years! This is all starting to get pretty routine, of course in Mississippi when it snows the routine is to hunker down and watch the snow fall. I took tons of pictures because I love snow…so, that’s what this is. Just tons and tons of pictures!

The forecast this morning when I was laying in bed…

Watson watching the sleet tap the windows…sleet that quickly turned to snow…

Brrr…it’s a wee bit chilly outside!

A happy girl, walking in the early snowfall; happy because I’d just gotten a message that said work was cancelled!

The snow started to stick around 9:45….

The view outside my bedroom window before Watson & I went out on our first exploration, around 10:15!

Watson and I went on a walk outside around 10:15 – I think my phone said it was 19 degrees at 10:15, so suffice it to say it was much chillier than it usually is here in South. After layering on my clothes, out we went!

Watson was ready to check out all the white stuff on the porch!

The front yard – only a dusting but I thought it was great!

Little puppy feet on the porch steps; he was ready to check things out!

Thank goodness for fuzzy boots!

Leaves collecting snow like little basins…

Settling onto the tree branches…

Snow day smile!

1-28-14…the first snow of this year. Maybe the only snow in MS this year.

Quite the snowy pine cone!

I thought this tree looked cool; the way the snow settled only on certain branches.

This is snow caught in a web…it looked much cooler before I took the picture.

Watson wasn’t quite sure what to think of the snow…but he didn’t mind exploring in it.

Even with cold feet, he hopped along through the snow!

Logs at the edge of the woods…

Lots of logs at the edge of the woods in the backyard…

I love the way the logs look, which is probably why I took so many pictures.

The snowy porch, littered with puppy prints.

Talk about dusting off some snow when you come in.

After coming inside, having lunch and letting even more snow fall, Watson and I took yet another walk around 2. It was not as chilly at 2 and the snow had stopped falling; this time Watson had on his coat too!

My front porch around 2 in the afternoon!

Care for a seat?

A snowy flight in the front yard!

Another “cozy” seat in the front yard.

Happy to have on his green coat for exploring in the snow.

Some of the snow already turning to ice….

His naked paws make me cold…but he seemed completely unfazed….

The snowy tree once more…a bit more snowy now…

Different furry boots for the afternoon walk!

It really came down from 10 to 2 – covered shrubs & leaves everywhere.

Everything covered in a perfect dusting!

A tiny branch, almost buried in the snow!

Tiny trees buried under the weight of the wet snow.

I just thought it looked cool….ha-ha!

He situated himself under the shed & wanted to stay there – he’d had about enough of the snow.

In all the branches….

Adventuring once again….

My little photo bomber in his green coat….

He wanted to disappear into the woods…

That’s a cold leaf!

Snow everywhere you look….

The shrubs in front of my Grandma’s house.

Walking home!

A chilly little birdhouse!

Post snow walk selfie!

And lastly…a little evening walk in the snow before we called it quits for the evening! I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow actually stay all day – it’s kind of crazy to see snow glistening in the night when I look out my windows.

Eating the snow…I mean, I guess if you like the flavor….

Surveying the backyard one more time before it’s time to come inside.

The smallest snowman ever – made at 7:15 on the porch.

Wearing the best hat I could find.

Snow at the base of the trees…

Enjoying the quiet calm of the snowy night.

The snow glistening in the light…

The woods in snow at night.

The snow explorer says good night!

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