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Well – I haven’t done this in a long time, but I think this post is just going to be rambling because my brain feels that way – rambly. I am perfectly aware that isn’t a word, but since this is MY blog that means I can use “not words” and get away with it. And I have some random, rambling thoughts…

This weather – I kind of love it. I’m not sure how I ended up being someone that really likes cold weather because I’m a child raised in Mississippi by way of California; neither place is exactly known for cold weather. I don’t suppose saying I like cold weather is 100% accurate. I guess what I like is an actual change of seasons. I remember in kindergarten learning the four seasons and I’ve always just thought that winter = cold, snow, hats and scarves…all that jazz. I like a proper Winter and I really think that part of that is cold! Plus – I’ve just really enjoyed getting to pull out my scarf and hat each morning and bundling up! It’s not often in Mississippi that you can wear a hat and scarf combo and not look like you’re being ridiculous.

My fire alarm went off yesterday at 6:52. It beeped three times for no apparent reason and hasn’t made a peep since. Being that I assume the most dramatic outcome for everything, I’m waiting for a catastrophic outcome.

Weird dreams – because man, I had one last Saturday night! I think it was partially fueled by my NyQuil induced sleep coma but I had a dream that my bathroom was absolutely filthy and disgusting. I mean, in the dream there was black mold all over the shower and a wet, dead rat in the corner of the shower as well. There was also a large spider shriveled up in the middle of the floor, among the wadded up damp towels and wash clothes. The bath tub was some hideous shade of gritty tan and it was just overwhelmingly awful and dramatic. I remember in the dream thinking to myself that I absolutely HAD to do something about it. The dream was obviously so vivid that when I finally woke up on Sunday morning to get ready for church, I actually approached the bathroom with caution, wondering how my bathroom had ever gotten the way I remembered from my dream… – which is wild since I keep a clean house and my bathroom has NEVER once looked even remotely like this. There has never been a small dead spider in the floor, much less a large one…or a dead rat! I do remember breathing a huge sigh of relief when I opened my bathroom door to find it sparkling clean, with only one towel in the floor. I know – I’m crazy. Again – NyQuil people; it messes with your head.

I said I liked the cold weather – I’d like even more during this weather to be able to curl up on my couch with my dog and watch non-stop episodes of Downton Abbey and Homeland (my newest TV addictions) while drinking coffee and eating something warm and delicious. That won’t quite work because 1) I only have about 8-9 more episodes of DA to watch and I’m completely caught up; I’m already as caught up as I can be on Homeland for now… 2) My dog wouldn’t sit with me on the couch, he seems to want nothing more than to be outside in this cold weather… 3) I can’t just sit around eating warm and delicious things because I’ve made the healthy choice to do ViSalus and I can’t eat whatever I want anymore… SIGH. So much for those thoughts.

Why are only professors allowed sabbaticals? What if I need time away to better myself? I might want to have some time to myself to read, travel and learn about the world. Just a thought.

I also think that sometimes I don’t ever know how you’re supposed to pinpoint down one thing to “be” when you grow up. So many things seem so interesting to me; I often think I’d like to try my hand at hundreds of things. I mean…having recently watched Homeland; I’d love to work for the CIA…I think. I mean it certainly looks thrilling. I went to school to learn how to play with skeletons all day; that’s a job I’ve not been able to find anywhere, I guess that’s what you get for going to school for something that’s more interesting than applicable to every day life. I’d love to travel to ancient lands and dig up old cities. I think it would be cool to be a Mom one day, that job seems crazy hard but rewarding. I sometimes even think it would be neat to be a fancy, buttoned up Wall street type who is always bustling around to some place in a hurry – although I don’t think that would last long and on the flip side, there is something comforting about living in the country…maybe even on a farm and just running a household. You see – my brain goes at 90 miles a minute for most of the day and those are just a couple of the things I often think it would be cool to “be” when I grow up…which most days; even though I’m almost thirty, I don’t feel. Grown up.

I’m nuts – I know. So there you have it. The ramblings of my brain…at least for today.

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  1. The ramblings of your brain are interesting to say the least but where oh where did that crazy dream come from?? Must have been the nyquil!


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