Straddling the Years…

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Well – this post is unique. I started the post in one year and ended it in a new year, hence the title about straddling the years! This post reminds me of a moment on one of my many family vacations when we went to visit the Hoover Dam and while crossing the dam, you could stand with one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona. You could literally be in two places at once! It may be stretching things a little – but this post; in it’s formulation, has taken two years to complete! Ha! Okay – I’m done with all the silliness and comparing my little blog to straddling the state line(s) on the Hoover Dam…moving on to the past week!

Sunday morning sunshine – I love this sweet boy and his Elmo hat! I have such fun seeing all my nursery babies each week and watching them grow and change!

An Upper Respiratory Infection = using WAY too much Kleenex & toilet paper & having a VERY raw nose!

You guys – Sherlock is back in just twelve days! Be still my heart! After months (or for most of the fandom, over two years) of waiting for the show to come back, all the questions left after season two will be answered in just twelve short days. Granted – the show has already premiered in the UK and I am having to dodge spoilers everywhere. The whole episode has been uploaded to YouTube…but my Internet connection is nowhere near strong enough to download the whole episode (hi-speed Internet my butt!) Clips from the episode are also on YouTube – and I’ve abstained – but you can’t miss everything and I just have to ask..why is (spoiler alert, highlight if you dare…) Sherlock kissing Molly?!?!?! Only twelve more days…twelve more days… I can make it.

In honor of my favorite detective and his sidekick – I took the Which Sherlock character are you quiz – and I’m Molly! I love it! 

The tools of the ill to make it through the night and get something resembling a “good night’s sleep”…

Tuesday afternoon – New Years Eve. Off work at 1; cuddled in the chair watching “Chuck” by 1:45. With my fuzzy socks and everything!

New Year’s Eve – it certainly wasn’t anything glamorous. Last year I dressed up cutesy, went to a party, blew some noisemakers and drank sparkling cider when the ball dropped. This year…I watched a lot of “Chuck” on DVD, worked on my blog, rearranged the furniture in my computer room and finally watched the ball drop at 11 (midnight in NYC, of course) with my dog and drank some Cranberry Ginger Ale to ring in the New Year. Now – don’t think I didn’t ring in the New Year at midnight Mississippi time – I just rang it in very quietly. I got in the bed and read until midnight and then quietly whispered “happy new year” to myself…and went to bed. It wasn’t anything to get all worked up about – 2013 slipped away and 2014 came in just as quietly…

Happy New Year – Here’s hoping 2014 is a good year. Maybe even a great year!

New Year’s Day video chats with the family…at least most of the family.

Of course, I ate my black eyed peas for lunch on New Years Day. Maybe they’ll give me some kind of good luck…

The last goodies leftover from Christmas – one last Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash and my very last Almond Bark Peanut Butter cookie.

A box – January 2nd brought a box of goodies from my family!

Begging for some pizza on Friday night; he’s pitiful y’all.

He also stole both the blankets on the couch! I get up for 15 seconds to check the dryer and come back; he’s stolen them both!

And yes, I know – it’s no wonder he does things like steal blankets. I rotten him just a little bit.

I know it’s just a mug – but it might be one of my favorite Christmas presents. I get way too tickled when I fill it with coffee and it changes colors!

Here goes nothing…

So – I’m starting something called ViSalus. It’s part weight loss/part life style change when it comes to eating. My sister has been doing the program for the past few months and has lost something like twenty pounds. I guess being completely honest with myself (which wasn’t too hard after I went to the doctor about two weeks ago and saw the weight on the scale) I know that I’ve got to do something to slim down and get healthy. I’m not very much of a healthy eater; calling me a picky eater would be putting it kindly, and even though I’ve gotten much better as I’ve gotten older I’m not the kind of person who can decide to eat fresh fruits, veggies and salads and do fine like that. So – Saturday was the day and I’ve been at it now for almost three days. I’ll be joining the ranks of the gym goers again this afternoon too. I’m not calling this a new year’s resolution but I guess it’s a lifestyle change resolution.

Wearing his hoodie on Saturday morning – and promptly getting on my bed to take a nap as soon as I put it on him. Hello goofy, the idea was to put on your coat to go outside!

There we go – napping outside in the sunshine – in his coat.

Monday looks chilly…right? Especially for MS.

So pretty with the new tags – the party wagon is all set now!

And last but not least – Downton Abbey! It came back on last night; not that I watched it. Granted, I watched Downton Abbey last night but it was Part Seven and Part Eight of Season Two. I’m playing catch-up you guys and the more I watch; the more intrigued I am. I’m doing my best to get all caught up, so I’ve been watching it as much as I can, which is easy to do right now since nothing else that I watch has come and. It’s also easy to do since I used Christmas money to buy the first three seasons on DVD! Yahoo for Christmas money well spent! 

Not even going to lie – I love it.

That’s all for now people! I guess I need to get down to working – that’s what Monday through Friday is all about, right?

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