2013 in Review

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2013 started out pretty eventful – between having a car wreck the first week of January, getting strep throat somewhere in the middle of the month. having snow (in MS – whoa) show up and a visit from my parents at the end of the month, January must have passed pretty quickly. 


As is obvious from the pictures – the only thing that stands out in my mind from the month of February was the trip my Nanny and I took to Colorado Springs to meet up with Lindsey and Mom for a weekend. It was Nanny’s first time to see where Lindsey has spent the last (almost) five years and I finally had a traveling companion. And you know what? When I had a traveling buddy, all my flights were perfectly on time!


March passed quickly enough – a lunch with a friend at the beginning of the month; spending time with friends is always special. I spent the last week of the month in Virginia for “Spring Break” although the VA temperatures weren’t quite spring-like yet. I was just thrilled to spend almost a full week in Virginia, get to meet new friends I’d heard so much about, spend time with a lifelong friend and amazingly, I had no flight delays on this journey!

April brought Spring in full force, which meant by the second week of April it was blazing outside. I got to spend time with my precious best friend of years now, Nickolee – who I hadn’t seen in over two years. I also got to spend some time with her precious little girl. That was really the highlight of April; otherwise it was filled with April showers and blooming flowers.


The highlight of May was a visit from my sister for the weekend before she took her finals. We went to the movies with our little “sister”, watched movies at home and made waffles and took Watson on a walk to the lake – where we discovered the swing set all over again. At the end of the month, I went to my very first craw fish boil – it was fun but I don’t think I’ll be developing a taste for the little critters anytime soon.


June was filled was Sundays at church loving on my fast-growing babies and weeks filled with work. My family came to town for a long weekend so we could attend a longtime friend’s wedding and we had a great time just spending time together. 


July started with a bang – I took an impromptu trip to Virginia for the Fourth of July. The flight-mares started with this trip; delays going and coming. The delays going to Virginia weren’t too bad and even led to my first flight in first class but coming back was a nightmare. Hence the coined word: flight-mare. The rest of the month passed pretty quickly – my friend Kristen visited in late July and we tried to figure out what kind of crazy creature was leaving giant paw prints all over my car!


They don’t call August the dog days of summer for nothing – as Watson can attest to. The month started off easily enough; I started tackling huge home improvement projects, I mean – I started cutting my own grass. What a pain! The month ended on a somber note; my family was all brought back together when my Pops passed away unexpectedly at the end of the month. I’m always happy to see my family but certainly not always happy for the reasons that bring us together – we miss you Pops.


September seems to have been one of the more uneventful months of 2013. Life crept on as usual with work, lazy weekends spent with friends and Sundays with my nursery babies. The month wound up on a high note though; I went to Picayune to see one of my most precious friends get married. A good end to an otherwise slow month.


October was busy – at least, looking back at it now, it seems busy. I started off the month with a 29th birthday weekend in Virginia with my family. We celebrated, picked apples, went to the AF/Navy game in Annapolis and did brunch on my birthday. Of course, the return trip did involve some flight struggles – but that was becoming a habit of mine. My littlest “sister” was on the homecoming court, so I was there to support her for that – and to help her get ready for the Homecoming dance. I carved up a pumpkin, costumed up the dog and had a Happy Halloween too.


November started off slow but picked up speed as Thanksgiving crept closer at the end of the month. Once again, I headed for Virginia and yet again – I had absolutely awful travel experiences. Granted, this time around it was the absolute worst. Thankfully the time spent with my family was wonderful and worth even the worst travel struggle. Having a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family, seeing movies together, goofing off on Black Friday, exploring a Christmas lit park and test driving what would become my new car made for a great end to November.


December felt like it sped by on wings – I feel like I blinked and the month passed. The month was filled with holiday parties, time spent with dear friends and the family coming to town at the end of the month – with my shiny new car in tow! The days leading up to Christmas were great; filled with family, good times and delicious food. The year ended on a quiet note – at home alone, recovering from a cold. 
2013 was good – but I hope 2014 is better. So, Happy New Year!
That’s All Folks!

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