What I Was Into in January

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January – usually (to me) the dullest month of the year. I hate to say it, but this year’s version of January seemed to be no different. I guess that is just the nature of January, more often than not…at least for me. The cold weather (usually) combined with the return to the monotony of day to day life just somehow drags January down for me. Do you know what I mean? I suppose some people enjoy the new start but I’m such a huge fan of the Christmas season that it takes me almost a month to readjust to “regular” life after December ends. Plus…my living room looks so sad without my twinkling Christmas tree. *sigh* Onward! January is the month to hole up and watch good TV, see some movies and read a few good books – which is exactly what I did.

Books I Read

Insurgent by Veronica Roth – Book number two in the Divergent series; I started this book shortly after Christmas when I’d finished the first part of the trilogy and to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure where this was going. Warring between the factions and the revelation that there are far more “divergent” individuals than anyone thought. As I mentioned above though; I didn’t know where the book was going to go but I guess I really didn’t see it taking the turn it did. I have to say that nothing about the books has really been what I expected. They’re good…but…I don’t know; I just can’t put my finger on it.

Another series down….

Allegiant by Veronica Roth – This is the third book in the Divergent series and I have to say…I REALLY wasn’t expecting the book to go this way. Genetic experiments and government controlled “civilizations” that are watched 24/7 via remote cameras. Absolutely fascinating…but NOT what I thought was going on after the end reveal of book two. I had seen a lot of things online where people were irate about how the book turned out in the end but I have to say that I didn’t mind how it ended. I thought it made sense, even if it was sad…or maybe bittersweet is a better way to put it. I’d recommend this book series to anyone who liked the Hunger Games series; its similar but varies enough that it’s interesting. Granted; I don’t like this series nearly as much as I liked the Hunger Games. I guess that’s not a rave review, is it? Oh well, I did enjoy them.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle – I read this here and there, a story at a time since they’re basically short stories that are only a few pages long. Investigations, deductions and solutions all in just a few pages – what’s not to like? It’s also interesting to me to find similarities between the stories and what I watch on TV; especially since the back of my book says “The game; Watson, is afoot!” Absolutely delightful!

Books in the Queue

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard – This book was on the Buzzfeed list of 16 Books to Read Before the Movie adaptation came out. I don’t have much time to get busy reading this one because the movie comes out January 31st. A short plot summary: Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become increasingly limited. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up seeing this one before I finish the book…although the book is short, so maybe I’ll get through it quick! Either way, I can’t wait to read the book because it sounds great!

Hey – my book looks like this!

Winters Tale by Mark Helprin – Another book from the Buzzfeed list; the minute I saw a preview for this one I knew I had to read the book! A short synopsis from Wikipedia: Set in 1916 and present-day Manhattan, Winter’s Tale follows the story of Peter Lake. Peter Lake is a thief who falls in love with Beverly Penn, a dying girl who has tuberculosis and occupies one of the houses he breaks into. Lake is saved from the insane Irish gangster Pearly Soames and his henchmen by Athansor, a mysterious white horse who becomes his guardian angel. Also, Jessica Brown Findlay plays Beverly – and in case you weren’t aware, that’s Sybil…from Downton Abbey. I bought this book recently though and yeah…it’s going to take some reading because it’s huge. The movie comes out February 14th and something tells me I won’t be done with the book by then.

Beyond the Wall/Winning the Game of Thrones – These are both books written about the series Game of Thrones; one is a set of essays about different characters and what motivates them while the other book is a series of essays about life in the fictional setting of Westeros. I guess I’m fairly nerdy in my love for all things Game of Thrones and I can’t wait to read these books and see what other people just like me have to say about the series. 

The proof of my nerdiness – I read books that de-construct other books I’ve read.

Can’t Miss Television

Sherlock – Oh, it’s back! I won’t deny it, when it came on Sunday the 19th, I text my sister the message “SHERLOCK IS ON!!! *running in circles through the house*. So yes, I like Sherlock just a little bit. And Benedict Cumberbatch is only part of the reason I like it just a little bit, I promise. The pay-off for fans was finding out just how Sherlock survived the fall that ended Series two…and let me tell you, while there were a couple theories thrown around, they didn’t actually confirm it 100%! It didn’t matter though; there was so much greatness to be had in the first two episodes ( I mean, the reunion was both heartfelt and hilarious, drunk Sherlock and John was priceless and that best man speech; if you weren’t moved…you have a heart of stone) and the finale is this Sunday and I’m sure it won’t disappoint…although I kind of fear what the viewer is in for because the first two episodes have been so wonderful and funny, the finale will probably rip out my heart, stomp on it a little bit and then shove it back in my chest to wait two years for series four. Oh well. I also have to say, I’ve loved the addition of Mary to the show; I wasn’t sure about it but I absolutely love her! Well – three weeks of excellent television have (almost) come and gone. Here’s to series four…even if it takes another two years!

Look John….just look. There’s Sherlock, he’s back!

Downton Abbey – which just a month ago I had never watched before in my life. I have to say, the second episode of this season really put me off. I won’t explain why because maybe you watch it and haven’t seen that episode or you plan to watch it one day or you could care less…but I am seriously hoping that the season gets better because the first few episodes have been a little bit depressing. The season took a bit of an upturn this past Sunday but there is still so much to resolve. What will Bates do to the man that hurt Anna? Is Edith pregnant…and has she been abandoned by yet another man? Can Mary find love again? Will Alfred get into cooking school? And most importantly, what is that new ladies maid Baxter up to with Thomas? Oh Downton, always so full of intrigue. Also, I want to hear baby Sybil say uh-oh about a thousand more times because that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

And yes – you’ve read all of this correctly so far – I will NOT be watching the Super Bowl in full on February 2nd because while I’m willing to record Downton Abbey and watch it later, I will NOT miss Sherlock. Because that is just how I roll. No matter what’s happening come 8:45, I’ll be on the way home to be in front of the TV for Sherlock at 9 PM! I will be cheering for the Broncos though!

Movies I Watched

Oblivion – Well this movie was…kind of weird. Which is saying something because I tend to like Sci-Fi movies pretty well, but the story line here was kind of…I don’t know, it didn’t pan out very well for me. It’s about a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans have all been moved to something called the Tet, a space station orbiting Earth while two person teams serve five year terms on Earth protecting the power stations that operate the space station. Of course, one of the team members gets a little too curious about Earth being “radioactive” and uninhabitable and the story unfolds from there. I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that I watched this because I was bored on a Friday night and I knew Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in it – and he’s my favorite Lannister on Game of Thrones. Ha-ha! It was a good movie I suppose but I guess it seemed like at the end, the problem resolved itself really quickly/easily. If you like Sci-Fi stuff and need something to pass the time – watch Oblivion. I enjoyed it…for the most part.

Oh yeah – Tom Cruise was in this…which…eh. But Nikolaj? Yep…I’m good with that.

Admission – This movie was suggested to me by a co-worker and I’m really glad I watched it. It had two of my favorite comedic actors in it: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, who I would honestly watch paint the walls because they are both hilarious. The movie is about an admissions officer at Harvard (Tina Fey) who is encouraged to give a slightly odd young man at a less than conventional high school a chance to get in to Harvard. The twist is that the man that runs the high school (Paul Rudd) is convinced that the young man is the admission’s officers son that she gave up for adoption 17 years earlier. The movie was funny but also really touching and had a little bit of a love story thrown in too! I really enjoyed this movie and if you’re looking for something that has a little bit of everything, this should be your pick!

August: Osage County – Oh my, such a good movie! Granted, only if you really enjoy watching people act their butts off. I should first mention that I didn’t think in a million years that this movie would come to Meridian (or Philadelphia) so when I randomly perused my Fandango app on a Friday night and saw that it was in town, I bought a ticket immediately. The movie follows a dysfunctional (seriously…they have issues) family after the disappearance and subsequent death of the family patriarch; when these folks get together, things just get downright volatile. Having said that, there were a lot of funny moments in the film as well and the acting is just incredible – of course Meryl Streep is amazing…but then when is she not? Julia Roberts stole the show for me though, my Momma made me a big Julia fan from a young age, so I’m always happy to watch her movies. The cast as a whole is so strong and the movie is very entertaining; but if you like your movies to end with everything resolved and wrapped up in a bow, this movie may not be for you since it ends with many loose ends – but then, sometimes life is like that, right?

Excellent movie. Amazing acting. Loved it.

The Fifth Estate – I wanted to see this when it came out last October but of course, it didn’t come to Meridian or Philadelphia (surprise, surprise) and so I’ve been waiting for it to hit Redbox or Pay Per View. I got lucky on my snow day and discovered it was on Pay Per View, so I settled in to watch it! The movie is about Julian Assange and Wikileaks and the movie itself was actively hounded by Julian Assange himself who fought to keep the movie first from being made and then from being released. It’s easy to understand why once you see the movie – and while it’s been noted that the movie portrays Assange in a “good” light – Assange is a daunting figure. If the movie is to be believed, he is a man committed to revealing the truth, no matter the cost, no matter the people he alienates. I am intrigued by the very idea of the movie; that we are the Fifth Estate; we are, at this point in history able to actively take part in the news that is released, how it s released – which is an eye-opening concept in an age where news media can be twisted to please certain people and paint others in a more compelling light.

Really interesting movie…I still think Julian Assange looks absolutely crazy…even played by Benedict Cumberbatch. 

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – What a weird movie. I love Steve Carrell and so I recorded this when I saw it was coming on HBO one weekend and when the snow day of January 28th was extended to at least noon on January 29th, I decided to stay up a little later and watch it. Parts of the movie were only slightly funny but I thought the character that Jim Carrey played was alarmingly similar to Criss Angel/David Blaine; as in, he did things that weren’t necessarily magical but were just strange human feats. As goofy as the movie was, I do agree with the general plot line – magic isn’t stupid human feats, it’s illusion and sleight of hand. That being said, I’d maybe only watch this if you wanted to watch something pretty mindless. Ha-ha!

Music I Listened To
Music from Series One & Two of Sherlock – I’m on a major Sherlock kick right now, so I’ve been listening to my Sherlock CD’s almost non-stop this month. This is mostly the only thing I’ve really wanted to listen to but it’s also because I just haven’t found too many songs this month to listen to….except one…

Number 7 – easily my favorite track!

Pompeii by Bastille – which was introduced to me by my lovely little sister. The catchy beat has been great for my new found exercise habit and so I definitely have been cranking this song up when I’m on the treadmill. I was rocking out to it a few Saturdays ago, walking Watson out at the lake and Watson’s steps happened to be  in sync with the music…which cracked me up. So, whether walking a dog, walking on the treadmill or just rocking out in my car, I do love this song!

Yummy in My Tummy

This one is ironic because honestly, the only thing I’ve been eating for the past month is supper each night. I guess I’m getting insane quantities of fruits these days though since the shakes I have for breakfast and lunch are pretty much fruit with shake mix and almond milk. So…I haven’t exactly eaten anything that just blew me away. Except when I made myself some chicken enchiladas one night – because you can’t ever go wrong with those!

Almonds are suddenly a thing though. I have to eat “sensible” snacks and I’ve never really loved almonds very much but I discovered Blue Diamond Habenero BBQ almonds and I could eat those by the bucket load. They also make Toasted Coconut almonds and those are pretty darn delightful as well.

What I’m Looking Forward to in February

I guess there are a couple things I’m looking forward to in February. First of all, my office has kindly decided to start giving each one of it’s employees a Friday afternoon off with pay, on a rotating schedule of course. My first Friday afternoon of freedom is on the 21st, so I’m most definitely looking forward to that. Whatever will I do with a whole Friday afternoon? Well, that leads me to one of the other things I’m looking forward to…

Some movies! I’m really looking forward to seeing two movies in February. The first thing I want to see is Winters Tale, the movie adaptation based on the (huge) book that I’m going to start reading soon! The other movie I want to see is Pompeii, a romance/action-adventure type movie set in the city of Pompeii on the days building up to and the day of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii comes out the very day that I have the afternoon off, so something tells me I’ve already found myself something to do on my afternoon off!

No love letters…but maybe a package?

Lastly – I suppose I look forward to aspects of Valentine’s day. Obviously I have no special someone in my life but my parents always send a nice little package of goodies for Valentine’s day and I always anticipate seeing what my sweet Dad and Mom have picked out each year. So, while I may not have someone to love on the special day…I do have quite a few people who love me! 

Snow Day Part Two: The Meltdown

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Miracle of miracles…there was more than one snow day! It’s funny because last week, my parents had Tuesday and Wednesday off for snow and I certainly never imagined that my week would be a repeat of theirs…albeit with a lot less snow. Of course, this is Mississippi snow and so as soon as the sun peeked over the trees today, it quickly turned into an icy, slushy, muddy mess. Just a few photos from the meltdown.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Yes, I have a hoot owl hat for when it’s cold. And it is awesome. 

My tiny snowman lost his hat overnight….boo.

Here comes the sun….which means there goes the snow!

Ice or snow?

What was once snow…now mostly ice…

Watson & I took a walk in the woods…& found what looks like a little “pond” behind the house.

A perfect little paw print in the snow.

Icicles forming on the satellite wires…

Up close – with a photo bomb from Watson.

Snow? Nope…just an icy, muddy, slushy mess…

Still enjoying exploring every teeny crunch & crispy patch of snow….

Icicles melting very quickly since they’re hanging under the dryer vent.

The only place the snow is staying…frozen on top of the solid ice in the wheelbarrow…

The snowman is giving up the fight…by the afternoon, he’d lost his arms…

The back yard before sunset….

You’d almost never know it snowed…

So – that’s about it. Tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind of work, life and trying not to hit any patches of ice on the drive into town. Fun times!

Snow Day – 2014

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Amazingly – a snow day! I can remember when it snowed in Mississippi once every three or four years, but I’m pretty sure it has snowed in January for the past three years! This is all starting to get pretty routine, of course in Mississippi when it snows the routine is to hunker down and watch the snow fall. I took tons of pictures because I love snow…so, that’s what this is. Just tons and tons of pictures!

The forecast this morning when I was laying in bed…

Watson watching the sleet tap the windows…sleet that quickly turned to snow…

Brrr…it’s a wee bit chilly outside!

A happy girl, walking in the early snowfall; happy because I’d just gotten a message that said work was cancelled!

The snow started to stick around 9:45….

The view outside my bedroom window before Watson & I went out on our first exploration, around 10:15!

Watson and I went on a walk outside around 10:15 – I think my phone said it was 19 degrees at 10:15, so suffice it to say it was much chillier than it usually is here in South. After layering on my clothes, out we went!

Watson was ready to check out all the white stuff on the porch!

The front yard – only a dusting but I thought it was great!

Little puppy feet on the porch steps; he was ready to check things out!

Thank goodness for fuzzy boots!

Leaves collecting snow like little basins…

Settling onto the tree branches…

Snow day smile!

1-28-14…the first snow of this year. Maybe the only snow in MS this year.

Quite the snowy pine cone!

I thought this tree looked cool; the way the snow settled only on certain branches.

This is snow caught in a web…it looked much cooler before I took the picture.

Watson wasn’t quite sure what to think of the snow…but he didn’t mind exploring in it.

Even with cold feet, he hopped along through the snow!

Logs at the edge of the woods…

Lots of logs at the edge of the woods in the backyard…

I love the way the logs look, which is probably why I took so many pictures.

The snowy porch, littered with puppy prints.

Talk about dusting off some snow when you come in.

After coming inside, having lunch and letting even more snow fall, Watson and I took yet another walk around 2. It was not as chilly at 2 and the snow had stopped falling; this time Watson had on his coat too!

My front porch around 2 in the afternoon!

Care for a seat?

A snowy flight in the front yard!

Another “cozy” seat in the front yard.

Happy to have on his green coat for exploring in the snow.

Some of the snow already turning to ice….

His naked paws make me cold…but he seemed completely unfazed….

The snowy tree once more…a bit more snowy now…

Different furry boots for the afternoon walk!

It really came down from 10 to 2 – covered shrubs & leaves everywhere.

Everything covered in a perfect dusting!

A tiny branch, almost buried in the snow!

Tiny trees buried under the weight of the wet snow.

I just thought it looked cool….ha-ha!

He situated himself under the shed & wanted to stay there – he’d had about enough of the snow.

In all the branches….

Adventuring once again….

My little photo bomber in his green coat….

He wanted to disappear into the woods…

That’s a cold leaf!

Snow everywhere you look….

The shrubs in front of my Grandma’s house.

Walking home!

A chilly little birdhouse!

Post snow walk selfie!

And lastly…a little evening walk in the snow before we called it quits for the evening! I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow actually stay all day – it’s kind of crazy to see snow glistening in the night when I look out my windows.

Eating the snow…I mean, I guess if you like the flavor….

Surveying the backyard one more time before it’s time to come inside.

The smallest snowman ever – made at 7:15 on the porch.

Wearing the best hat I could find.

Snow at the base of the trees…

Enjoying the quiet calm of the snowy night.

The snow glistening in the light…

The woods in snow at night.

The snow explorer says good night!

This Week was Smokin…Not Really…

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Has another week really come and gone? I swear, time is flying by! There is only a week left in January; 2014 only began and already a whole month has almost passed. This week seems like it barely got started good and it was already over – but January always seems to pass strangely, sometimes flying by and at other times dragging it’s feet. I guess that’s the nature of a month where it seems there is really nothing to do but bundle up inside, away from the cold – which this year, has been quite prevalent! That being said; a look back at this short and speedy week!

Obviously he had a rough Monday…look at that glazed over expression…

My new desk picture – such a sharp looking little sister I have!

I’ve decided that I’ve been watching way too many shows that are set in London or the English countryside, (Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Dracula) because I’ve got travel fever and I want to be UK bound! I’ve spent my office downtime this week reading all about London and the English countryside…I’ve got an itch to see Great Britain but Lord only knows when I’ll get across the pond. I guess I’ll have to content myself with some more British TV until I can get myself on a plane!

I have London fever – too much BBC programming I think?

Houston – we may have that problem….

And now, a little something that honestly has nothing to do with weekly play by plays of life; but has to do with my splendid little sister and the delightful back and forth we have with one another, whether we are together or separated by hundreds of miles. The two of us watch a lot of the same shows (she gets hooked on something, in turn gets me hooked and vice versa) and we text back and forth each week about all the shows we watch…but it’s more than that. Even the most mundane things become hilarious and interesting when the two of us are going back and forth. We even have completely random moments where we text about completely crazy things – like the picture below; I’m pretty sure I sent her this picture with the comment that the shirt was really ugly and she humored me and agreed. I’m telling you, sibling bonds are the best!

Wednesday night Cumberbatch clothing critique with my sister – that shirt is ugly; she agrees. 

The mysterious bite on my arm…still no clue what took a bite out of me, but I haven’t lost the arm so that’s positive.

Thursday night supper – sure pup, just help yourself…I didn’t want that last bite of chicken.

Thursday night was pretty terrifying – courtesy of my fabulous smoke alarm. Within weeks of moving into my house, I discovered that my smoke alarm(s) were extremely sensitive – I pull a pizza out of the oven and the alarm goes off…I bring something to a boil and the alarm goes off…I light a candle and the alarm goes off. Lord knows; I just deal with it. I fan it and move on while Watson flees to the deepest recesses of the house to get away from the sound. Thursday night I was dead to the world, sleeping some really wonderful sleep when at 1:21…my smoke alarm wailed to life! Since I wasn’t cooking (hello…it was after 1 AM) my immediate thought was that my house was on fire and I was about to have to snatch my dog from the flames, make a run for it and watch my home burn. If this had all been a cartoon, you’d have been able to see my heart pounding out of my chest. Once I found out that we weren’t about to die, I just decided I’d take the battery out for the night and deal with it in the morning – however, I realized that the smoke alarm was hard wired into the house’s electrical system and so I prayed that it wouldn’t go off again…but it did. Two more times. At 3:45 and again at 6:15…when I finally just gave up and got out of bed. And now…well now I’ve flipped the circuit breaker to the smoke alarm, so here’s hoping the house doesn’t go up in flames.

This is about right….
I spent Friday night around town with a dear friend – nothing quite hits the spot like some delicious Olive Garden. I suppose Friday night’s supper was my break from “sensible” for the week but it was an awfully delicious break. I discovered while I was wandering the stacks at Books A Million on Friday night that Yankee Candle now makes a bacon scented candle – I’m not joking! Now, I love bacon as much as the next person and I certainly think nothing makes a dish taste better than a little bit of bacon…but a candle? And I made the mistake of inhaling deep when I smelled it; thinking it wouldn’t be that strong, and gagged right there in the middle of the store. Thankfully Hope was standing by with a lemon candle to sniff so that I didn’t have to smell that horrible scent for too long. Bacon is fine…but let’s draw the line at candles.

Friday night supper – yum, yum, yum…

I go to town & this is where I find Watson when I get back. Absolutely a bum.

Watson says “do I look like Sherlock…because I’m Watson!”

Saturday morning errands with the pup…I think he likes his car seat more than any other sleeping surface; except my bed.

I got another smoke alarm surprise on Saturday, which seriously…about made me want to scream. Okay, confession…I might have screamed. You see, I’d flipped the circuit breaker off so I thought that the alarm(s) had no power source anymore; I’d forgotten about the battery. Saturday afternoon the things started wailing and I in turn started wailing too…mostly because I was pretty sure the things were possessed! Once I remembered they had batteries I decided to take those out and it would solve all my problems – but it didn’t; it just started chirping at me. So of course I really thought the thing was possessed because HELLO! It had NO power source! The electricity to the thing was cut off, the battery was out. I finally just gave up, stuck brand new batteries in the things, turned the power to it back on and now I just pray that it doesn’t have a moment again at 1 AM…or 3:45 AM…or 6:15 AM. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Robb Stark – don’t be afraid of that wolf; you’re the King of the North. Oh wait…I’m not watching Game of Thrones, this is Klondike. My bad.

My sweet babies do make Sundays a little bit sweeter, especially when I get to cuddle a little love like this!

On the Sunday home front, we are back to taking walks on the leash because on Saturday night Watson got jumped by a random, gigantic white lab that happened to be passing through the area. The only problem is that he’s apparently decided he likes the locale and so he’s taken up residence in the front yard of my neighbor’s house, just waiting to jump Watson again. Thankfully, even though the dog got Watson around the neck he didn’t break the skin but the terror alert has been raised to orange at our house and we are a leashed household once more. *sigh* Oh well, at least I have a well behaved dog.
Sunday afternoon in the woods…he was about to dive over this log and reach the end of his leash…literally.

Drunk Sherlock & Watson may be my new favorite thing…because…hello…”clueing for looks”

Watson and I ended our weekend with a warm bowl of potato soup, an evening stroll around the house and then some Downton Abbey and Sherlock on the couch. This week passed so fast; I wonder if this next week will be any different?

Sherlock Lives…and Other Minor Details of Life…

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I’m currently nursing cup of coffee number two this morning since I’m suffering from Sherlock hangover. Which means that I stayed up until after eleven to watch the series three premier of Sherlock last night – because honestly, I had to. I haven’t been waiting for over two years like some fans but I’ve been waiting long enough to find out just how Sherlock pulled it off. The past week has been kind of a roller coaster; there were definite downs in the middle of the week. I wasn’t sad to see this week go, I’m hoping this week is better…and without further ado, the week in recap – the good, the bad & the bloody.

It was Monday – it seemed like an appropriate mug. One day I’m going to have a moment at work & that’s exactly what everyone will say….

My on desk art installation – it changes daily. Ha-ha!

This has nothing to do with my life, but I love Jennifer Lawrence & I love this picture. She’s the best – it cracks me up.

Isn’t this the sweetest face? I’m sure he was begging for something when I took this….

Cuddling with his sock monkey – sometimes he is so sweet. Sometimes being the key word….

My Christmas watch from “Santa”…I love it. I do love bling-y watches though…

Tuesday – y’all Tuesday was a rough day. You know you are in for it when you are sitting at your desk crying before 8:30. I was already struggling with some other issues when I got to work on Tuesday and then I was thrown under the bus; blamed for something that wasn’t my fault and that just caused the dam to break. The day didn’t improve too much – I ended up with a raging headache after lunch (I’m sure crying three times before 12:30 didn’t help that…) and even a trip to the gym didn’t really help with that. I had some supper and watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D…but that was about the only hour of peace I got. I was emptying the dishwasher later and in the process of pulling out my apple corer, I sliced into my finger. It was at that point I decided to just give up – I closed the dishwasher, cleaned up the cut and went to bed. Sometimes that’s all you can do, right?

Injury #1 – a sign on Tuesday night that I should have just given up & gone to sleep already.

Out of order – the sunset on Tuesday night. Pretty. The only pretty thing about Tuesday.

I re-arranged my room (yes, again) & I love my new “headboard”…it’s built in, ha-ha!

Hiding from Wednesday morning – he knew Tuesday had been a struggle & he thought I should just stay home. Good idea Watson…

Such a colorful lunch…this is what all my lunches look like these days….

Oh ViSalus – I suppose that’s going well and all. I haven’t 100% adjusted to only doing liquid lunch (and breakfast) every day. There is a part of me that likes the simplicity of knowing that breakfast and lunch preparations are so easy but the other part of me misses eating real food at lunch. I missed the chance to get on the scale on Saturday, so I don’t know if I lost anything more this week but I do know that I wore a pair of jeans to church on Sunday night and by the time I’d had them on for two+ hours, I was yanking them up every two minutes. Maybe that’s a good sign? I couldn’t keep the things pulled up for anything and it was driving me crazy. Driving me crazy in a good way though… So I soldier on. Today’s lunch will be Raspberry Lemon something…I don’t know. Liquid lunch all the way!

*sigh* My favorite Brit. I waited impatiently for this issue of EW to arrive in my mailbox!

Another note – I’m supposed to be eating “sensible” suppers with this ViSalus stuff and most nights, I think I do pretty well. Wednesday night was the exception to the rule I guess. Every single time I thought about what I wanted to eat for lunch, I was craving chicken enchiladas…so bad. So bad y’all. I kept resisting the urge but on Wednesday, I just had to cave in. Wednesday wasn’t nearly as bad as Tuesday but Wednesday ended on a rough note and all I could think about on the drive home was getting the ingredients for chicken enchiladas, de-stressing while I cooked them and then devouring them. And that’s exactly what I did. Because sometimes you just need some comfort food.

Wednesday night comfort food – sometimes you just need some chicken enchiladas & Mexican rice.
I swear – I wasn’t trying to cut my foot off….

Oh yeah – Wednesday night. I’m pretty sure I have never in all my life had such a heart attack. The first thing you should know is that the above picture is a shaving injury…so I wasn’t trying to slit my ankles or anything…although you wouldn’t know looking at the picture. I took a bath and shaved, never knowing I’d cut myself. Once I got out of the bath I put on pajamas, got clothes out to wear to work on Thursday, washed dishes and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen and packed my lunch for Thursday and finally got some lotion to put on my legs. As I was rubbing the lotion down my leg and onto my ankle, I thought that my ankle felt awfully….goopy. I looked down and had heart failure. I’d obviously cut myself while shaving (which I never realized) and the above picture was the end result. I started re-tracing my steps to make sure I hadn’t left bloody footprints all over the house but the blood seemed to have collected at my heel – so no harm there. Once I got all the blood cleaned off, I couldn’t even find the cut…so, all that blood for nothing. Sheesh!

Sleepy one…stealing my t-shirt for a pillow…..

Treadmill reading on Thursday – I only almost crashed once. Ha-ha!

Oh yes – too true. Too true.

Injury #3….I just couldn’t win for losing last week.

Yes, you see – I rearranged my bedroom for the 79th time since I’ve been living in my house. I think it’s like a sickness or something. I just get bored with the way things look and so have to flip it all around. I decided last week that I was going to rearrange my room but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it because I only see it being able to be adjusted three ways – the head of the bed at the windows, the head of the bed against the back wall and the head of the bed against the side wall. I really got to thinking about it and realized that my bed was just the right width to put the head of the bed against the built in bookshelves on the wall and have something like a built in headboard! It actually worked out really well and I love it – I’m able to put my lamp, books I’m reading and some pictures right behind me and it turned out really well. So maybe I’ll leave it like this for longer than a month…ha-ha!

Re-arranged bedroom – I love it. 

My phone reminded me to go see my movie on Saturday…hilarious!

Excellent movie – stupendous acting. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have lots of apps on my phone and I’m figuring out that they do even more than I would have originally thought – which is fun; to be surprised by my phone’s capabilities after two years of having it. I was gifted with a Fandango gift card for Christmas from two of my precious nursery babies and so on Friday night when I realized August: Osage County had actually come to Meridian, I used my Fandango app to get myself a ticket for Saturday. I cracked up on Saturday morning when an hour before my movie was set to start, the app popped up to remind me that I had plans! The move was excellent – all the acting in the film was superb and let me assure you, I’m pretty sure the Weston family could make any other family feel drastically less dysfunctional than they are. Great movie – funny, touching, poignant and sometimes just downright painful but all exceptionally acted. I loved it.

Okay…I might have arranged this picture. He isn’t THAT sweet. 

Watching The Reichenbach Fall one more time before Sunday’s Sherlock premier.

Sunday morning chat with the pup…

What Sunday lunch (and every other day’s lunch) looks like now….

And the reason I’m nursing coffee this morning – hello, Sherlock series three finally premiered in the US! I will admit that I am like a granny, I normally go to bed at 9 or 9:3 because this girl needs her sleep…but for Sherlock, I can make it to 11 if I need to – and that is exactly what I did. I have to say, I loved the first episode and I’m sure it will only get better…granted, since there are only three episodes, that will be a fairly short climb. So far, I actually like Mary…I think. I know one thing for certain; neither John nor Sherlock need to ever bother with a mustache ever again. So, here’s to series three and drinking lots of coffee for the next three Mondays!


And…that’s all she wrote for now. I’ve got to get busy finishing my coffee and doing some work; and hoping this week is better than the last!

White Chicken Chile Enchiladas

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Cravings – I don’t get them often but recently (as in, for the past week and a half) I have wanted chicken enchiladas so bad. I think about them and my mouth waters. I stumbled upon my chicken enchilada recipe about two years ago on the blog Texas Tales and after the first time I made them, I haven’t looked back. They are not only easy to make but oh my goodness – they are DELICIOUS.

I started doing ViSalus almost two weeks ago and I’m supposed to be eating “sensible” meals for supper each night. Every day when I’d think about supper, my brain (and my stomach) would say “eat chicken enchiladas…eat chicken enchiladas..” but I had decided that they weren’t really what you’d call a sensible meal. Yesterday, I just gave up on trying to decide if it would be sensible or not, stopped at the grocery store and bought what I needed and made them. And I’m so glad I did. Because they were just as wonderful as I remembered. Which is why I’m sharing the recipe with you!

Seasoning the chicken…yum, yum, yum…

Keeping an eye on both eyes…cooking up some goodness!

White Chicken Chile Enchiladas

-2 large cans white meat chicken, drained
-1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (I used Mexican blend)
-1 small can green chile’s
-3 tbsp. flour
-3 tbsp. butter
-1 8 ounces can chicken broth
-2 heaping tbsp. of sour cream
-chili powder

This enchilada sauce is the best!

Drain you cans of chicken; warm over medium heat seasoning with pepper, cumin and chili powder. Mix in 1 cup of your shredded cheese and half of the small can of chile’s to make chicken mixture for filling of enchiladas.

Put the chicken mixture in large flour tortillas; lay tortillas lengthwise in a non-stick pan. Preheat the oven to 350.
In a large saucepan, combine 3 tbsp. of flour & 3 tbsp. of butter over low heat. Slowly add in chicken broth and bring to a low boil, letting the butter, flour and broth thicken. Whisk in 2 tbsp. of sour cream and half of the can of chile’s into the sauce, turning down the heat on the sauce. You want the sour cream to mix into the sauce but you don’t want it to boil – that would cause the sour cream to curdle. Allow to “cook” for about five minutes so all the ingredients are well mixed.
Ladle the sauce on top of the rolled enchiladas in your pan. You can put as much or as little sauce as you’d like; I usually put about half of the sauce (it makes a lot) on my enchiladas and refrigerate the leftover sauce for another batch! Sprinkle the 1/2 cup of leftover cheese on the top of enchiladas.
Cook for 22 minutes at 350. Enjoy!

So delicious!

Hey – maybe it wasn’t sensible but it was so worth it. And absolutely yummy.

Passing Time…

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Twenty Questions….also known as a way to pass the time when things are slow. And my brain hurts. This seems to be happening a lot lately. I think work is stressing me out and somehow typing/writing/sharing mindless information with the world at large is a de-stressor. So enjoy. Marvel at how weird I am. Whatever suits your fancy!

1) What was the last thing you threw in the garbage/recycling?
– Oops, don’t sue me…but I don’t recycle. The last thing I threw in the garbage can was the empty bag that contained my Vanilla almonds. 100 calorie pack.
2) What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
– No clue. I’ve been switching between Pompeii by Bastille & Wake Me Up by Avicii a lot lately, so they’d probably be pretty high on the list.
3) What is your favorite quote?
– “I am weird. You are weird. Everyone in this world is weird. One day two people come together in mutual weirdness and fall in love.” – Dr. Suess
Bonus quote: “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” – Dr. Suess
Because honestly, almost everything Dr. Suess said is brilliant.
4) What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
– Cleaning the bathrooms. The fumes from the cleaning supplies; one day they will cause me to asphyxiate, I just know it. Plus…bending over the bathtub to clean it makes my back hurt. And yes, I realize that saying that maybe makes me sounds like an old woman. I don’t care.
5) What is your favorite form of exercise?
– I don’t have a favorite form of exercise – because I don’t like to exercise. If I was forced to choose though; I suppose I’d say that if I must exercise (which I must…) then I like to walk on the treadmill and go to Zumba. Which is what I do.
6) What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?
– My favorite time of day is dusk; I love seeing the colors that play across the sky as the sun set. I’m sure there are lovely colors at dawn as well, but I’m not usually awake at dawn. There is also something really simple and lovely about the day fading away, leaving you to start anew. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Always Saturday. I think that answer is a no-brainer. My favorite month of the year is December because I love; absolutely love everything and anything about Christmas. So hands-down, December.
7) What is on your bedside table?
– Cotton linen spray, a small lamp perched on 4 small, stacked journals that have random musings in them, a black bear figurine from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, a stack of books that I am reading/about to read: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, The Hobbit and Out of Oz. A framed picture of my sister and me, a sister’s figurine given to me by…my sister and a framed print given to me by a sweet friend from Texas.

8) What is your favorite body part?
– I like my eyes. If you’re asking on other people the answer would be the same…I like eyes. Hopefully that doesn’t sound completely creepy.
 9) Would you use the power of invisibility for good or evil? Elaborate.
– As much as I would like to say I’d only ever use it for good, I’m afraid that would be a lie. I’m not saying I’d do things that were completely evil but I might get a bit mischievous with it, given the chance. I’d certainly use it more for good than for evil…but I wouldn’t mind using it to take names and dole out the hurt to certain people. But hey – if I’m invisible, how would you ever know?
10) If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
– I don’t know because I’ve only made it to 29. For all I know, 36 will be the best year for me. Heck, maybe even 72. I can’t say for certain about that but what I can tell you for certain is that I’d never want to be a teenager again (too much drama) and I really enjoyed being six; kindergarten was good fun and I had a real life new baby “doll” at home to play with. So…yep.
11) What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
– I would pay off my trailer, quit my job and move to Virginia. Immediately. Once I’d established my home base from Virginia, I would travel. Everywhere. I mean, I’d put money away for savings but I’d take a pretty big chunk of it and just travel non-stop…probably until the money ran out. Who wants to give me that winning lottery ticket?
12) What is your biggest pet peeve?
– I absolutely hate when you are sharing a situation with someone and even though you know they can’t possibly understand, they tell you “oh girl, I totally understand.” I’m generally not a violent person but when people do that to me, I’m sorely tempted to slap them. J And that’s some hard truth right there.
13) If you could know the answer to any question, what would it be?
– I don’t know if I could pick. My immediate thought is that I’d like to know what my future holds but a part of me thinks that could be dangerous. Another thought that pops into my head is that I’d like to know the cure for cancer or AIDS…something like that. And yet another part of me just wants the answer to the winning lottery ticket so I can start working on #11.
14) At what age did you become an adult?
– I’m not 100% sure I’m an adult at this point; I don’t feel like it sometimes. I guess if I had to pinpoint the moment I became an adult it would be November of 2012 because I was living in my own home, completely on my own with a “real” job, bills to pay and a little mouth to feed; granted that little mouth was a dog mouth.
15) Recommend a book, movie, or television show in three sentences or less.
– Sherlock on PBS; starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, set in modern day with story lines pulled from the pages of the original Arthur Conan Doyle books. The acting is superb; there is comedy, drama, mystery…maybe some romance but always brilliant performances by all in the cast. The third season starts on Sunday, January 19th and I can guarantee you won’t find a more entertaining show on TV…except maybe Game of Thrones…but yeah, Sherlock!
16) What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
– I may or may not have liked to elaborate on or make up stories sometimes. Maybe. Ha-ha!
17) What was the first album you bought with your own money?
– I’m almost 100% certain it was the CD Backstreet’s Back by the Backstreet Boys, when I was about 12 or 13. I still own that CD, still listen to that CD and I still love that CD…so I’d say it was money well spent!
18) If someone wrote a book about you, what would be the title?
– How about if they named it after this blog and called it Life As I Know It. I think that would be good.
19) What story do you wish your family would stop telling about you?
– I’m not sure what story my family tells about me that I don’t like them to tell. I’m racking my brain (which still hurts – no amount of headache meds, caffeine or head rubbing seems to be helping…nor does writing) but all I can think of is the story of the hammock crash. Our out of town family friends were visiting for Easter weekend and the friend and I (said friend was a boy) decided to casually lay in the hammock during the churches’ preschool Easter egg hunt…which was being held at our house. One of us obviously moved in the wrong way at the wrong time and we dumped in a heap in the middle of the backyard with half the church congregation watching. Embarrassed? Yes. But obviously not too much since I just told you the story here.
20) True or false: The unicorn is the greatest mythical creature. State your case.

– False. There are far too many mythical creatures to choose one as the “greatest”. Plus, are we only considering mythical creatures from Greek/Roman mythology? What about mythical creatures in books/series like Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire? Certainly while Star Wars or Star Trek or any other Science Fiction series is not mythical, you could consider the creatures featured in those series as mythical…so really, I have to choose false. Although unicorns are pretty sweet.