The Countdown to Christmas Week

Yes – I know Christmas has come and gone…but I realized that I haven’t posted a blog with the few pictures that I had from the week leading up to Christmas. I haven’t posted in almost two weeks…I’ve been busy with my family, an upper respiratory infection and getting immersed in watching both Homeland and Downton Abbey (thanks a lot Lindsey). So – I’m going to backtrack a little bit to catch up to the present…

Sunday night beggar face – acting like he didn’t just bury his nose in my cup of milk…even though the evidence is as plan as the nose on his face (and directly under the nose on his face).

Day 15 – A Subway card!

Day 16 – A new collar for Watson; can you see how thrilled he was?

There was a chocolate fountain at the Church Staff Christmas party. Delicious.
Day 17 – A small plaque, which is now hanging in my kitchen!

Day 18 – Three French Hens; the third ornament in a series I am collecting, the 12 Days of Christmas!

I got some very exciting pictures on Wednesday (which would have been the 18th) – they were pictures of my lovely new car that had been picked up at the dealership and was now with my parents! It was almost to me! Yahoo! Once my little sister got to Virginia on Wednesday night, she told me “I saw your car, I saw the Party Wagon. It is sitting outside the house…I even reached out and touched it!” Oh, the excitement!Β 

Pictures of my car on Wednesday after it got picked up! YAHOO!

Day 19 – Treats for Watson!

Day 20 – Earrings for me, so cute!

Friday evening became a flurry of activity for me; I thought my family wouldn’t arrive until around lunch on Saturday but they were able to leave earlier than planned and so they were due to at my house by Friday night! I had to rush around cleaning and throwing things together; things I thought I’d calmly do Friday night and Saturday morning. It was a good kind of rush though; knowing my family would be arriving sooner than planned always causes a good kind of rush! I also ended up opening my last two presents on Friday night; which meant that Watson and I both got a present in the same day, ha-ha!

In the midst of cleaning on Friday night, I managed to throw together some white trash for my Dad.

I also wrangled the dog into a bath – he calmly watched The Hobbit after his bath, while we waited for Nana & Poppy to arrive…

MY CAR! It arrived (with my parents of course) around 11:30 on Friday night!

My Christmas tree before my parents arrived…and after they arrived. Yikes!

Well – that’s all for now. Short and sweet. I’ll keep updating this week…playing catch-up! Gosh, there are only two and a half days left in 2013 – where has the time gone??

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