Whoever Coined the Phrase "Flying the Friendly Skies" I Owe You a Punchin the Gut!

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Seriously – can we talk to whoever thought that flying large groups of people in what is basically a big tin can on steroids would be a good idea? Who thought that scenario wouldn’t be rife with confusion and trouble? Granted, I’ve never really had trouble with flying until last week but my touch of trouble with flying was enough to last me a life time. You see, after the disastrous flying of Wednesday night and trying to get to Virginia, coupled with the troubles at the airport Sunday night, I was just about ready to hang up my hat on Monday morning…but I should backtrack because some stuff went down before Monday morning rolled around.

I’ve already written about the delay(s) and re-booking on Sunday night – you can read that here. What I didn’t write in that blog was that once we got back to the house on Sunday night and tried to find my reservation for the next day; we kept coming up with nothing. Once Delta called us back at 12:35 because of the hour and half + wait time, we found out the reason there were no reservations: the desk agent said she’d re-booked me, but no such thing had happened and then finding a flight for me began to look almost non-existent. There were no flights out of Dulles, Reagan, Baltimore or Roanoke…and it was after 1 AM. Things weren’t looking good. The woman on the phone finally found a flight leaving Reagan at 11 and that was that.

I went to sleep after 1 AM and was up again by 7. To say that I woke up anxious and stressed would be an understatement. I mean – I already don’t really like to fly and the anxiety from the two earlier days of flight stresses combined with a lack of sleep – not good. I’ll be honest, I cried for the duration of my shower and then later when my Dad was helping me get everything in my suitcase, I retreated to the corner of the room and sobbed some more. Finally we got on our way and things went so smoothly getting into downtown DC that it seemed like something of a good omen.

Saying good-bye to my Virginia home one more time…

Leaving Reagan….before things all went crazy. Again.

Like I said in the above picture – everything went fine leaving DC. I got to Atlanta at about 12:45 and my flight to Jackson was supposed to leave at 1:30. The first thing I learned once I landed was that my flight to Jackson had been delayed until 3:22. At first, that wasn’t a big deal – I could get something to eat for lunch, take my time and not be too rushed. I’d still be back to Jackson by about 3:30 and then home by about 5. I found a little corner at my gate to sit in, pulled all my stuff to me and was going to take a short little nap. Until I get another buzz on my phone around 2 telling me that my flight had been delayed again…till 4 this time.

I was SO tired…I needed a nap. But that wasn’t going to happen.

Over the course of the next 8 hours, my flight got pushed back from the original time of 1:30 to 3:22, 4, 4:40, 5, 5:56, 6:20 and then 7:20 before it was finally cancelled. I couldn’t take a nap or rest because every time the time of the flight changed, so did the gate that the flight was leaving from. I started out at D24 and by the time I finally left at 8:30, I’d been to 11 gates. Eleven. You see – while my flight was bouncing from gate to gate and getting later and later, I was riding the train from one terminal to the next to try and get on other planes going to Jackson. I was #9 on the stand-by list on a flight leaving at 2:51 and then I was #2 on the list on a flight leaving at 4:38. I didn’t make either of those and tried to get on a flight leaving at 5:51 – but it was overbooked and so not only did they not have a stand-by list, but I found out later that the flight never even showed up!

Minutes before I found out my flight was cancelled, I got a call from my Mom telling me that she’d randomly posted on the Air Force Academy parent’s page of Facebook about what was going on with me. A woman who lives in Texas and has a child at the Academy saw the posting; she works at Delta and is apparently someone with some power because she contacted my Mom to tell her that she’d booked me on a flight that was leaving at 8:30; I had a guaranteed seat and she was certain that the flight would be leaving. I could still get on my original flight if it left any earlier than 8:30 but if not, then I should just get on that flight. What’s more, I got a $100 flight voucher in my email and she also made sure I’d have a $25 food voucher. I’m glad I knew all that before what happened next – because at 7:20, they announced that my flight had been cancelled completely. I watched the people around me go into a sort of panic and I knew if I’d not just talked to my Mom, I would have done the exact same thing.

I used my food voucher to buy a $10 smoothie – seriously. It cost $10. And I’ve since discovered that I didn’t get anything back. So I guess $15 of that food voucher was wasted, but with only 30 minutes before I boarded the flight, I didn’t really have that much time to find or consume $25 worth of airport food. I guess I could have bought lots of Pop Tarts from a store and had breakfast for the whole rest of the week…but those aren’t things I was thinking about. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking much at all. I know that when I got on that plane, I’d never been so happy to see a seat on a plane in my life. Heck – I’d have sat in the bathroom for the whole flight if they’d let me.

I got back to Jackson at 8:40, drove home half awake; thank goodness for my little sister hanging on the phone with me all the way home. I should mention, by the time I got to my house, it was pouring rain. I was so tired I couldn’t wait for it to stop so I grabbed my things and ran for the door. I finally got into my house at 10:45, soaked to the bone and just completely done with all of it. I crawled into the bed with wet hair and damp skin and didn’t even care.

A really expensive smoothie. It was good but I don’t know about $10 good…

So glad to have a seat on a plane – finally. I don’t want to see a plane for a while…

Virginia Adventures: Part Four…Yep, You Read That Right

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That’s right….somehow was was supposed to be just three days turned into four. I have a whole post dedicated to the debacle of getting home, so I’ll just touch on day four in this post and leave the post about traveling troubles for another day – at least, some of the troubles.

Sunday morning I had the breakfast of champions yet again, a strawberry lemonade cupcake on the porch. I went to church with my family and was pretty amazed by the people at my parent’s church. I’ve only met a few of them once before; some of them I’ve never met and yet so many people hugged me, told me they were glad to see me or meet me and they also told me they were all praying and looking forward to when I could make the move to Virginia! Talk about feeling the love. They also told me they’d be praying for me to have safe, expedient travels home. I guess the Lord answered those prayers with a no, but again – another story for another time.

Yum…nothing like a sugar rush to get you going.

Lunch at Red Robin – I had the Berserker Burger and Cherry Limeade.

Once church was over, we went home to pack things up and grabbed some lunch at Red Robin (yum!) before we got to the airport. We visited and chatted until it was time to go through security and then we said our good-byes.

Admiring my sunburn in the airport…I was bored waiting to board the plane.

The trouble began not long after I boarded my first flight. I’d gotten all settled into my seat and was ready to fly the friendly skies when they made an announcement that the flight had been delayed because of weather in Montevallo, Virginia. Apparently the only flight path we could take took us directly into that weather and so we’d all have to disembark the plane and wait until we got an update at six. Well, since I’d already had dramatic travels just getting to Virginia, I crawled off the plane, plugged in my phone and may or may not have called my parents crying. I had a cushion this time though – I had a two hour layover in Atlanta, so I just began playing the waiting game.

So sick of delays…and while we waited for the weather to move out of Montevallo; it came to us. Nice.

Really tired of seeing these dumb notifications on my phone…boarding? Yeah right. WRONG!

Well, six rolled around and we were told no update until six-thirty. Six-thirty came and we were told that we’d probably be delayed until at least eight or later leaving. That meant I’d miss my connecting flight from Atlanta to Jackson, so I had no choice but to join the long line of people waiting to change tickets. I was going to try to get onto a flight leaving Atlanta at eleven-fifteen in hopes that I could at least get home, even if it was late. After talking with a desk agent who left me very concerned that I’d end up stranded in Atlanta overnight – in the Atlanta airport no less, since Delta won’t provide a hotel in the event of weather delays – I decided to re-book my flight for the next day. The desk agent punched some buttons, printed out a boarding pass for Monday and sent me on my way. I called my parents to come pick me up and about forty-five minutes later, I was headed back for Front Royal with my family.

Lines, lines, lines…I was tired of lines.

It was only 7:20 but I was the only person on the train…weird.

I have to say, I was really surprised by how deserted the airport seemed even though it was only seven twenty at night. I guess I was going in the wrong direction? I don’t know but it seemed like at times on the way back to the main terminal, I had the whole airport to myself. Very strange.

Goofing around on the lit floor tiles…I had time to kill waiting for my parents.

Hey security checkpoint….I was just at you mere hours ago…

The parents and I had some supper at Cracker Barrel and then headed home to what should have been a calm evening. It wasn’t…but again, that’s for another post. So I’ll leave you with the picture of my happy home in Virginia.

Home Sweet Home….again.

Virginia Adventures: Part Tres

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Day Three – What was supposed to be my last “full” day in Virginia…but that’s a post for another day, right? This is becoming pretty routine, but obviously the first thing I did when I woke up was sit on the back deck and drink coffee! I feel like I would do this every Saturday and Sunday morning if I lived in Virginia. Hopefully I would be able to find somewhere that I could live that also had a mountain view – but if not, Mom and Dad’s would only be a short drive away!

We were very lazy on Saturday morning and just kind of sat around on the porch drinking coffee before we went in and got ready for our day three adventures. While Dad dug out Lindsey and I’s old wagon (old…as in, almost as old as me) and the “tent” to take with us to Antietam, Mom and I made cupcakes and decorated them. Once we had packed the car, we headed over to Maryland to spend the day at Antietam Battlefield – they have a big fireworks show set to music by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

The view – always the view. *sigh*

The breakfast of champions – a lemon cupcake from Crumbs. Delicious!

The cupcakes we made to take to Antietam for our dessert later in the day!

Armed and dangerous…that’s a icing do-hickey, ha-ha!

Antietam – from the Visitors Center. And I didn’t realize until after the fact that the blue line along the back of the picture was a line of Porto Potties. Hahahahaha.

Bloody Lane from the top of the Observation Tower

Once more time….

Burnside Bridge, also at Antietam Battlefield.

Kayaks on the muddy creek; we learned you could tube this & it was hot enough outside that it was an appealing thought.

Another look at the bridge.

Selfie! Cheese!

We made a couple stops along the way to see an old Civil War era house and get some lunch at a really good Mexican place that I found on Yelp! I can’t remember the name for the life of me, but I know it was really good food! After exploring the park for a little bit, we were in charge of staking out a spot on the lawn to hold things down and wait on my parent’s friends, Doug and Jen and their daughter Emily. Of course, once they arrived, Emily was a perfect source of entertainment and had us rolling with laughter!

Hanging out in the field with all the other people who came to watch fireworks & listen to the orchestra.

There were too few clouds…it was HOT.

Despite the heat, Dad & I wandered the battlefield – cannons, cannons everywhere!

Emily munching her Salt & Vinegar chips.

The top of a monument…

Working on some corn, even though she is missing her two front teeth – she’s a mess!

My chips of choice…delicious!

The heat melted the cupcakes just a little bit…

Hello gigantic flag….

Dad standing when they played the Air Force song!

Boom! Bang! Pow!

We ate a supper of burgers, hot dogs, chips, corn and assorted desserts – there were cupcakes and cookies. The music was really nice although I have to say, they had some folk singer that performed a few of her own songs and I’m not certain she could sing that well. She kind of made Mom and I cringe…but oh well; at least the orchestra sounded great. We headed home through the traffic and I crawled into bed – once I’d taken a shower. I had to get the sweaty off!

We saw this on a car leaving the battlefield & it completely cracked me up…

Rocking a sandal tan…

Virginia Adventures: Part Deux

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Ah yes – moving right along to day two. If you know me at all, you have to know that the first thing I did when I got up was go make coffee and head…for the back deck! Since my Dad was off on Friday, he joined me on the deck; we drank coffee and listened to some music (my Game of Thrones soundtrack) while we enjoyed the view. Once my Mom finally woke up..hahaha…we went inside to have waffles for breakfast, because Dad is the king of the waffle maker.

Another gorgeous day – the always gorgeous view.

I was still feeling extra patriotic and it also tasted delicious.


Dad got creative.

We all got ready and while the end point for the day was DC, we decided to take the back roads in and see what all we could see on the way. We stopped in a couple small towns along the way – Upperville and Middleburg (right, is that right parents? I can’t remember…) and saw some neat houses, shops and sights.

Hydrangeas in Upperville.

There was a shop that had Civil War (and older) era weaponry. I was fascinated; the sword made me feel very Game of Thrones like, hahaha.


A cool house…I think this was in Upperville also.

A fox in Middleburg

I should note – foxes are significant to Middleburg because every year they have a fox hunt. I mean, the whole deal: men in riding outfits with red jackets, jodhpurs, on horses with the hounds. Hopefully I’ll get to see it in the future!

Custard on the way to DC – with chocolate flakes and black cherries.

The Capitol!!!

Union Station

The Supreme Court – aka SCOTUS

The main thing we wanted to do while in DC was check out the Library of Congress. I’ve heard it is one of the prettiest buildings in DC and they aren’t kidding. I think every inch of the place is painted, tiled and gilded – it is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure what possessed me to wear skinny jeans when it was 92 degrees outside with a heat index of 103 but hey…you get sweaty and keep right on trucking!

This is my “OMG – it’s hot!” face…

The Reading Room in the Library of Congress

The dome of the Reading Room

A quote that I thought you could see but apparently is hard to read in this photo….boo.

Another look at the Reading Room – they only recently started allowing pictures in here.

The Main Hall of the LoC

House Lannister anyone? They even got the colors right; crimson & gold!

On the ceiling – I took this for my friend David.

A last look at the Reading Room!

In DC!

The fountain outside the LoC…so pretty…

I may have also been tempted to get in…it was HOT.


A squirrel eating Chex Mix in the park…hahaha!

I found a high-powered fan in the Godiva store – HALLELUJAH!!

The always bustling Union Station…

Crumbs cupcakes – they are delicious!!

Feeds 10-12 people…whoosh!

Once we finished exploring, it was time to head to Nationals stadium for the American pastime – baseball! My parents had gotten us tickets to watch the Washington Nationals play the San Diego Padres and I’m always up for some baseball. Plus – I thought it was especially fun that the Nationals are called the Nats for short; if you have Nationals attitude, you have Natitude and everywhere you looked, Nat was on everything. Which – hello…I’m a Nat!! That was all it took to win me over! I bought a cap, read the roster and decided I’d happily cheer the Nationals to as many curly W’s as I could. By the way, a curly W = a win! And win they did, 8-2! Yahoo!! Once the game was said and done, we headed home to catch some Zzz’s before day three!

Obviously this is the team for me!

Panoramic shot of the stadium…

Getting the field ready to play ball!

Hey batter, batter!

I liked Bryce Harper – he’s basically a 20 year old whiz kid at baseball. Seriously, he’s been playing pro ball for over a year and he won’t be 21 till October. Whoa.

Leaving the stadium after a win for the Nats!

Virginia Adventures: Part One

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OK – so I’ll just start this after the horror that was my getting to Virginia, especially since I dedicated an entire post to that. No need to rehash it; especially since there is a second post coming about the horror of getting home. Yeesh!

I was so completely happy to finally see my Momma, to see the car, to see all the landmarks that are becoming more and more familiar with each visit; landmarks that let me know that I’m getting closer and closer to “home”. And oh the joy of seeing home, especially at almost 2 in the morning. Its a pretty wonderful feeling. You know another wonderful feeling? Climbing up the steps and having my Dad stumble half asleep from his bedroom to say “Hey Natalie” and give me a huge hug. Ah – the love of family!

Home Sweet Home…at 2 AM

My room! I love my room at my parent’s house. Love it.

Wildly excited that I finally, finally made it. And was in my blue and green bed.

Nothing starts a day more perfectly than waking up to a view like this one – I think people that live around mountains might take not realize how amazing a view they really are. I get it though; I love the mountains. When I finally make my way to somewhere mountainous to live, I won’t take it for granted. Ever. I love it.

I woke up at 7:45, which is super early considering that I’d only gone to bed at 2…but I was just itching to get outside and stare off into the distance. My Dad was at work and my Momma was still asleep, so I crept downstairs, made coffee and immediately headed for the back deck, where I proceeded to spend a good part of the day. That’s where Mom found me when she got up. Drinking coffee and staring off at the mountains, drinking in the view, the quiet, the calm…and contemplating hollering “fore” at the passing golfers. Just kidding. Maybe.

Ah yes – this is a view I could never get tired of.

Easily the best way to enjoy coffee.

I had to go inside to watch the birds at the feeder…they didn’t take too kindly to me watching from as close as the porch.

My favorite little bird.

After Mom and I had breakfast we set out for Marker Miller Orchard & Farmer’s Market (I think I have the name right…) to see about getting some fruit. I never knew that so much stuff was grown in Virginia, but there were fields of wheat, corn, apple orchards, vineyards…everywhere, something was growing. It was so cool. The Farmer’s Market was awesome and they had anything and everything you could think of: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries (ripe and ready to be picked) blackberries as big as my pinkie, apples, corn, watermelon, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes bigger than my fist, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and the list goes on and on. They also had jams, jellies, spreads, salsas and a slush made from fresh picked strawberries. And don’t even get me started on the gorgeous flowers outside. It was awesome.

Rows on top of rows of apple trees…

I loved it – so cool!

Want some fruit?

This was delicious!

I thought this looked cool as we passed. No clue what it is…

It was July 4th after all…

Definitive proof that grocery stores in VA are better than MS – and this isn’t even Wegmans!!!


Absolutely huge blackberries from Marker Miller…

Seriously – they were massive.

A whoopie pie from Marker Miller – I shared it with Mom & Dad because it was huge. Also, it was delicious.

A quick little afternoon rain shower…that I almost got caught in…

Once Mom and I got home from the Farmer’s Market and Martin’s (the grocery store) I proceeded to sit on the back deck again, listening to Lindsey be the DJ on USAFA’s radio station KAFA. Mom and I sat outside, ate fresh fruit and cheese and just chilled. It was great! When Dad came home, we fired up the grill and fixed our Fourth of July feast!

Love it. Just love it.

Trying to get some sun on my pale legs…

The master of the grill…hard at work.

Orange Soda…which I just now realized I never got to taste. Boo.

The Fourth of July feast…prepared by Dad, Mom and me!

Using our festive cups to drink some sweet tea!

Once supper was done, we stopped in at Wal Mart to grab a couple things – we being me, because I left my liquids sitting in the front seat of my car, like a goofball. We saw Jennie and Jimmy in Wal Mart and talked to them a little while; I loved seeing Jimmy’s little sun-burned cheeks, they might have made him even cuter! We got the few things we needed and then headed into Strasburg to get a spot for the fireworks. We all read a little bit while we passed the time and then at 9:30, the sky lit up with color for almost thirty minutes. Awesome! When that was all said and done, we made our way to the car, made our way home and I went to bed pretty quickly because I knew Friday held even more awesome.

Reading to pass the time…what a laugh! 🙂

Sun sets over the mountain – Signal Knob to be exact.

Fireworks! Fireworks!


Flying the Friendly Skies…

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Okay – maybe I should have titled this something else, but I’m going for tongue in cheek. Ironic. Whatever you want to call it. What was meant to be just two short little hops from Jackson to Atlanta and then Atlanta to DC turned into a majestic load of crazy, anxious, spastic hours on three planes; one of which never went anywhere. Let me start at the beginning though…because nothing about this story is short and even the skies weren’t feeling so friendly last night.

I got to Jackson in plenty of time; even had the time to stop at the Subway and grab a sandwich to take on the plane for supper, my connection in Atlanta only gave me about 55 minutes to get from one gate to the other. I got through security (which was just delightful since I got a full body pat-down because I was wearing a dress – whatever) just fine and settled in to wait for boarding. And that’s when the fun began.

I noticed that neither of the Delta gates actually had my flight number listed on their departure board, so I asked the man seating near me if he was meant to be on the flight leaving at 6:45 for Atlanta. He said that he was supposed to be on the flight that left at 1:10 going to Atlanta but he was still stuck sitting in Jackson. Eek! Cue the alarm bells in my head. Right then, I heard a ping from my phone and looked down to see an email from Delta: my flight out of Jackson had been bumped back to 8:05 with an arrival into Atlanta at 10:38….which meant I definitely wasn’t making my 10 PM connecting flight. Cue the panic.

I spoke with a gate attendant (after waiting in line behind about ten people) and knew with every person in front of me that he was going to give away the last ticket…but he didn’t. He handed me a ticket to the flight leaving at 6:15 and told me to go board it immediately. I thanked him for his help and rushed down to the gate and onto the plane. I got settled in and decided to go ahead and eat my Subway while they finished loading and we took off. But…we sat there…and sat there…and sat there. Finally they announced that their was a technical problem with the plane they had brought in to replace the earlier plane; which also had technical problems.

So many tickets….

On Plane #2; the first plane I actually got on, the second flight I’d been booked on and the flight I also got right back off of. Confused yet? Me too.

At this point – people were getting pissed. I was getting pretty stressed myself because my window to make my connecting flight was getting smaller and smaller and my heart rate was going up and up and up. The people on the flight with me were fussing (yelling if I’m being honest) that the stewardess should give them alcohol as well and not reserve it for the people in first class alone. There was cussing, shouting and people just being downright rude. I understand the frustration but I also don’t understand people who immediately jump to acting crazy; it only makes you look worse.

They trooped all of us off the plane, divided us into two lines and gave us new tickets on the plane at the other Delta gate, also going to Atlanta. I was then told that if I got to Atlanta and missed my flight into Dulles, there was a flight leaving at 10:40 going into Reagan and I could try to get on that flight. We all boarded the plane and finally, finally at around 8:20 we took off from Atlanta. I was already trying to tell myself that I just needed to be prepared to probably end up in Atlanta for the night. I wasn’t looking forward to that thought very much but I further believed that would be the outcome when the pilot told us we’d be landing in Atlanta at 10:30. I would definitely miss my flight leaving at 10 and there was no way I’d make it to the gate for the flight leaving at 10:40. I was getting pretty despondent but trying to tell myself it could be much worse.

A side note here – I guess either I’m getting pretty good at this whole flying thing or I was just too stressed about making connections but the flight from Jackson to Atlanta was ROUGH. I don’t think I really realized that until later when I was on my other flight but I guess I was so preoccupied with making my other flight that I rode most of that flight hunched over in a ball, clutching my other boarding pass and praying that somehow, someway, something would work out and I would get onto a flight. I wanted my parents, I wanted my blue and green bed and I wanted my mountains.

When we landed in Atlanta, my Mom called to tell me my original flight had been pushed back to 11:10 and it was only 4 gates down from where the flight I was on was coming in. When I tell you I was running through that airport like I was being chased – I am not even remotely exaggerating. I was flying down the terminal, my bag rolling behind me at breakneck speed and just praying I didn’t drop anything because I knew that would be all it would take. One slip-up would be the piece that caused the possibility of making this flight all fall apart.

I rushed to the desk and was told I’d made it in plenty of time – the flight had just parked at the gate and they’d be boarding shortly. I handed my boarding pass to the attendant to make sure that everything was okay and she told me “Oh, you don’t have a seat on this flight anymore.” WHAT? Oh yes – apparently since I was on a flight that would be late and it seemed like I wouldn’t make my connection, my seat had been forfeited and now I would have to be put on stand-by and hope that I made it on. Y’all – I broke down at this point. I was clutching my stand-by seat ticket like it was the only thing left in the world. I called my Mom crying and told her that I was on stand-by and might not make this flight and the attendant had told me that I’d been booked for a flight on the 4th leaving at 2:20 in the afternoon. I wasn’t okay with that at all. She told me I’d probably be fine and get on the plane…but I was just about exhausted from all the anxiety.

The perks of First Class

Hello legroom!

Somehow I was the first name on the stand-by list and after about 10 minutes of being stressed to the point that I thought my head (and heart) would explode, the attendant called my name and handed me a ticket stamped with 1A. I was so completely thrilled that I had made the flight that I strolled right past my seat and back to coach before it hit me that 1A was the first seat on the plane – in First Class. I’ve never flown First Class before and after the four hours I’d had earlier, it was amazing. I might be spoiled now. I curled up in my seat and snapped my seat belt on; mostly to let them know that once I’d clicked that seat belt shut, I wasn’t getting off the plane until we were at Dulles. My second flight was smooth and so much calmer. I wrapped up in my Delta blanket, read a book, drank some coffee and ate a banana. We landed at 1 AM and even though I was completely exhausted, I wanted to kiss the ground. I’d made it. After thinking on numerous occasions throughout the night that I wouldn’t make it – I was here.

While I was flying high last night in First Class, it got me to thinking. I spent five hours in a near constant state of anxiety and in the end, I got exactly where I was supposed to be and it turned out better than I thought it would. There were certainly bumps along the way (literally and figuratively) and times when I thought things would never work out – but they did. I feel like my life every day is like that – I worry and wonder how and when anything is every going to work out and that when it does, it won’t be that great. When I was sitting in that First Class seat last night, it was almost like Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said “see – trust me. If I was able to work out something as simple as your flights and make it turn out better than you expected, don’t you think I can do all that and more with your life?”

Something to think about for sure. Anyway – gotta go celebrate the Fourth!

I have never been so glad to see Dulles.


Wednesday Wrap-Up

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This is going to be short and sweet – mostly because the past three days have been pretty short and sweet. My work week is going to wrap up today at 4 and then I’ll be Jackson bound to catch a flight to Virginia, by way of Atlanta. Whew! It’s crazy to think that this morning I woke up in Collinsville and by the end of the day (literally, the end – my flight arrives in Virginia at 11:46 tonight) I’ll be going to bed in Viriginia.

What would our ancestors have said if we’d told them we would have the capability to wake up in one place and go to sleep at the end of the day hundreds of miles away? I’m sure they’d have been astonished; heck, sometimes I find myself pretty impressed with it all. Anyway, here are a couple pictures from the beginnings of this short “week”.

This was Sunday night & wouldn’t load on Monday – he wanted to go to church.

Let me just tell you – Watson takes Sunday afternoon napping very seriously. There were several pictures that I couldn’t get to load on Monday morning, so they’ve made their way onto today’s post and a lot of them of are Watson, napping all over the house on Sunday afternoon. He has quite the routine worked out on Sundays; he plays all morning while I’m at church, eats lunch when I get home, takes in some sun on the porch for a little while, then comes in and naps – naps in his bed, naps on the couch, naps on the rug, naps on the guest bed…he just sleeps all over the place, all afternoon. He’s a mess.

Nap Spot #1

Nap Spot #2

Monday I went to Ross with the quest of finding a large but cute purse to carry on the plane. I wanted something that could hold a book, a magazine and my other things without looking stuffed to busting, but I also didn’t want a shapeless piece of fabric and leather. The Lord was shining down on my purse hunt, because I found a gorgeous Steve Madden bag that is not only so cute, but is exactly what I was looking for. Everyone at the office has exclaimed over it and essentially told me I stink because I found such a cute purse. Oh well – if I stink, I guess that’s fine. At least I have my awesome new purse.

The drive-thru at Chick Fil A Monday – I was hoping they were handing out samples. They weren’t.

Nap Spot #3 – on Monday evening.

The awesome new purse! I love it!

Strawberry cobbler at lunch on Tuesday – it was delicious!

Watson also always catches on to when I am packing – and I usually get lots of mean looks and he immediately starts moping. I did get one look last night while I was packing but that was about it. This morning he sniffed and licked my suitcase, but when I left he was happily running around the yard. Hopefully he’ll have a good time “vacationing” at my Nanny’s house while I am vacationing in Virginia.

This face says “you’re flying off again & I still don’t get to go. Gee, thanks a lot!”

What I’ve been watching this week in my spare time – which there hasn’t been much of.

Well – that’s about it. I’m all checked-in, the bags are packed, the phone/tablet are charged and ready to provide amusement (although I’m thinking a nap would be good amusement too) and I’ve got the chill pills in the purse so that I can fly like a pro.

Which – let me tell you; I discovered when talking to my Mom that spanning a year, from August of last year to August of this year I will have flown seven times! Seven! That seems pretty jet-set for someone who is “afraid” to fly. If you’re reading this, I always appreciate prayers for a safe flight! Hope everyone has a great 4th!