What I’m Into in June

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A quick glimpse into my life this month!

Books I Read:

A Dance of Dragons by George R.R. Martin: This was on the list last month and it makes the list this month because I just finished it last night, ha-ha! It was just as good as the first time I read it and I think I caught on to some stuff that I might have missed the first time.

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris: The final Sookie Stackhouse book; I am starting that thing tonight! Maybe as soon as I get home. It’s lucky number 13 and I hope everything ends on a high note. Spoiler alert – I’m rooting for Sookie and Sam to get together; Eric is by far my favorite character but you can’t really make a good life with someone that is, for all intents and purposes, dead. 

Argo: How the CIA & Hollywood Pulled off the Most Audacious Rescue in History by Antonio Mendez: I promise I’m going to read this sometime this month. Promise. It has just been patiently sitting on my bookshelf waiting. I’ve got to get to it because I know it will be fascinating!

Books in the Queue:

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo: It’s still on the tablet. Just waiting. Just like my book about Argo. I guess I’ll start up on this one at some point – maybe I’ll even get to it before the month is over!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle: Because hey, it was free on the Google Play store. So much like the other book currently in my queue, it just waits and waits. I read two pages in the bath tub last night but then the book reader decided to update and closed on me. Fail. I’ll get to you Sherlock!

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs: I bought this book almost 2 years ago, started it and managed to get distracted by something and never finish it. I noticed it sitting on my shelf the other night and decided that I’ve got to read it. I realized how important it was to read it when I saw that she has since released 2 more Temperance Brennan books that I haven’t read! 

I obviously need to spend some serious time reading!

Can’t Miss Television:

Game of Thrones: Only for one more week though. The season finale is on Sunday night – I am both looking forward with anticipation and dreading the end of the season; which is the same feeling I had when it came to last Sunday night’s episode, The Rains of Castamere. To say the episode caused major emotional strife would be an understatement. The worldwide reaction was pretty funny* to witness since I’d read the books and knew what was coming. That said, they just don’t make TV this good on a year round basis and I hate that Game of Thrones only gets a 10 episode run each Spring. I need more! 

*Spoiler alert – watch at your own risk. Also, there may be some language, but it’s still pretty funny.

True Blood: Season 6 starts on Sunday, June 16th. Not sure where in the world they are going after the level of crazy the writers took it to in the season 5 finale, but I guess that’s why people watch, right? Also, I need my Eric Northman fix – that would Alexander Skarsgard to all of you who don’t watch True Blood. Hopefully season 6 will be better than season 5. We shall see.
Ha-ha…I have a Team Eric shirt. I won’t even deny it.

Movies I’ve Watched:

Iron Man 3: Which was awesome! Loved it and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. If you’ve seen the other two, you should really check this one out. It was a really good ending to the trilogy of Iron Man films but set up some interesting plot points and questions for the upcoming Avengers sequel in 2015.

The Great Gatsby: Another movie that was amazing! I have long loved the book and I always knew that this movie could go either way for me – I’d either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. Thankfully I absolutely loved it! Granted, I also love Leo DiCaprio and think he acts amazingly so I wasn’t worried about his part of the film; his presence just made it all that much more enjoyable. I saw it with a dear friend and we had such a great conversation about the movie on the ride home. I love that!

Star Trek Into Darkness: Again – loved it! I was raised on Star Wars and didn’t really know anything about Star Trek until I watched the 2009 remake on TBS one Friday night. Once I saw that, I was hooked. Not hooked in the way that I need to research the whole series and see every movie ever made but I’m into it. Into it enough that I went to see it alone and was the only girl in a theater full of semi-nerdy to completely nerdy guys. One stared at me slack-jawed as I left the theater. I still haven’t quite figured that one out. Anyway, all that to say – hey…maybe go see this movie too! Because as a friend said – nothing with Chris Pine in it is bad. 🙂
Music I’ve Listened to:

Game of Thrones: Music from the Series: I’m still listening to this on a pretty regular basis. Funnily enough, when I am walking on the treadmill the theme song is actually really motivating. Maybe that seems silly but it works for me. Granted, it only works for about a minute and forty-nine seconds…but hey, that’s cool!

The Great Gatsby: Music from and Inspired by the Film: That’s right, another soundtrack. The songs on here are so varied and awesome but my personal favorites are Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Ray, Over the Love by Florence & the Machine and No Church in the Wild by Jay-Z featuring Kanye West. Which, can I just say, I do not like Jay-Z or Kanye West normally. But the song is good. 

Farewell by Rihanna: Just one song here, again by an artist that I really don’t like too much. I do love this song though and think it is really beautiful.
Happiness is:

Still sleeping late on Saturdays, obviously. I don’t think that feeling can ever not be happiness.

Walking on the treadmill. Let me tell you that a month ago I would not have thought I’d be telling you that. I’ve gotten into it though and now I actually look forward to it and enjoy it (for the most part). It is a really good stress reliever and lately I’ve needed that. I told a friend that when I get home in the afternoons I am able to walk away the rage, ha-ha. It’s calming, I know it is making me a healthier person and I feel really empowered when I step off that treadmill and it is blinking back at me that I’ve walked 3.2 miles and burned 400+ calories. That is happiness for sure.

Knowing that the dog that was terrorizing my sweet Watson’s existence has been given away and now my pup can go back to roaming our yard on his own again. It warms my heart to watch him scamper across the yard in the mornings, just looking for adventure and squirrels to chase.

What I’m Looking Forward to in June:

Most importantly – my family will be in town the 14th – 18th and so I have big plans to spend as much time as possible doing things with them. I can’t wait to see them all! I haven’t seen my Mom and Dad since late March; I saw Lindsey just about 3 weeks ago but I am always thrilled to see them all! And Watson will probably cut flips when they drive up!

Seeing even more movies! Man of Steel comes out on the 16th of June and not only does it look amazing but I am already a big fan of all things Superman and so I can’t wait to see that. I’m also planning to go see Now You See Me at some point; I’ve heard it is pretty great, so I’ll be making my way to a theater soon to see that. I feel like I’m missing something…but I’m sure just because I didn’t type it on this list, I won’t miss it. I love me some movies y’all!

He is wearing that suit y’all – be still my heart!

I suppose that is all for now. Hope your June has been going good so far and it continues to be great!

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