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Not sure how anyone could ever say no to a face like that. It is pure sweetness.

Watson just came to us, out of the blue one day. My family and I had been on a weekend trip to Chattanooga for a dance competition and as we came up the driveway on Sunday afternoon we saw a little creature sitting against the tires of my car. He had on a walking harness that he’d obviously been wearing for some time because it had rubbed sores on the undersides of his front legs. He was immediately friendly and eager to be loved on – and my parents were convinced that he’d just gotten lost and we’d need to find his owner. While they were discussing that, I was already sitting on the back porch in the sun with the little guy’s head in my lap putting Neosporin on his owies. Basically, I had already fallen in love. I decided that the perfect name for him would be Watson for two reasons: 1) He was; from the moment he first met us, investigating everything around him all the time. I’ve never seen a little nose get such a work out in all my life. That made me think of Sherlock Holmes & Watson…and 2) Since my Mother’s maiden name was Watson, the choice between Holmes & Watson was pretty much chosen. After much begging and pleading, my parents agreed that if I’d take pictures of him, make some fliers and post them for at least a month, if no one claimed him – he could be mine. So, up went the fliers and wait…wait…wait I did.

Obviously, no one ever claimed him and while I’m glad for that, I have no clue about his background. I still tell my Momma to this day that I wished I knew where he came from and why he was afraid of men for so long after I took him in. While he’s never going to sit down and share his beginning with me, taking him to the vet revealed that he was just about a year old and perfectly healthy. Not only was I lucky to find out that, he was also perfectly house broken, hardly ever barked (that has changed) and didn’t chew on things. He was like a little angel dog sent from Heaven. Sometimes, that is secretly what I think he is. 🙂

Because the scarf was obviously out to attack him…he felt the need to fight back.

Helping himself to a tortilla chip – he’ll eat anything.

One thing I learned very quickly about Watson was that while he wasn’t a barker, a chewer or a house-pooper, he was and still is a grade-A, 100% begging machine. If you have anything edible I can guarantee you he will want a bite. It doesn’t matter if it is something he won’t eat, like a pickle. You have to let him taste a bite so he knows it isn’t something he wants but even still he sits and watches you eat every mouthful. I guess he’s concerned it might change flavor halfway through being eaten and he doesn’t want to miss out. Some of the more strange things that my dog has eaten include: squash casserole, green beans, carrots, gummie bears and coconut. He will try anything once and he thinks his favorite thing is chocolate – if I’d only give him a bite to try he’s sure he would absolutely love it. He’ll have to imagine what chocolate tastes like though, because I’m not taking any chances on giving him even the slightest bite. No chocolate for dogs!

He’s a great beggar, but he’s also great at being your buddy when you’re sick on the couch.

An expert napper, he can find a good spot to relax almost anywhere – here he is utilizing the boughs of the plants as shade. Smart pooch!

Watson also has a very distinct personality that has been well on display since he was first with me. He likes to cuddle and chase squirrels, mice, moles and birds; if you try to keep him from doing that he gets an attitude. He doesn’t like baths and he doesn’t like having his flea meds put on. I have to ruffle up his fur to put the meds on him and he hates having ruffled fur; last night when I put his meds on him, as soon as I let go of him he stalked down the hall to “his” room because he was so frustrated with me. I’m telling you – he is usually just sweet as can be, but he gets an attitude when you mess with him. Silly dog. He’s also terrified of thunder which my Mom says proves he is obviously mine. I don’t particularly care for bad weather and ever since he has been tiny, whenever there is a loud clap of thunder he comes running to get himself right beside me. Another personality trait he has that I’ve referenced before is Small Dog Syndrome: he thinks that he is much, much larger than he actually is. This hasn’t been too much of an issue until recently when he got into a throw down with the neighbors Husky and did not come out on the winning side. Suffice it to say, he’s got a lot of personality for such a little dog.

Naps – there are always time for naps in Watson’s schedule.

He used to be my friendly little welcoming committee – now he has to stay at my Nanny’s until I pick him up. He still welcomes me, just in a different way.

I’ve had pets before and they’ve all been special, but Watson is probably the most special pet I’ve ever had. I think knowing that we struck out together alone has bonded me to him more than I was ever bonded to my other pets. He is a fiercely loyal little guy and I’m glad he’s mine. I hope he’s around to have many more adventures with in the future…because I love him. I love him for lots of reasons but mostly just for being himself.

Reason to love Watson? He sleeps like this sometimes…

Reason to love Watson? He makes being in “da hood” look impossibly cute.

Reason to love Watson? Because he is this awesome. 🙂

The End!

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