Rainy Weekends…

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Only a day to go before I’m Virginia bound – I’ll be spending Monday evening with some friends in Jackson before heading out early on Tuesday morning to spend the rest of the week with my wonderful family. This post will be pretty short and sweet, I discovered I didn’t take very many pictures this week. I’ll share what I’ve taken and that will be about it!

This week went by pretty quickly and of course the weekend followed suit, as it always does. If a week goes by fast, you can be certain the weekend will be even quicker. I was extremely lazy this weekend and I completely enjoyed it. Sometimes its nice to know that you have absolutely nothing to do all weekend and can spend your time doing whatever you want, sometimes its nice to know you have plans and people to see, things to do, etc… This weekend I was pretty happy to have the former because anytime spent with my family usually involves us being out and about seeing things, so I know the coming weekend will be the latter.

Bloom watch for the Cherry Blossoms – they’re meant to be at peak bloom while I’m in VA, hopefully the ten tons of snow they keep getting there won’t mess that up too bad. Seeing the cherry blossoms is on my bucket list…
He was attached to the couch by his leash – I can’t stay outside with him 24/7 but at least this way he could explore the front yard & not escape. I thought this was safe but I’d learn later in the week that he isn’t safe in our own yard.
Crazy weather on Monday – it hailed all over MS, thankfully we missed the baseball sized hail here but I have friends in Jackson that weren’t so lucky. 
He still manages to have such a happy disposition even when he’s being forced to stay inside more often than he’d like. Bless his heart, when I found him I found a winner for sure.

Wednesday morning was my first clue that Watson wasn’t even safe in our own yard – this dog business is making me absolutely crazy y’all. I hate seeing my little dog upset and not happy and I hate having to deal with someone else’s maniac dog, especially when they don’t even make an effort to keep the dog in check. On Wednesday morning, I put Watson on his leash and we headed out the door to the car – which, it should be mentioned that I had his leash in one hand, my purse on one arm, my lunch bag in the other arm and a book in my other hand – I was carrying quite a bit of stuff. As we get to the bottom of the porch steps, here comes the attack dog out of the woods at the edge of our yard and Watson immediately goes into freak out mode; granted, I didn’t react so great either. The husky was growling and stalking ever closer to us and Watson couldn’t decide whether to charge the dog or turn around and run back to the house. I had his leash locked in place so he couldn’t get far from me and he decided to jump forward, jumping with such force that he popped right out of his collar. In that split second before he could run off (because I knew if he ran, the dog would chase him and I’d probably never catch them) I dropped everything I was carrying into the dirt, snatched him up and began carrying him to the car. He was squealing and barking, the husky was following on my heels snarling and I was praying we didn’t get eaten. Nothing wakes you up more than trying to fend off a dog attack at 7:15 in the morning. *sigh*

Wednesday was kind of a stressful day, to say the least.
These are amazing and my co-worker was nice enough to bring me some back when she ran an errand on Thursday!
He always thinks he needs a bite of whatever I’m eating – even my breakfast….
Or my late night snack….
I’m not sure it can really be Friday if you end up with a stack of papers on your desk that are taller than your head at 3 in the afternoon. *sigh* Work.
Friday night entertainment and food – I decided I needed to refresh my memory before Season 3 starts on the 31st. The first time I watched Game of Thrones was on my computer with HBO Go and it was kind of crap quality to say the least. It looked much better on my flat screen, ha-ha.
Happy to spend a Saturday being lazy with me – seriously, how adorable is that face?
House Stark or House Lannister? I think I’m actually more a fan of House Targaryen…but Jaime Lannister (the blond guy for those of you are totally clueless about Game of Thrones) isn’t hard to look at.
I got a little more paint on my porch than I thought; I guess it is just decorated for Easter. Oh well…it gives it personality.
Impending storms…and the promise of more hail..
This dog could not be more like me if he tried – he is terrified of bad weather & the thunder on Saturday evening was completely causing him to come unglued…
He has a whole bowl of fresh water in the kitchen but I guess fresh rainwater just has a better flavor?
Honing my skills at packing everything in a carry-on size suitcase. I think I’m getting pretty good if I do say so myself. 
I kind of like owl stuff…just kind of. 🙂
Hiding behind the couch pillows why the storms rage outside on Saturday night…
I guess he is trying to go to his happy place?
My sweet buddy Graham – sweet babies become silly toddlers way too quickly.

I post pictures of these sweet boys almost every week and it hit me this Sunday that I won’t be able to take pictures like this for that much longer. I’ve been taking care of both of them since the first Sunday they came to church and that will be two years ago in August. I have pictures of them from when they were tiny and decided to start taking this picture every week to see how much they change. It is such an amazing thing to see these tiny, helpless little people grow and change week by week and see them develop their own little personalities with each week. They’ll be moving out of the baby nursery and into a “big kid” Sunday school class soon and then I’ll have to quit taking my weekly pictures. But boy, they were fun while they lasted. Time spent with sweet boys like this is what makes the sometime crazy and frequently hectic job of being the nursery coordinator all worthwhile.

They used to both fit in my lap…now they’re getting too big. Where does the time go?
Thank goodness the sun finally came out on Sunday afternoon…but it was still frigid outside. So I watched the sun from under a blanket on my couch. 
Sunday lunch courtesy of my Nanny – nothing quite like some good ol home cooking!
So irritated with me, can’t you tell? He’s a mess.
This right here is why I don’t trust the groundhog – Collinsville is in the deep South, in Game of Thrones Winterfell is in the North, the far reaches of the North before you reach the frozen tundra. I’m pretty sure the weather in Collinsville shouldn’t match the weather in Winterfell – ever. Especially not in “Spring”.

Oh guess what? Watson got attacked by that dog again – and this time he was sitting on my Grandma’s porch just minding his own business when the dog rushed the porch and jumped him. My Grandma jumped in between them (don’t even get me started on how much that terrifies me) and got Watson inside before he was seriously hurt, but he did get bit again. I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast as I did when I heard his shrill squeals from across the yard – I just knew that was going to be the last sound I ever heard him make. I should clarify that the attack dog’s owners informed us that the dog had run away and since he’d not been seen in almost 5 days (since the incident on Wednesday morning) we were beginning to cautiously ease back outside…but I guess we are back to lock down. I’m really at my wits end with this situation and unsure what the next step should be. I’m just glad my dog is okay (or as okay as you can be after being bitten a second time) after another attempt at eating him.

Being little and trying to play in your own yard is very dangerous.


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I don’t know what to call this post – so I guess the title will just be those little dots. I don’t want to name each post something about another week passing and I couldn’t think of anything snappy. I didn’t get much of a Sunday afternoon nap because my dog was too busy crawling on top of me to escape the neighbor that apparently bought a canon. Seriously. It sounded like someone was shooting a canon outside…and now they’re shooting guns. It is a non-stop shot fest outside this afternoon…delightful!

This was was pretty great and I’m counting on the weeks ahead to be pretty great as well because if I can only make it through this week and next Monday, then I’m Virginia bound for 6 days. Spending time with the family is always great – so even if things get hinky this week, I’ll have something to look forward to in the days ahead. Only 8 days to go now!

Monday night meal – pork, black eyed peas & potatoes, the 3 P’s. Pretty good, not gonna lie.
Monday night – the end of a legend. Watson even sat down with me to watch Dallas on Monday night , they said good-bye to a legend after all.

I’m pretty sure most of you that read this don’t watch Dallas but I do and I love it. I’ve been hearing that theme song since I was in utero and when I discovered they were doing a remake/continuation of the show, my Mom told me all about how excellent the original Dallas was. When I discovered that the originals were coming back to reprise their roles, I knew watching it was a must-do. I’ve also been watching the original in my spare time and as much of a scoundrel as he is, I’ve got to say that my favorite characters are J.R. and Sue Ellen…which is fitting since my favorite character on the remake is their son, John Ross. Larry Hagman is a TV legend and created one of TVs most memorable villains – I’m not going to lie, between Sue Ellen and John Ross…Monday night’s episode left me a mess. Only 7 more episodes this season, but I’ve just got to know – who shot J.R.??? I bet that doesn’t sound familiar at all…huh? Ha-ha!

Art in Deli on 5th in downtown Meridian
Pansies as far as the eye can see….
Lunch on Tuesday with my sweet friend Kristen – so glad we got to catch up!
Hoof. Hahaha…not sure why that is funny.
I love the random pink flamingo outside Deli on 5th – it gives me the giggles.
Tuesday afternoon in downtown Meridian…
Riding in the car – we were headed to walk at the campground, one of his most favorite things to do.
Last week I disliked Daylight Savings Time – this week, I’m a fan.
The swamp – look out for gators!
The sun casting shadows & rays as it made it’s descent on Tuesday evening…
Let the countdown begin!
Wednesday morning sunrise…
The office daffodils – they are only yellow & white, but they’re still pretty. Just not as pretty as mine. 🙂

Remember when I posted the chocolate wrapper and wondered if it was a sign? Well, I’m seeing “signs” all over the place these days! On Wednesday I needed to look up directions and so I hopped on over to Google to see what I could find out. I should mention, I was doing this from my desk in the middle of the office, in the middle of downtown Meridian…but when I hit get directions, it popped up with Front Royal, VA as my current location. Color me confused, since I thought the computer used your current location and on top of that, I can’t remember when I looked up anything on that computer where Front Royal would have been my starting location. Of course, I suppose if I don’t want something as random as a candy wrapper to be a sign…maybe I can’t call this a sign; I don’t guess you get to pick and choose your signs, right? Still – I thought it was funny that underneath Front Royal it said “not your current location? Correct it!” Ha-ha!

Thanks Google – I’m trying to correct it…
This little creature who is always so happy to get a chance to sit on the porch…
Apparently he is not so much a fan of me kissing and loving on him…
He’d much rather sleep – obviously.
Instead of rain, rain go away…how about ice, ice go away…Spring is here & you’re not wanted anymore.
Coffee…love it. So much. Couldn’t function without it in the mornings.
Discovered this in the store – I may need to buy the whole box, because it was amazing. Hint, hint Easter bunny…

I stopped by my mailbox on Thursday, which is not the norm but my Momma said she’d mailed me something, so I decided I’d stop and see if it was there. It was – and so was my Entertainment Weekly! There are 2 weeks to go until Game of Thrones premieres for it’s 3rd season and I didn’t quite realize how excited I was until I saw this. I got into the show a little after the fact, but I’ve made up for it courtesy of HBOGo on my computer; I watched the first 2 seasons over the summer and read the first 5 of what will eventually be a 7 part series. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are 2 of my favorite characters, so I was glad to see them on the cover, hopefully they’ll have plenty of screen time this season. If you don’t know anything about this show…it’s awesome. That’s about all I can say. Well worth your time and the books are excellent as well. One of the few times I can say the television series is right there on par with the books. Just great. So – bring on March 31st!

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen – what can you get into this season in Westeros?
I want to bottle this color and paint my walls…so pretty.
Busted! I always wondered why this wheelbarrow randomly crashed over; I knew the wind wasn’t strong enough to do it. There is the culprit – and you can tell by the look on his face he knows the jig is up!
Watson watching Elementary – he likes Sherlock Holmes but he’s not sure about Watson being a woman…
BMG bought breakfast on Friday morning – yay!
More chocolate – another egg demolished. But hey, they’re only 3 points!
I made David carry my spray paint – which he so kindly obliged, even though he said he felt like he was carrying paint for a nursery. Ha-ha, boys.
Peeps on a stick! At the counter of Joe Muggs.

Can I just interject and say that Meridian has nothing – absolutely nothing beyond the movies for entertainment. David and I went to eat as soon as I got off work on Friday and the movie we were going to see didn’t start until 9:40…and you’d think it would be pretty easy to pass a couple hours…but there is nothing to do in Meridian. We spent a large chunk of that time in Books A Million, where we got coffee, but even that was disappointing because the coffee wasn’t even hot. It was just tepid. Tepid coffee is not good at all. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee was good…just would have been better hot. Step up your game Joe Muggs! Just because you don’t have much competition, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care how your product tastes….because after the tepid coffee, McDonald’s coffee was looking pretty good. And I hate McDonald’s.

We went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful on Friday night and in one word: Excellent. It was really a hard sale for David at first, he wasn’t really sure about it – ambivalent was the word he used to describe his feeling about seeing it. I hate thinking that someone is going to a movie with me and they might hate it. Once it was over though, I discovered that I’d picked a winner – not only did I love it, so did David. I’m telling you, that alone made me feel pretty successful! So, if you’re looking for a movie to see, I’d recommend this one highly. It’s awesome.

This one was a winner for sure!
Saturday morning nap – this dog sleeps more than an infant.
I watered my plants & liked the look of the water droplets.
Pretty and green…
Guardian of the Porch
I loved the movie. The book? So far, I love it pretty well too.
Spring means wedges! Yahoo!
Only Isaac to take pictures with today…silly little guy.
Love my necklace…I don’t wear it enough…but that might be because it is a wee bit heavy.
When accessories fight back…

Oh yeah – my purse attacked me. I have a small flower clipped to it; a clip I’ve used on the past 3 purses I’ve carried and never had any issues. Today I realized that the clip also has a pin on it. How did I realize that? As I swung my purse onto my shoulder, I felt something just dig on in…and it hurt. I didn’t think too much of it until I got home but when I looked in the mirror…and it had certainly left its mark. Ow.

Our neighbor apparently has a canon – which means Watson thinks we are about to explode & needs to be right beside me at all times.
Searching for a four leaf clover on St. Patty’s day…no luck though. It is probably because I haven’t had on green once today. Oops.
Trying to take a nap – while he tries to climb up under me to escape the sound of the canon/gun…
The azaleas are booming again! 

Well – I guess that is about it for now. Short, sweet and with lots of pictures. I’ve had a good week/weekend and I’m looking forward to another. Hope you are too!

The End!

Artsy Fartsy

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Another Saturday night post – I decided to get crafty and make some salt dough Easter eggs that I’d seen on Pintrest. I’m not sure mine turned out quite like the ones on Pintrest, but I suppose they’re cute enough.

1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt & 1/2 cup water…here goes nothing…
So far…so good…
Kind of lumpy looking after cooking for 2 hours at 250.
Not sure why some of them puffed up….
Spray paint party on the front porch…
Ready to be decorated…
Finished product….
An N egg…
And now my house has a little Easter decor…

A Quick Conversation

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So, I saw this over at another blog I frequent called The Sowell Life and while she called her little questions Sunday Social I had to adapt mine because…well…today is not Sunday. It is Tuesday. So, there you have it. This one is short & sweet. Enjoy. Hope you have a great Tuesday.
What is one movie you are terrified to watch? I’m going to ahead & put out there that I’m terrified to watch The Grudge. I was pestered into going to see it when it came out in theatres & it was a big mistake. Not only did I scream out loud in the theatre but I couldn’t sleep for 2-3 nights after seeing it. I don’t do scary movies…but especially not that one.
What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven’t yet? I don’t know that there is really any one TV show that I really want to get into. I pretty much watch a show if I want to although I’ve always thought Boardwalk Empire on HBO would be pretty interesting; mobsters, bootlegging & all that…but it’s well into the 3rd or 4th season & I just don’t feel like playing catch-up.

  What is one daring activity on your bucket list? Hmmm – I’m not really sure. I’m not really a daring person; I don’t do bungee jumping, sky diving…none of that appeals to me. I guess being a parent could be considered a daring activity and that is certainly on my bucket list. I hope to have kids one day and I think taking on the responsibility of raising a child takes a certain level of daring…so yeah, I’ll say that.  Would you ever travel alone? I’m not sure. When this says travel alone, I assume it means for an actual vacation and not just the initial traveling..because I’ve done that alone numerous times and its just fine. It is more fun to have someone to talk to, but certainly its manageable. I wouldn’t say never to this though because I imagine once you become a parent there are probably times when you wish you could have just a whole day to yourself. So…yeah, maybe I’d travel alone.  

What activities do you like to do alone? Read. I guess that’s really it. I’m alone a lot right now as a single girl, so I’m really kind of ready to do things not alone.

….a Day Late and a Dollar Short…

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So – this post is a day late…and I don’t necessarily know that I’m literally a dollar short, but it’s a saying and so you want to be sure to use all of it, right? Although these days I actually feel like I’m a lot more than a dollar short on numerous occasions but I guess that is the joy of being young, right? So I’m told.

It’s already Monday morning and it has gotten off to an epic start so far. And when I say epic, I don’t mean that in a positive way. It is pouring outsides, I got soaked trying to get the mail on the way to work and before I even got out of the house I had to clean up both pee and poop because my angelic dog, who never has accidents decided that last night he’d just go for the gold in the pet accidents and he left me a puddle and some poop. Thank you Watson – thank you.

On to the pictures and possibly a few anecdotes from the week…

I’m really trying hard to force Spring into existence…


I started Weight Watchers on Monday – Lord knows this should be an adventure. Even admitting that I’ve started it is a little scary, if I’m being honest…because everyone says it just works so well, so if the pounds don’t just start falling off I’m going to be slightly disappointed. I’ve had to get crafty with my meals once I get home because I’ve got to make sure I’m not eating up too many points. Therefore, we have pictures of food!

How many points might this be? Anyone care to wager a guess? I don’t actually remember at this point…8? 9?
The best part of my Monday through Friday? Getting into the car at 5 o’clock to be homeward bound!
The best sign that you’re on Weight Watchers? All your snack food laid out across the counter with points marked on them. It was a week night project & Watson kept thinking we were going to open them & eat. Notice I said we…because he thinks he deserves a bite of it all.
Don’t let that angelic face fool you – apparently he’s not so sweet & well behaved as I’ve always thought.
My new mouse pad – I let Lindsey pick it out & she went with the puppy on the hammock.
Another one of those meals that I counted out points as I cooked…I’m hungry just looking at it.
Another picture of a sleeping dog…sometimes this is all he does…
Sunlight streaming in the windows – won’t see this anymore since the time has changed.
A Spring day in downtown Meridian….
I loved the way the blue sky was so perfectly reflected in the mirrored windows of the building.
What time is it?
I could really get used to the skies looking like this on a daily basis….
A beaver dam big enough for human beings to camp in – I pass this every day & it always makes me think of the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty.
The sun setting on another work week. Hallelujah for the weekend!
He has started sitting in my lap in the car – I guess he wants to drive?
I’m suddenly eating more fruit than I think I have ever eaten in my life. Not a bad thing though – adds lots of color to the kitchen.
Friday night calm.
Begging – not exclusive to Friday nights either. This is 24/7 365.

What he was begging for – and when I tried to give him a bite, he licked it & walked away.

 I have started a bad habit with my little dog – I didn’t intend for it to be a thing, but it has turned into one. I let him lay on my bed once when he was hurt a few weeks ago and now he thinks that is HIS spot to be in and if you prevent him from getting to the bed, he gets very moody and sometimes even cries! Friday night he played outside some and I was able to get the sheets washed and the bed re-made…but naturally, once that was done he climbed onto the bed and made it his own, knocking over pillows in the process.

He’s like “what? It’s my bed…right?”
Pretending he’s a big bad protector…
I love to see the clock on my phone saying this…& knowing that because it is Saturday there is no meaning behind it besides rolling over and going back to sleep.
Sitting outside in the sunshine, getting ready to do an auto project.

Oh yeah – the project. *sigh* The weather strip on the side of my window had become a bit of a problem recently. It was popped up and flapping in the breeze. According to my Dad and my Uncle, if it wasn’t fixed then it could cause my front windshield to leak water when it rains. Not cool. Also not cool? I don’t really have money budgeted to take my car to a glass place and get this fixed. Time to break out my DIY skills. I ventured into the Auto section of Wal-Mart Friday on the way home from work and searched out what I thought I needed. I’m guessing I got the right thing; if you are reading this and see that I didn’t – maybe keep it to yourself because I am pretty proud of myself for fixing this and I don’t need my skills crushed, OK? I cleaned that little strip thing off and let me tell you…that adhesive was like black tar. It looked like black tar and I’m assuming it smelled like black tar; I didn’t smell it because it said the fumes were toxic and I didn’t really want to take any chances. It stuck down just fine and everything seems to be working out really well at this point – which is a good thing since it has been pouring all day today.

And yes – I rode to work on Friday with the window strip duck taped like that. It wasn’t one of my prouder moments but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and go on with life.

DIY Queen – why yes, that would be me.
Gorgeous blue skies that tempted Watson and I to be outside lots on Saturday.

Signs of Spring are everywhere right now and I took advantage of that – taking numerous pictures while Watson and I were outside on Saturday. So, hopefully the number of outdoor pictures won’t annoy you…because I love them. I’m ready for warmer weather. Although, this is MS…it will probably be warm for about 2-3 weeks and then head straight on into sweltering for the next 6 months. Blah. You gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Also – March winds are totally a thing; I thought Watson and I were going to blow away sitting outside on Saturday and Sunday. Those things were whipping around like crazy!

I love the puppy that little foot belongs to – even if he crapped in my floor.

I love how worn the floor boards on my Nanny’s back porch are – it really speaks to all the memories that have been made there. We’ve had fish fries, grilled hamburgers and just sat around talking on that back porch. After Hurricane Katrina, we tried to use the grill to cook pizza and split my Mamma’s pizza stone right down the middle. There is just something special about things that are worn; I think most people look at worn things and see just that – worn. I like to think when you look at something that is worn, you are seeing the love and memories that were impressed upon that thing. Like that porch – so many footsteps have walked across it; bare feet in the Spring and Summer, eating Popsicles and watermelon in the heat. The rare Winter snows that have blanketed the porch, as well as numerous Fall leaves. The back porch has also seen several dogs come and go…Watson has been added to the line-up. So yeah – I like that picture a little bit.

My Sunday morning buddy – I only had one of them yesterday. He still crawled into my lap for his picture.

Watson and I spent lots of time outside again on Sunday and as usual, he manages to do silly things that lead to pictures that I think are pretty hilarious. He usually manages his leash pretty well, but at one point on Sunday it got draped over his nose. Instead of wiggling to get it out of his way, he just sat there with it across his nose like a goofball. I’m not sure about him sometimes…he’s a mess.

Trying out a new look perhaps?
We sat on the porch and I ate goldfish…until I accidentally spilled some; then Watson ate them too.
Clouds rolling in on Sunday afternoon…
Taking a Sunday evening joy ride…
Rain rain…go away…and bring on the sun again!

Well – there you have it. Better late than never, right? It’s Spring Break for some people, but I’ll be here pushing papers in the office all week dreaming of the weekend again. Hoping for a quick week and a long weekend.


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Not sure how anyone could ever say no to a face like that. It is pure sweetness.

Watson just came to us, out of the blue one day. My family and I had been on a weekend trip to Chattanooga for a dance competition and as we came up the driveway on Sunday afternoon we saw a little creature sitting against the tires of my car. He had on a walking harness that he’d obviously been wearing for some time because it had rubbed sores on the undersides of his front legs. He was immediately friendly and eager to be loved on – and my parents were convinced that he’d just gotten lost and we’d need to find his owner. While they were discussing that, I was already sitting on the back porch in the sun with the little guy’s head in my lap putting Neosporin on his owies. Basically, I had already fallen in love. I decided that the perfect name for him would be Watson for two reasons: 1) He was; from the moment he first met us, investigating everything around him all the time. I’ve never seen a little nose get such a work out in all my life. That made me think of Sherlock Holmes & Watson…and 2) Since my Mother’s maiden name was Watson, the choice between Holmes & Watson was pretty much chosen. After much begging and pleading, my parents agreed that if I’d take pictures of him, make some fliers and post them for at least a month, if no one claimed him – he could be mine. So, up went the fliers and wait…wait…wait I did.

Obviously, no one ever claimed him and while I’m glad for that, I have no clue about his background. I still tell my Momma to this day that I wished I knew where he came from and why he was afraid of men for so long after I took him in. While he’s never going to sit down and share his beginning with me, taking him to the vet revealed that he was just about a year old and perfectly healthy. Not only was I lucky to find out that, he was also perfectly house broken, hardly ever barked (that has changed) and didn’t chew on things. He was like a little angel dog sent from Heaven. Sometimes, that is secretly what I think he is. 🙂

Because the scarf was obviously out to attack him…he felt the need to fight back.

Helping himself to a tortilla chip – he’ll eat anything.

One thing I learned very quickly about Watson was that while he wasn’t a barker, a chewer or a house-pooper, he was and still is a grade-A, 100% begging machine. If you have anything edible I can guarantee you he will want a bite. It doesn’t matter if it is something he won’t eat, like a pickle. You have to let him taste a bite so he knows it isn’t something he wants but even still he sits and watches you eat every mouthful. I guess he’s concerned it might change flavor halfway through being eaten and he doesn’t want to miss out. Some of the more strange things that my dog has eaten include: squash casserole, green beans, carrots, gummie bears and coconut. He will try anything once and he thinks his favorite thing is chocolate – if I’d only give him a bite to try he’s sure he would absolutely love it. He’ll have to imagine what chocolate tastes like though, because I’m not taking any chances on giving him even the slightest bite. No chocolate for dogs!

He’s a great beggar, but he’s also great at being your buddy when you’re sick on the couch.

An expert napper, he can find a good spot to relax almost anywhere – here he is utilizing the boughs of the plants as shade. Smart pooch!

Watson also has a very distinct personality that has been well on display since he was first with me. He likes to cuddle and chase squirrels, mice, moles and birds; if you try to keep him from doing that he gets an attitude. He doesn’t like baths and he doesn’t like having his flea meds put on. I have to ruffle up his fur to put the meds on him and he hates having ruffled fur; last night when I put his meds on him, as soon as I let go of him he stalked down the hall to “his” room because he was so frustrated with me. I’m telling you – he is usually just sweet as can be, but he gets an attitude when you mess with him. Silly dog. He’s also terrified of thunder which my Mom says proves he is obviously mine. I don’t particularly care for bad weather and ever since he has been tiny, whenever there is a loud clap of thunder he comes running to get himself right beside me. Another personality trait he has that I’ve referenced before is Small Dog Syndrome: he thinks that he is much, much larger than he actually is. This hasn’t been too much of an issue until recently when he got into a throw down with the neighbors Husky and did not come out on the winning side. Suffice it to say, he’s got a lot of personality for such a little dog.

Naps – there are always time for naps in Watson’s schedule.

He used to be my friendly little welcoming committee – now he has to stay at my Nanny’s until I pick him up. He still welcomes me, just in a different way.

I’ve had pets before and they’ve all been special, but Watson is probably the most special pet I’ve ever had. I think knowing that we struck out together alone has bonded me to him more than I was ever bonded to my other pets. He is a fiercely loyal little guy and I’m glad he’s mine. I hope he’s around to have many more adventures with in the future…because I love him. I love him for lots of reasons but mostly just for being himself.

Reason to love Watson? He sleeps like this sometimes…

Reason to love Watson? He makes being in “da hood” look impossibly cute.

Reason to love Watson? Because he is this awesome. 🙂

The End!

And Then Another Week Has Flown By…

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Seriously – are we already to Sunday afternoon again? Last week the week was rough and seemed to drag by at the pace of a geriatric snail but this week was actually pretty good, which by the logic of twisted time passage means the week (and weekend) blazed by so fast that if I blinked, I might have missed something.

Watson has pretty much mended but more than anything, I think having him get bit is a lesson in learning to be calm for me. Letting him out; every time is a struggle because I don’t know that he won’t get hurt again. While I was told that the dog that did the attacking was being kept leashed at all time I know that isn’t true because I’ve seen the dog roaming free three times this week. I can’t keep Watson locked inside, especially not with (hopefully) Spring right around the corner…but there are times when I want to. I asked my Mom if this was just a taste of what having kids was like, just having to push them out into the world every day and hope they came home in one piece – she said that yes, basically that was the idea. Yikes! I’m getting better though. Every day, he scoots outside for a little bit longer and I’m finally starting to breathe a little bit slower.

One thing always guaranteed to make a Monday better? The arrival of Girl Scout cookies. And yes, I bought 4 boxes. Judge not lest ye be judged. Matthew 7:1 – ha-ha!
He has no clue what a Samoa is, but he’d definitely like to find out….
Watching Christopher & John Ross mix it up on “Dallas” – I’m on Team John Ross, but Watson seems to like Christopher. Not sure about that choice there Watson…but your Nana will approve.
I guess I should take this as a sign that he wants to go out?
Tater Tot Tuesday – sweet tater tots to be exact. 

Side note – so excited to see that Sonic has Sweet Potato Tots but I kind of think it’s a crap deal because you have to pay $1.50 extra (yes, a $1.50 – I thought it was only $.50 but then looked at my receipt more closely) for the things and they are tiny. Highway robbery…all for tater tots made of sweet potato. *sigh*

Fluffy puffy clouds on the drive home Tuesday…
So, the tag with these said pink & white…they really look more like peach & yellow. Either way, they’re gorgeous & I was so excited to discover this one had bloomed when I got home Tuesday afternoon! 
It’s the little things that make a day at work better – like a cherry Jolly Rancher (my favorite) from a co-worker!

Now that I am much more cautious with Watson going in and out, he has really ramped up the big protector act. Not only has he done that, but even after being bitten he seems to still have what I call Small Dog Syndrome: he weighs about 18 pounds, but he thinks he weighs about 180 pounds. Case in point, Wednesday night – I let him out around 7:30 after scanning the yard for threats. He’d been outside for about 10 minutes when I heard him start barking like crazy. I look outside and he is headed across the yard in the direction of the dog that bit him…barking like a maniac and obviously intent to avenge his honor. Since I’d seen the dog that bit him mere hours earlier, roaming freely in his yard this scene created utter panic. I threw on the closest shoes I could find (rain boots) and went tearing across the yard, coat flapping behind me like the wings of some strange night bird, shrieking Watson’s name at the top of my lungs. I’m sure had anyone seen me they would have that I was completely nuts. Watson stopped and studied me for about a minute before he decided to come back to me instead of going after his attacker. I mean – the excitement never stops around here. Seriously. He also randomly goes flying through the house to each accessible window barking like a maniac at threats both imagined and real – usually imagined, although what constitutes a real threat is actually just a squirrel running through the darkened yard.

Telling this goofy boy to calm down, calm down. I couldn’t hear Si’s words of wisdom on “Duck Dynasty” over all that barking. 
A package from my lovely parents came on Thursday! Yahoo!
Random architectural detail I noticed on a building in downtown Meridian on Thursday….
Trying to coax Spring into existence by merely thinking about it…hoping that maybe if I put out Spring decor, it will just magically happen.
Lunch on Thursday! That’s some good chicken y’all! 🙂
Quite possibly the cutest necklace I’ve ever seen – picked out for me by my Momma & Lindsey at Eve’s Revolution in Colorado Springs. I love it, wore it the next day!

A little explanation before we move on to the pictures of my dog striking the jackpot. The weekend that we (being myself, my Mom & Nanny) were in Colorado Springs, my parent’s church had a silent auction to raise money for the youth. They had all kinds of gift baskets to bid on, one of them being a basket full of dog stuff. My Mom told my Dad to bid on it and gave him a limit (which he totally went over, he loves Watson more than he thinks he does…) to how much to bid. It was a close race for a while, but we finally got a text from my Dad that said “winner winner chicken dinner”…so we knew Watson was hitting the jackpot. What was in the gift basket you ask? Well – a rope toy, a cow toy, dog treats, a container for the dog treats, a blankie, 4 tennis balls, a t-bone flavored chewie, shampoo, a squeaky toy (which mystifies Watson) and 12 little poop baggies, all inside an awesome brown and white basket to store everything. I think Watson was pretty unsure about what to do with all his new stuff, but we say “Thank you Poppy & Nana!!!”

Not sure what in the world all this stuff is…
Happy early birthday to you Watson…because his birthday is in March. He’s a rotten little stinker for sure.
Sitting in the back seat on the way home – he’s a well behaved rotten little stinker, at least I can say that much. 
Books! Golly but I love books – can’t wait to read these; seen both of the movies and I am a firm believer that the books is ALMOST always better than the movie. And maybe I won’t say golly anymore…
Another book – courtesy of my Dad! Thanks Dad, it’s awesome & a great addition to my Peanuts collection!
He took to his new blankie just wonderfully!
Friday’s weather forecast for early Saturday morning… I mean, seriously Mississippi??
The sky on the way home Friday night. 
This one – I let him on my bed once & now he thinks it is his. I was trying to wash my sheets, he sits at the door crying to go get on MY bed. Rotten I tell you, rotten.

Lindsey and I are already planning our 2014 sibling vacation – and we’re headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We’ve read just about every Nicholas Sparks book that there is and so we’ve decided we want to explore all the beaches, bays and small towns that the Outer Banks have to offer. I can’t wait to see what this trip has in store for us; the first sibling vacation last year was pretty amazing and I’m sure this one will be no different.

Friday night reading material….
Just like a teenager – he doesn’t want anyone to mess with him & if you do, he just hides his face. 
Grocery shopping on Saturday morning…fruit far as the eye can see…
Another attempt at hurrying Spring with it’s arrival…
A present from a friend – I’m already planning to wear it to work tomorrow. So cute!
A little Saturday afternoon entertainment…
Peep! Peep! Although, I guess I should have gotten chicks if I wanted to write that, huh?
Sunday lunch = clearing the fridge of all the leftovers.
Don’t let the sunshine fool you – it is COLD outside today. Not as cold as Saturday, but still pretty brisk.
Out for a walk with Watson
I call this picture “dog with a park bench”… He’d probably call it “dog is pissed he’s on a leash”…oh well.
This one is called “dog on a park bench” because hey, why not hop up here & sit by Mom?
Getting some sun – soaking up the Vitamin D.

Only a few more hours until the weekend is over and another week begins. I wonder how this week will turn out; fast or slow? Good or bad? Only time will tell. One thing I do hope is that this weather starts to lean a little bit more to the side of Spring – snow flurries on March 2nd isn’t really my thing; at least not right now. Hope everyone has had a good week and weekend and I hope your week ahead is wonderful, because that is what I’m hoping for mine!

I’m ready for Spring y’all – I packed away the boots & pulled out the sandals.