Colorado Springs: Part Three

The third & final post about the trip to Colorado Springs – because I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath. All 3-4 of you that read this. 🙂 We ate a light breakfast on Sunday morning because we had lunch plans with some friends and then we went back to the Academy to get some pictures and let Lindsey show us a couple more things.

She gave my Mom and I a small replica of the class ring she will be getting in the next couple months (month? It is soon, I know that…) as a way of thanking us for the love and support we have given her over the past 4 years she has been at the Academy. It’s hard to believe that we only have one more Parent’s Weekend to go before she graduates. It seems like only yesterday we left her at the Prep School and now she is just a little over 15 months away from graduating and being commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force. It’s mind-blowing y’all. I’ve worn my necklace every day since she gave it to me.

It’s so tiny…but still so detailed at the same time. Amazing.
Mom and her new jewelry – and by the way, this is a great picture of my Mom!
Posing on the Terrazzo…Sunday was another beautiful day!
The marble stripes on the T-zo…Squadron 20 had performed a spirit mission & dyed the tiles green, so there was a little bit of mint spirit residue was left behind, ha-ha!
The chapel is never not beautiful…
I love it. That is all.

We met our friends the Goebels at Olive Garden for lunch. My parents met the Goebels back when they were all stationed at Vandenberg AFB in California; I’ve known Lisa since she was born, since I was born just a bit before her. We attended each other’s earliest birthdays before we all parted ways when our parents were stationed all around the country. Lisa is married now and has the most delightful little dumpling of a baby boy named Hudson. I was so glad we all got to have lunch and I got to meet sweet Hudson, he was just the sweetest little guy!

Getting some Hudson cuddles – they were delightful!
Lisa turned me on to this – it’s orange soda & vanilla cream mixed together. She learned about it when she worked at Olive Garden during college. It was good stuff.

We decided after we ate that we were going to just take Nanny on a tour of some of the sights in Colorado Springs; that way she didn’t have to get out and walk around if she didn’t want to, but she could see all the great things that there are to see in the Springs. I took quite a few pictures at this point because the scenery in Colorado Springs is just too beautiful not to be taking pictures – I don’t know how people who live there get used to seeing that every day. Maybe it just becomes habit, but I’d hope if I lived somewhere with views that beautiful, I’d be thankful every day. All I see out my front door is scraggly trees, bramble and the street. It’s not exactly thrilling.

On the grounds of the Glen Eyrie Castle – which borders Garden of the Gods…
Glen Eyrie Castle – just as awesome as the last time I saw it, because hey…it won’t ever quit being a castle and castles are awesome. That is all.
We stopped in the bookstore for a minute (bathroom break!) and Lindsey found this little “yam”…which yes, I know is called a ram. It’s an inside joke from when she was about 3-4.
The Rocky Mountains – Pikes Peak is on the left of the picture, all topped with snow!
Catching a breeze at the overlook – this kid always looks like she is trying to soar away!

Okay – maybe I took more pictures with my actual camera than with my phone. I know I took all these scenery pictures because the scenery is too great not to photograph. After we had cruised around town, Lindsey suggested we go to Lulu’s to get yogurt because my Mom said that was something she’d like to have. I got some delicious lemon yogurt with strawberries on top and some coconut yogurt with chocolate flakes on top – delicious. Lindsey got some kind of crazy mixture of red velvet cake with cake batter and then swirled in just about every fruit topping they had, along with some chocolate toppings. It looked like sludge to me…but she ate every bite. I just don’t know about that kid sometimes…

We went back to the hotel again because we watch “Once Upon A Time” on Sunday nights and we were pretty excited that the 3 of us would get to watch it together. We hung out in the lobby, I checked Nanny and I into our flights (too soon…too soon!!) and then while Mom poked around on the computer, Lindsey and I talked to Dad and then plotted and planned what the next vacation would be. You see, we’ve made this pact with one another that no matter what, every other year we will go on a vacation together – just us. No matter what. And I kind of love that about our relationship. I’m really blessed to have such a great relationship with my sister because I know everyone in the world doesn’t get along with their siblings like we do. It’s just one of many blessings. After “Once Upon A Time” went off, we went to eat a later supper at Cheddars and then it was back to the room to pack up, get some sleep and head home. All too soon.

Plotting and making pacts. We’re very good at these things.

Monday morning dawned early and cold – our flight left at 10:25 and it was really all too soon, but as with any vacation you have to take the moments and store them away to cherish. Which is what I’ve done.

It snowed a little bit overnight. Brr!!
Good-bye Colorado…until we meet again, I shall miss you!
Airport artwork in Colorado Springs – it was light and airy, probably because it’s in an “air”port…hehehe
Saying see you again soon – not goodbye!

The flight from Colorado Springs to Dallas was smooth and easy, which was really nice. I can’t say the same for the flight from Dallas to Jackson – it was like being jerked around on the end of a string. Way too much chop for my taste and it made the 55 minute flight seem like it was an eternity. I was so glad to see the ground in Jackson and ready especially to see my pup!

The almost alien looking landscape somewhere in between Colorado and Texas…
The weather was gorgeous in Dallas – if only I could have left the airport to explore…
A bumpy flight…but I got a couple nice pictures.
He was happy I was home and excited to ride about 100 yards in the car to the house. Silly pooch.

Well – I guess that’s it for now. Even though I’ve only had work 4 days this week, it has seemed like one of the longest weeks ever and to be honest, it hasn’t been so great. I’m thrilled that today is Friday and I have big plans for tonight: DOING NOTHING. And I’m going to do so with my lovely little dog, because like me..his week has also been pretty rough. Hope you have had a better week than me and hope that you have a wonderful weekend because I’m certainly going to try.

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