Rain Rain…Go Away…

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Its Sunday afternoon and it is absolutely pouring outside – which made for very good nap weather. It makes all other things not nearly as fun though, when you’re dealing with this kind of rain all you really want to do is curl up at home and just wait for the rain to stop falling. I know that is certainly what my dog plans to do, but I don’t think that really changes for him regardless of the weather. This is another picture heavy post.
I don’t really have too much to tell this week except that I’m glad this week has finally passed. It seemed to be a really long week, in part I’m sure to the headaches that I kept getting every day like clockwork. Thankfully I think I sorted that all out to sinus problems and I think I’ve got everything handled with that. I’m hoping this next week moves quickly – at least until Thursday night. Thursday night I’ll get to Colorado Springs and then everything can really slow down for the weekend so I can soak up time with my sister, my Mom and my Nanny. Feel free to offer up prayers for safe flights for all 3 of us on Thursday as we head out to Colorado Springs and again on Monday as we head home! My Nanny especially as she seems to be extremely anxious about the trip. Now – on to the pictures, which I’ve tried to group together. Sort of.

The cat that hangs around the office – he looks like some kind of vicious predator here…

The tree is STILL up in the office – I tried to make it more February friendly.

I saw this on someone else’s Instagram feed & thought it was really nice. I should remember this; we probably all should.

Tis the season, right? 

Sue Ellen Ewing – I think she may have become my new favorite TV character. She absolutely cracks me up.

Someone got trapped in the bathroom on Thursday when the doorknob came clean off the door. It was only funny because it wasn’t me stuck in there. Not that I haven’t gotten stuck in there before….

An inspirational chant I sent to Lindsey to mutter to herself when having a bad day…

New luggage – a sure sign there is a trip in my future. 

Finally got to see “The Silver Linings Playbook” and it was just as great as I hoped it would be.

Now this is one of the next movies I’m really looking forward to – Leo, you’ve still got it.

Random Acts of Kindness

A random package that came in the mail on Wednesday….

The gift in the package – that made me cry happy tears because of the kind words both on the picture & written in the card.

I placed it in a spot where it could be seen every day. 

This one Daffodil is such an overachiever.

Sunset on the way home Tuesday night

My birdhouse – that I don’t think a single bird has ever taken up residence in.

A very foggy drive to work on Wednesday morning…it was like being in Forks all over again.

The camellia bush at the house next door to the office. SO vibrant!

That over achieving Daffodil again….

Thursday was pretty gray & blah looking too….

A random, long ignored bird bath at the house next door to the office…

Why is there a strand of crazy green confetti on my lawn? Was there a party I didn’t hear about?

A Daffodil in the rain…

The over achieving Daffodil was so tall the wind blew it face down on the porch. Sad.

Green leaves. Raindrops.


A Pinata apple – it was good.

Valentine Sweet Tart gummies – they may be one of the best things about V-Day.

My supper on Tuesday night – BBQ chicken, butter & herb noodles & green beans. It was good. 

Ha-ha, yeah right.

The last 3 of my “fancy” Lindt chocolates. 

I had a headache & I figured that maybe eating would help. It really didn’t but the potatoes were pretty good.

Why are the messages on the Taco Bell sauce so deep? What in the world??

Pintrest Recipe Saturday – Cinnamon Roll Waffles. As you can tell, Watson was ready for his bite immediately. 

Yeah – they were really good too.

Crock Pot Potato Soup. It was a Paula Deen recipe, so that means it wasn’t very healthy…but it was probably gonna be pretty good. 

And it was really good. I’ll make this again.

Fast asleep with both his stuffed animals – he does some funny stuff sometimes.
He acts as the welcoming committee when I come home in the afternoon. It’s kind of nice.
Digging into his bites of chicken & green beans – I was never going to finish it all and he seemed like a better choice than the garbage can.

That face – he uses it when he is begging very hard for something.
Very glad to get the free dog bone in his Pet Meds box. The actual Pet Meds, not so much. O h well…you can’t win em all Watson.
Having a sip of milk on Friday night.
Sleeping on Friday night on the couch…
He thought he might get a sip of Cream Soda or a bite of potato soup…
Terrorized by the thunderstorms on Sunday night.

The End!

One thought on “Rain Rain…Go Away…

  1. you should read Jesus Calling (where that instagram photo was from) it's REALLY good
    I too can't wait for that movie and I really hope I get to watch it with you!!
    love you!


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