The Folks Were in Town – Yahoo!!!

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Oh goodness what a week….or maybe weekend, it has been. The week itself went by fairly quickly until Thursday. It was basically business as usual for me: work in the mornings, walking on the dreaded treadmill when I got home; side note, can I tell you – I hate that thing when I get on it, but when I get off I absolutely love it & feel such a sense of accomplishment. I think I use the thoughts of how good I feel when I get off to keep me going the whole time I’m hating the actual walking. Supper, sometimes TV or reading a good book or a bubble bath…and then of course, to bed to do the whole thing over the next day. I took a couple pictures throughout the beginning of the week…

I will never understand the many odd & varied positions he sits in…but if he’s comfortable, hey – go for it.
Beautiful sunset on Tuesday night. I am getting too brave about snapping pics while driving…
Hot chocolate to ward off the January chill while I read a good book in the evenings – in my Hershey mug!
Watson is always willing to help clean the dishes after supper, especially if it means he gets to sample…
I love this show – read his first book, read his second book…ready to read this one. And yes, he’s crazy. If you’ve never heard of “An Idiot Abroad” you should look it up on You Tube. You’ll crack up, I promise.

Going back to Thursday – because that is when things got a little bit more interesting. I had known for several weeks now that my Dad would be coming to visit me the last weekend in January. I’d decorated the calendar & planned accordingly, I was planning to cook red beans & rice for my Dad…like the sweet daughter that I am. I’d talked to my Mom & we’d have numerous discussions about what in the world she was going to do all weekend on her own – maybe catch up on scrap booking, visit with our friends the Manley’s, sleep late & read all weekend? She had lots of plans & not a one of them involved her being in MS because she just couldn’t get the time off/it cost too much to buy 2 plane tickets. So, I was excited about seeing my Daddy & I knew Momma had plenty to do to keep herself busy. And then there was this conversation on Thursday morning while I was on the way to work…

Natalie: So, what did you do last night if you weren’t watching the Wednesday night comedy shows? Because you were still awake; I saw that you made a comment on Facebook or I wouldn’t have text you that picture…
Mom: Oh, you know I just went to church, took a bath & picked up some, finished packing….*cue intake of breath*
Natalie: Wait, why did you pack if you aren’t going anywhere? Are you COMING HERE? ARE YOU?
Mom: Well crap…yes. It was supposed to be a surprise but I messed that up.

Hilarious, right? She almost made it & I would have completely been floored to open my front door & see both of them standing there…but I was thrilled all the same & went through Thursday grinning like crazy knowing that I’d get to see both my Dad & my Mom!

I had to update the calendar to reflect the exciting news!
He isn’t a very patient waiter – he was ready to see our guests.

Watson almost took down the glass door when he saw that both my parents were standing outside on the porch Thursday night at 11:05. That little dog of mine is absolutely a mess. He was very good about getting back in his bed, but once he was awake on Friday morning his only concern was to be as close to my parents as he could get – which meant getting in my Mom’s lap immediately.

He says “go to work, I’ll stay here & nap in Nana’s lap…”

Mom & I got lunch on Friday at Deli on 5th, where I took a picture of the brownie we had for dessert…but I somehow forgot to load it on here. Oh well, it was delicious for sure. My sweet parents bought me some groceries on Friday afternoon while I was finishing up my work day – my Mom made sure I had plenty of meat & veggies to eat once she was gone; she made sure to get some fruit too. It was so nice to go home & see that someone was there instead of meeting an empty house. We chilled for just a little while before heading off to get Olive Garden for supper & explore Lowe’s! It may not be the Friday night most people dream of, but it’s more than I’ve usually got going on when Friday night rolls around!

I could drink this by the gallon…
Mascato Peach Chicken – this might be my new favorite dish. Seriously amazing.
Someone was excited about his chicken scampi….
Supper with my parents – so wonderful!

I enjoy going to Lowe’s – I like to look at light fixtures, sink fixtures, showers, tile…it is all very thrilling to me. I need to inherit from a rich relative so I can start building my dream home as soon as possible because I’ve already picked out light fixtures, sink fixtures & even some tile back splash. We went to buy a new toilet seat & we were there for over an hour…I had to amuse myself somehow.

Home improvement can be fun…
How can there be a magazine solely devoted to chickens??? I feel like there is only a finite about of knowledge about chickens. Seriously. But those are some awfully cute chicks on the cover.

We also visited Wal Mart, but only for 15 minutes as opposed to over an hour. We stopped by my Dad’s brother’s house to get some tools for my Dad’s Saturday projects & we were able to visit with my Uncle Greg & Aunt J’nett, so that was nice. All I know was by the time we finally got home, I was worn out & ready to crawl into my bed – which is exactly what I did.

Saturday morning coffee apocalypse – it was madness.
Proof that begging always pays off – Watson got a bite of coconut syrup covered waffle.
Breaking in the brand new waffle maker that I got for Christmas. It works very well.

After we had breakfast on Saturday morning, my Dad was all about getting started on his home improvement projects. He gave me an outside water spigot, raked & cleaned up my yard & swept all the limbs off my roof. I’ve got myself a good Daddy y’all…because all I had to do to help was pick up some sticks before Mom & I went to town. I think I got off pretty easy, don’t you? Thank you Daddy!! 🙂

Oh yes…the joy of the pedicure.
I was having a good Saturday – can’t you tell?
Mom was obviously having a good Saturday too.
Mom snacks on a leftover Olive Garden bread stick. Naturally, Watson thinks he needs a bite…
He gets a bite, of course. My Mom is helpless when it comes to his pleas…
Watching the world pass by on the gray Saturday afternoon…
My new ballet flats – aren’t they amazing? I absolutely love them. Thank you sweet parents!
New dresses & a vest!
Lavender – not even sure what the name of this polish was, but I love it.

I spent Saturday afternoon whipping up a pot of red beans & rice for supper, which I think went over well. I certainly enjoyed it. We visited with more family members, ate some yummy desserts & then I crashed. I assume my parents went to bed shortly after I did…but who knows? I was worn out from picking up sticks & being pampered…hahaha.

Precious boy & I in the nursery on Sunday – I love my littles!
Sunday afternoon nap with the cousin…
New flowers for my planter – hopefully they’ll bloom up nicely!
A beautiful vase that my Mom got me from Moonbeams – only $5 & so pretty!
Sitting outside on the porch, Watson continues to refine the art of begging…

The hazard of having my family at home…sweets! Eek!

We rounded out the weekend with church on Sunday night & then eating out with some family friends at the Mexican restaurant that the big city of Collinsville is now sporting. All in all, it was a wonderful week & an even more wonderful weekend. I’ll see my Mom again in just 3 weeks, this time in Colorado Springs. Not sure when I’ll see Daddy again…it’s never really soon enough because I wish I could see them every day. So glad you guys were able to come visit & thank you for being the best parents a girl could ask for. I love you both dearly. Hope you had as good a weekend with me as I had with you!

Now then – I don’t know about all of y’all…but I’m ready to get myself home, get my walking out of the way & get settled on the couch. Dallas premieres tonight & I’m ready to get back to South Fork & see what the Ewing’s have been up to. I love me some John Ross…even if he is the bad boy! 😉

Yum – I’ll take tall, dark & handsome with a cowboy hat please.

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