Sickness, Snow, Stupidity & Sunshine…Finally

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This week has seemed long – it was a week that didn’t start on the best note & while it got a bit better as the week progressed, it had some bumps along the way that weren’t the greatest thing. Life is all about bumps those, you just have to follow the road & hope none of the bumps rattle you too much….& when they do rattle you just a little bit too much & you find you’ve tripped & fell in a puddle…. you readjust & keep on following. You’ll never get where you’re supposed to be if you just stay sitting in the puddle – all that gets you is wet & miserable. No one wants that.

Monday & Tuesday were fairly dismal. I felt like I was getting a cold all of last weekend, but when I woke up on Monday I knew it was more than just a cold. I called the doctor’s office, where they issued a challenge: “Can you be here in 30 minutes?” I told them 40 minutes was doable & then went rushing through the house exchanging pajamas for jeans & a t-shirt, only realizing hours later that I’d never brushed my teeth. Oh well, I felt like crap & so somehow that seemed to justify it. Of course it was pouring rain that felt like ice because it was about 35 degrees outside…you know, the kind of weather that really improves sickness. 2 hours of sitting and waiting later (like, why did they even throw out the challenge of 30 minutes, you don’t ever get called back that quickly) I was told that I had acute bronchitis & drainage. There is nothing “cute” about bronchitis…there was also nothing cute about my face when the pharmacist told me that my meds would be $85. All I knew was I wanted to just get home, take the medicine & go back to sleep. Which is exactly what I did. For 2 days. Cough syrup with codeine in it is genius & my dog; while not nearly as good as nurse as my Mom, was pretty loving.

Prescription meds – they’ll break what little you have in the bank…

My sick day(s) companion – always right there with me.

The many faces of Watson – as he is sitting on the couch with me. Gotta love that little face.

I cooked gumbo Tuesday night – it didn’t really wow me, so there won’t be a post about it.

Sick day goodness – it’s always nice when my Mom slips in a little extra to a package!

I went back to work on Wednesday & while I was done being physically sick, I was still about sick to death of the rain. It rained last week starting on Friday with a brief reprieve on Saturday…but then the heavens opened up & it rained Sunday – Wednesday. And just when you think you can’t take anymore, heaven sends you a nice surprise & that rain turns to snow….which happens once every 3 years here in MS.

Are you kidding me with that forecast? I never thought Thursday’s prediction would come true…

So much rain – I was tired of the dismal, dreary & wet weather.

I’m not going to elaborate on the snow, because I managed to do a whole post on snow on Thursday. It is such a big deal in MS that it warranted it’s own post. Yep!

One snow pic – because there is a whole post about snow.

The blessed weekend somehow seemed to take longer to get here than usual, which makes no sense since I only worked 3 days this week. I think when you’re sick, that somehow makes time move differently. The days that you’re sick are long but the days when you go back to work are somehow longer. I don’t know, but I think that’s how it works. I snagged myself a pizza & some movies for Friday night – my lovely parents gave me a Little Caesar’s gift card, so the pizza was free & fed me for not one, but two meals. Rejoice! I watched “Ruby Sparks” & “Beasts of the Southern Wild” which are both movies that I guess would fall into the independent category; I thought they were both pretty good. I was thoroughly impressed with the little girl in “Beasts of the Southern Wild”…she was pretty fierce to only be 6 years old. Watson’s favorite movie was “Beasts of the Southern Wild” because well, it actually had beasts in it. 🙂

We like to lay on the couch & watch movies…

Friday night eats & entertainment? Check!

Just watching “Beasts of the Southern Wild”…


I have so thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine these past 2 days, it is almost a shame to see the sun set. But thankfully, according to the weather man it will be back tomorrow. Thank goodness.

Baby love always makes things wonderful!

Feeling very tribal with my Uganda beads on this Sunday….

The dangers of leftover goodies at the church – most unhealthy breakfast ever.

“My” boys in the nursery!

As for the stupidity thing – sometimes you realize that something you thought was one thing is actually something else. Maybe you stupidly thought it was the one thing but then you hit one of those bumps in the road that brought you back to reality. But the longer I think about it, it’s actually not me that is the stupid one…so I’m not going to let that little bump in the road bother me anymore. There are much bigger & better things to look forward to & live for – that little bump isn’t going to derail me! So – on to the next week & whatever it will bring.

Oh yeah – I got my hair did. Love it! 🙂

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