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Y’all, it has gone & done something here in MS that it only does once every blue moon…or once every 3 years…you choose. It snowed! It was 70+ degrees on Sunday, rained all day Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday & then this morning, hello Winter Wonderland! Only in MS is it about 70 one day & below 30 just a couple days later. This place is crazy. Crazy weather leads to crazy sickness, but that is for a later post.

I was largely skeptical that it was actually going to snow. My Mom text me on Tuesday & said “the Weather Channel is predicting snow for you guys on Thursday.” I text her back telling her that it would never happen. I even had one of those weird moments last night where you wake from a dead sleep for no reason; once that happened I turned over & peeked out of the blinds – nothing. Still & quiet, not a flake of snow in sight. I mumbled to myself as I turned over to go back to sleep “see, it’s so not going to snow. Well, I was wrong.

The rest of this post is pictures – so enjoy! I’m sure there won’t be anymore because even though it isn’t even noon yet, all the snow at the office has already completely melted. You’d never even know it was snowing two hours ago…

Not what I’m used to seeing outside my windows…but it was nice to see. 🙂
Hello snow! My porch was totally covered…
Watson was completely confused – he just sat & watched the snow fall for 10 minutes.
This is how big the flakes were – about the size of a quarter or a little bit bigger. Huge!
Off he goes, into the snow!

I have to interject here & say that Watson was really apprehensive about all the white stuff at first. He came up the hall & did this long stare out the front door like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was hilarious. He sat at the front door & just watched the snow fall for about 10 minutes, like he was trying to sort out what he was seeing. I put his coat on him so I could walk him to my Grandma’s house – I don’t normally walk him over there, but I wanted to see his reaction – and off we went. At first, he tried to find the spots on the ground that didn’t have snow on them…but after a few seconds, he just took off at a run through the snow & the trees…like he had momentarily gone wild. It was too funny, but I think all he needed was a minute or two & he was done.

I think the 3 on my 2013 looks a little wobbly…oh well, it was cold.
So pretty!
My bottle tree looks extra bright in the snow!
The water from all the rain….frozen solid.
The backyard….
I don’t think this plane is ready for take-off quite yet…
My car was in my “garage” but I stopped at my Nanny’s house for 15 minutes…and this much snow accumulated while I was inside. Yikes!
Oh the joys of driving on slippery, snowy roads. I’d rather not do it again.
Trees on the roadside…so pretty.
I saw these across the highway while I was getting gas. Too pretty not to take a pic of.
The porch railings once I arrived at the office.

It’s almost 3 now…& you’d never know it had snowed a single drop. The snow finally stopped around 10:15 & by the time noon rolled around, you would have thought that we’d gotten a lot of rain, sure…but snow? You’d never guess it. The sun is out (after 5 days, finally!) & the skies are blueish. Only is MS does the weather act this crazy.

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