Auld Lang Syne…

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I actually have no clue what Auld Lang Syne means…so thank goodness for Google. I might not know what lots of things mean without the help of Google, but I digress. Auld Lang Syne means times gone by, but the only time gone by that I’m going to blog about tonight is the New Year’s Eve party I went to last night.

Up until Sunday, I really had no plans for New Year’s Eve beyond spending time with my best friend but then an invitation was extended to come to a party at my friend Hope’s house. A party is almost always a great idea, because who doesn’t love party food, party games & the general merriment that comes along with a party? So at 9:30 we climbed in the car & headed over to Hope’s for some of that aforementioned merriment. There was good conversation, a rousing game of Taboo & great food. It was to David & I’s misfortune that we got the seats that were located directly in front of the sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies & a type of cookie that David so eloquently called “something with a Reese’s cup that is GOOD”. This resulted in sneaking cookies throughout the game & at one point having David whisper to me would I “eat half of one of these cookies, please..” so that he could have just one more. I obliged, because seriously – who can say no to a chocolate chip cookie? There were noisemakers & confetti for the big countdown, as well as numerous sparkling beverages. All in all, it was a ton of fun. Peep the pictures below!

Just playing a little Taboo before midnight!

Making sure this thing works right before the big 1-2-0-0 comes around on the clock.

Happy New Year!

What will 2013 bring for all of us?

I was (blessedly) off work today & so I decided to seize the day & make the red beans & rice that was in my new cookbook. True Blood: Eats, Drinks & Bites from Bon Temps. I love red beans & rice but I’d never gotten my hands on my Mommas recipe, so I thought this was the perfect time to give the recipe in the book a try. These are called All Mixed Up Red Beans & Rice, courtesy of Sam Merlotte – a character played on the show by Sam Trammell. I put my beans in water to soak this morning at around 12:55, right before I fell into bed & my house has smelled delicious all day with this stuff cooking. I realized at about 4:30 that I had no rice, so Watson & I made a run to the Piggly Wiggly to get rice, in the rain. Thank goodness, because it was divine. I’m not posting the recipe since I’m pretty sure that would mean I was violating some kind of copyright law(s)…but I do have pictures of the deliciousness. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty great way to start 2013.

All my ingredients…and my awesome cook book!

All the little beans, just a soakin…

If it has sausage, bacon, bell pepper & onion…it’s probably pretty good.

I felt it was only appropriate to drink out of my Merlotte’s glass while I cooked…

From this…..

To this! 

Oh yeah – it was delicious. If this is what food in Bon Temps taste like, maybe I should move! 😉

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