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My family is here visiting for the next few days & this morning I was marveling as to how Lindsey & I just immediately fall back into our normal, completely goofy routine as soon as we are with one another. We started out goofy way back in the day & we have continued in that fashion ever since…

I started training her early…..

Obviously…the training stuck.

I know we used to fight like cats & dogs; this makes me all the more happy that we’ve got such a great relationship now. I’m lucky to have Lindsey as a sister – because in her I not only got a sister, I also got a partner in crime, a confidant, an ally in the battles against our parents (most of the time) a travel buddy, someone to listen to when things get rough…but mostly I got a best friend. And hey, she has to love me because she’s my sister. Haha! Seriously though – some of our adventures…

Partners in crime…..

We really manage to amuse ourselves fairly well….

I’m sure we were supposed to be behaving for this picture….

We both have excellent taste in men…..

Fashion forward? I certainly think so..this look is Smokey Mountain Hiking Chic!

I think we get it from our Dad…the need to act crazy. See him? He so totally photo bombed us…

We’re definitely party animals….

We are frequently told by our parents when taking pictures “Guys, really? Chill out & act right.”
I think that usually just inspires us to act even more ridiculous…

There really are no words. Because we are just that awesome….

Anyway – hope these pictures gave you a laugh. I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with my sister as I used to, so I’m thankful for the time we get to have together & all the pictures I have that showcase the 21 years we’ve been making memories. Love you Lindsey! 🙂

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