Who’d Have Thought?

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I know – I haven’t written in over a month. I had someone tell me the other day that went to look at my blog every day to see if I’d posted something new…and I always hadn’t. Ouch! I’m sorry about that. I often think I should blog but I can’t think of anything worth sharing & so I don’t write. I just figure no one really wants to read about my random rambling of life…my life; in my humble opinion, is just not that exciting.

I was drinking my daily cup of coffee this morning & thought to myself “Who’d have ever thought I’d become a coffee drinker?” It is always the most random things that get me thinking. I’m sure if you asked; maybe 8-10 people would say that they would have never thought I’d be the person I am today. People would probably say that about most anyone they know – we all look at people & envision in our heads how they are going to turn out. I’m sure my parents didn’t predict that this is who I would be; not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, ha-ha. Anyway, I’m rambling. Like I said, I just get to thinking off on random tangents & wonder how often other people think the way I do; how often other people sit & think about all the attributes that they’d have never thought would be a part of their personality…

June wasn’t that wildly exciting – just another month of doing the daily routines of life. I was looking back in my calendar trying to see what I’d really done that was thrilling…and to be honest, there just wasn’t much. I’d had road trip plans but those fell through & that was pretty much the big thrill that had been planned for the month. June was one of those moments that was about enjoying the little moments in life; because supposedly you will look back & realize that those are the big moments. I saw a few movies, slept late on Saturdays, tried a few new recipes & basically just breezed through the month. This may be kind of sad, but June was exciting because “True Blood” started & for the first time in the 5 seasons the show has been on – I have HBO!! I also got invested in another show; one that I’ve known the theme song to since I could talk. “Dallas” came back on y’all!

New addiction…but I can’t help it, it is in the genes.

Yay – I actually get to watch this season as it happens!

So, now in what is completely just me being silly – I want to know, out of the two pictures that are posted below…who is better looking. You see, my Mom & I have been having a disagreement about which of the Ewings is better looking. I am merely going on looks & I definitely think they are both nice to look at, but one of them has the edge on the other. I’ll let you try to guess who I think is better looking – I’m not going to tell you. We’ll see how well people that read this know me. I will say that my Mom & I disagree on who is better looking (Lindsey disagrees too) and I’ll also say that neither of them can reveal who I think is better looking. Behold:

John Ross Ewing (or Josh Henderson)

Christopher Ewing (or Jesse Metcalfe)

Anyway – now that I’ve submitted that for review, on to other things. I feel like as I’m getting older, I get whiplash because of how quickly the months pass. I am astounded that it is already July! Do you realize as you read this, half of the year has already gone??? Half of the year. I’m just astounded. I don’t know where the first 6 months of the year went & I want to kind of grasp the last 6 months & make them slow down. But that won’t happen…
As an end to this fairly all over the place post, I’ll end with an amusing tale…about what else, my dog. Wednesday was July 4th – yay America! I discovered at the beginning of the year that my dog really doesn’t care for fireworks. I discovered just how much he dislikes them on Wednesday night. Our neighbors decided to shoot off a few fireworks & in between commercials of “Dallas” I was going out on the porch to watch them. When I came back in after one such venture, I discovered that my dog was nowhere to be found. I searched from one end of the house to the other…and could not find him. I’d looked in closets, under the table, in the laundry room…in all the nooks & crannies. I was standing in the middle of my bedroom thoroughly perplexed & I just loudly announced “Watson, where did you go??” In answer to my question, I first saw a foot, then a nose, another foot & then his head…peeking out from under my bed. He slowly scooted out from under the bed…all the while with a terrified expression on his face. Apparently my dog is a total wuss when it comes to fireworks. Bless him. I leave you with a picture of him as he tried to compose himself after scooching out from under the bed.
Bless him…he couldn’t take it.

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