Broken Pieces

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So – this post will probably be short & sweet, but it definitely has a point. I’m a firm believer that the Lord can use anything & everything as a means to speak to a person. This morning I was listening to my Adam Lambert CD (let me assure, the last place I thought I’d get some kind of deep thought) & I was listening to a song called Broken Pieces. The lyrics of the song just really began to stand out to me & as I listened to them, I was so humbled & amazed by the love that Jesus Christ has for us. Let me write some of them here & maybe you’ll see what I mean.

-Broken pieces, break into me…
so imperfectly what you should be…
-I know the battles..of chasing the shadows…of who you want to be.
It doesn’t matter, go on & shatter, I’m all you need.

Those were really the lines that stood out most to me. Because while I’m sure he is singing about the love you might have for a significant other, that is the kind of love that Jesus has for us. He only asks that we come to him the way we are – even if we are broken. Only Jesus can take the pieces of our life & make us into the whole creation that he means us to be. I get so caught up in being the person I feel like I need to be to please my family, my friends, my boss…to please the world. The only person that I need to please is Jesus & all he asks of me is to give him the broken pieces that I have & let him mold my life into the perfect plan that he has for me.

I need to be reminded of that all the time. I’m so concerned with trying to be in control of things & make sure that no “cracks” are showing in the facade that I keep up. The face that says that regardless of what someone might say to me or what someone might do, I can keep it together & put on a perfect show. None of us is perfect & the Creator of the Universe made us that way – so that we would need him to put together the pieces. It’s amazing the things the Lord can use to remind me of little things like that. Of course, the Earth is the Lord’s, as in everything in it – so maybe if I paid more attention to my surroundings, I’d hear his voice in lots of other things. Just thought I share that.

For anyone interested in listening, this is the link to the song – the lyrics as a whole really speak to exactly what I wrote about above.


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