So, in the Meantime

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I feel like the month of January is just a filler month – does that make sense to anyone else? Its the month that comes after the hoopla, excitement & festivities of the past three months. Think about it – you’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years all in quick succession & then…nothing. Nothing but the winter (although here in MS it doesn’t seem very wintry) and days passing on end in mostly gray repetitiveness. Aren’t I a ray of sunshine today? No – I’m actually doing a very good job of blending in with the outside surroundings these days. I’m just passing the time, waiting to see what happens – but I guess that is what we are all doing; that’s what living life is about. Passing time, waiting to see how life unfolds.

The weather as of late..

So, in the meantime, what have I been doing? Like I said – not too much. I spent my Friday two weeks ago with sweet Hayden & Ashlan – they’re always good for laughs, cuddles & a good mood lift. How can you not love setting up a mock battlefield to wage war only to have your hard work crashed by….a giant stuffed fish? Trust me, on the battlefield that Friday night, the real opponent to worry about was not the good guys (Hayden’s soldiers) or the bad guys (obviously mine) but the giant stuffed trout that Ashlan was wielding. It was a quick battle. I saw “Beauty & the Beast” in 3D – that was probably the most well spent $9 that I’ve parted with in a long time. It has easily been my favorite Disney movie since I first saw it when I was 8 – and the number one reason is probably because it is just an amazing story, but I think another reason is because I identify a lot with Belle. I’m a bookworm & even at 27 I still sometimes feel like maybe I just don’t quite fit into my surroundings; I’m also constantly thinking that, much like Belle laments “there must be more than this provincial life”. So, I thoroughly enjoyed my 80 minutes watching it, it looked especially awesome in 3D. Also, how awesome is the scene at the end? If you haven’t seen it – go see it. Rent it. Heck – buy it.

Spoiler Alert – the Beast is actually the hottest Disney prince ever. Yep.
Beyond all that excitement – it has been pretty much run of the mill, day to day life. I started Slim Fast 3 weeks ago & I also started walking on the treadmill. I HATE the treadmill, I do. But I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get off of it, so I guess I’ll keep right on walking & see what happens. I’ve been told that walking will make the weight just fall off. I’ve yet to see that…but it has only been 3 weeks. Maybe by blogging about this I will have some kind of accountability because if by the time summer gets here I’m not any slimmer, all you people who read this (all 6 of you) can tell me that I obviously lied in writing. Is that libel or slander? Oh well…
Want to see what the weather looked like the other night?
It’s the End of the World…

Ok – maybe it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know – I was watching the weather though & it didn’t look like it was so great. I’ve always seen the progression from light green to dark green to yellow to orange to red on the radar…I thought that was as bad as it gets. Who knew that hot pink actually means that you are about to be blown away by a tornado? I didn’t until I saw it on the radar the other night. I am completely terrified of bad weather, so I had a sleepover at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. Even though they (jokingly, I hope) told me they would make a pallet in their bedroom floor (haha guys, funny) I passed & slept on the futon in the bonus room. Thank goodness for box fans & the TV. That box fan was so loud I wouldn’t have heard a tornado if it ripped the roof off the house – and the TV was important because I swear, even when I can’t hear the weather getting bad, it is like I have a built in sensor & I wake up just in time…so I can watch TV & be prepared for the worst. The weatherman kept saying “If you live in a trailer, get out – tornados & straight line winds just shred trailers, find a ditch if possible” & all I could think was “hope I have a home tomorrow morning”. I did – thank the good Lord. I’m about tired of this bad weather & I think if the weatherman says “It’s unseasonably warm for January” (75, gee – you think?) one more time, I might scream. 🙂
The weekend is only a day away & I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. This month has been short on activites, but February is getting ever closer & I’ve got plans for February. Also, seriously – how has almost a whole month already passed this fast? But I digress – I’m gonna watch the series finale of “Chuck” (so sad) & maybe a movie or two, buy some groceries & just chill. I’ll probably end up cleaning something at some point because I’m turning into my Mom & I can’t seem to sit idly by when something needs cleaning. Fear not Mom – that’s not a bad thing. So, until next time…anyone got any suggestions for a good movie to rent?

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