I’m A Bad Blogger

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Well, I’ve just not been so good at this blogging thing for the past two months. I guess I really haven’t felt like I had too much too say. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to say & maybe the things I want to say should really be kept to myself – so maybe it’s a combination of the two. I’ve had things to say, but those things are probably best kept to myself, so that left me with little to write about.

The last time I wrote, I wasn’t yet on my own – my Mom was still with me & we were just rolling along waiting to see when she might leave. My Mom moved to Virginia the first weekend in November & I’ve been trucking along all by myself ever since. I can’t say quite yet how much I like or don’t like it. There are definitely nights when I enjoy knowing that if I want to watch 5 episodes of “Chuck” in a row, then I can do that & no one will complain because the only other living thing in the house is Watson & a couple plants. Watson could care less about “Chuck” or anything else on the TV as long as I let him sit in my lap some & I’m pretty sure the plants should just be grateful they’re still alive. I’m not exactly a green thumb. I’m always thankful for weekend plans – I’ve discovered very quickly that sitting at my house on Friday night & all day Saturday with nothing but a dog to talk to makes me a little stir crazy. I don’t suppose Watson minds though.

Deep Conversation or just begging for food? You decide

Watson seems to be getting even more adept at begging; with my Mom one look did it. I’m not as easy to bribe & so he is getting pretty good at making pitiful faces all in the name of getting a scrap of cheese or a bite of bread. And with all that begging, he still somehow managed to lose 3 pounds in the past few months! The vet said it could have been caused from a change in food or a change in his living situation – which made me think “oh geez, I am literally stressing my dog out to the point that he’s losing weight!” I guess maybe I should give in to those pitiful faces more often. I can’t have him wasting away – without him it would be just me & the plants & while some people talk to their plants, I don’t really think I need to become that person.

I’m settling into my own little routine. I have the day that I do laundry, the day I do cleaning, still trying to figure out when my grocery day will be. It’s interesting settling into a completely new & different lifestyle – especially one where I get to make all the rules.

Thanksgiving Feast!

I got to play hostess at Thanksgiving – my parents came down from Virginia & Lindsey flew in from Colorado & my kitchen was filled with wonderful smells & the warmth of my family. I thoroughly enjoyed the few days we had together & especially enjoyed having a roommate for those few days. Lindsey is a good roomie – she doesn’t hog the covers & she’s good for conversation – although we didn’t actually talk to late into the night since her pneumonia medicine knocked her out pretty fast, ha-ha. I’m looking forward to playing hostess again at Christmas. Which brings me to…

My Christmas Tree!

My first Christmas in my house! I decorated like a crazy person – I have 5 trees in my house. You read that right, 5. I really like Christmas. I’m currently wondering (courtesy of a post on Facebook made by my friend Nickolee) why I can’t just leave my tree up year round & decorate it for each season. That’s probably craziness though. I don’t want to be one of those people that still have their Christmas decorations up in June. I think they probably get some funny looks & I don’t need any of those. I get to play hostess to my family again in about two weeks & I can’t wait to have my tree overflowing with present – which I know it will be doing once my family arrives. Mostly I can’t wait for my house to be overflowing with my family. It gets kind of quiet with just Watson & I.
I’m trying my best to adjust to life on my own. So far, if I’m being honest…it’s just been okay. I don’t think I mind being on my own so much, it’s just knowing that while I’m here by myself I’m missing out on things that my family might be doing in VA or CO without me. I guess that’s just a part of growing up & I’m sure I’ll adjust to it over time. That being said – if you’re reading my blog you can certainly pray not only for me but for my whole family as we make this adjustment to being spread all over the place. It’s a new experience for all of us.
I guess that’s all for now. Just a small update – I’ll try to be better about blogging, especially as the new year starts. I can’t believe we are about to say goodbye to 2011 & move into a whole new year. A year that is sure to be filled with adventure I’m sure. If I’m not back on here before the end of 2011 – hope those of you who read have a wonderful Christmas & a great start to 2012.