Well….It’s Been A While….

So, who knew having a job from 8-5 would take up so much time? 😉 Just kidding. I realized as I sat on the couch tonight that I haven’t updated this thing in a few weeks. I am really enjoying my job & I have a few stories/interesting things to share….because who knew that working at a doctor’s office could be so funny?

1) The person I work for (who shall be called Rick from here on, although some of you probably know who he actually is because you get to hear all my stories at church) is crazy. He is nice crazy, not mean, not hurtful, just crazy. There hasn’t been a day yet when I haven’t come home to tell my parents “you will never believe what Rick did today” & then I go into a comedic reenactment of what he said or did – complete with hand motions, mannerisms & accents. As an example, the conversation we had on Wednesday –
“Rick” – Why are you wearing a raincoat Miss Natalie, it isn’t raining outside, it is snowing…
Natalie – Well, it’s actually a windbreaker, not a raincoat
“Rick” – (looking around in confusion) Is it windy in here Miss Natalie?
Natalie – well….no. I was just chilly
“Rick” – no matter, no matter Miss Natalie. It is a matter of personal preference, jackets.
Like-what was the point of that conversation? I’m pretty sure it only happened to provide me with a funny story to tell after the fact. And he comes out with stuff like this EVERY day. Without fail. Except on Tuesdays & Fridays when he is out of the clinic….hahaha!

2) Who knew there were so many drug addled/drug addictted people in Meridian? I have discovered in my 3 short weeks of work that there are a lot of people who need their medication & they need it bad. And that’s all I’m really gonna say about all that. Craziness.

3) I am so thankful for the other ladies that work at the clinic. They have welcomed me with open arms & been so patient while I am figuring out all the numbers, codes & numerous other tasks that are now a part of my job. I’ve been brought in on the daily ritual of watching “Days of Our Lives” (what is going on with Stefano & Kate???) in the breakroom while we all eat lunch & it is so nice to feel so accepted by all these nice ladies. They are a blessing to me, even if they don’t know it. And I found someone else that watches “True Blood”! When season 4 starts – it is gonna be great to have discussions about that over lunch!

4) Who knew guardian & protector of the Christmas ornaments & the figurines in the Nativity was a part of the job? We’ve had the Christmas decor up a week & I was informed that I would have to watch the tree & the nativity because someone has stolen ornaments off the tree & someone actually took the Baby Jesus from the nativity!! When I asked what type of person steals the Baby Jesus from a nativity scene, I was told very matter of factly “the same kind of person that steals the Glade Plug-Ins from the wall”. Wow. Just wow.

So – I suppose that is about all for now. I’ve let you all in on some delightful antecdotes from my new life as a member of the working 8-5 set. I’m sure the stories will only continue to get more interesting. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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