Five on Friday

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Friday has arrived once more – although given how mixed up this week was, I’m almost not sure exactly what day it is… But the calendar tells me that it’s Friday and so without further ado, I’ll get right down to it!

One. All the Snow – Well, Spring arrived in dramatic fashion here in Northern Virginia. Tuesday morning arrived with ice raining down from the sky; I attempted to make my way in to work on slushy and slick roads, but my office manager called and (thankfully) told me to turn around and head home. The sky continued to leak a weird ice and snow mixture for the rest of Tuesday…

Sometime in the middle of the night on Tuesday, everything falling from the sky turned into snow and when I woke up on Wednesday everything was covered in the white stuff. The snow was wet and heavy and continued to fall all day Wednesday. While the snow blanketing everything certainly makes it look pretty – I’m just ready for warmer weather and some Spring flowers!

Two. Weekend Plans – For the first time in two weeks, I have 0 weekend plans. No movies to see, no outings into DC, no girls night (or late afternoon as it were…) – not a single plan. A part of me is really excited about that and a part of me is wondering what I’ll do with all the free time. One thing I do know is that I am so looking forward to having the opportunity to just lie in the bed on Saturday morning!

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Three. Perfectly Posh Spring Sale – Perfectly Posh is celebrating the arrival of Spring with a sale! Several of Posh’s pampering products are on sale and now is the perfect time to stock up! Some of MY personal favorites are on sale too!

I love Buff Around the Edges body polish; the prickly pear cactus scent is light and the exfoliation is thorough but gentle. Muscle Through is great for sprinkling into your bath after a day of … well for me, snow shoveling, ha-ha! The bath salts have magnesium to soothe and relax tired muscles. I’ve also heard rave reviews about Fake It Til You Make It and Impish Eyes!

If you want to take advantage of the sale, check out my site at

Four. National Puppy Day – Today is National Puppy Day ya’ll! And I think I have just about the best puppy in the world, so of course I had to share another picture with you! This little guy is sweet and cuddly, a little bit mischievous and has more personality in his tail than most people have in their whole body. He’s been adding joy to my life for NINE years now and I hope he’s going to be around for many more!

Five. Baseball is (almost) Back – That’s right folks; this time next week the 2018 baseball season will be underway and I am SO excited! Opening Day is Thursday, March 29th – the earliest it’s been in…maybe ever? Friday will be an off day and then the season really gets rolling! The Nationals start their season in Cincinnati and stop in Atlanta before heading home to take on the Mets, the Braves and the Rockies. My first game is on Friday the 13th and I am counting down the days!

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The 2018 season should be filled with excitement – we have the 4th best pitching rotation in the league (so says, several up and comers that are looking for a chance to shine and Davey Martinez has stepped in as the new manager. DC is hosting the All-Star game this year and I just can’t wait for baseball to be back under way!

That’s all I’ve got for this edition of Five on Friday! If you’re a blogger, feel free to join in and share five things on your mind this Friday! Everyone have a good weekend!

Watson Wednesday

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We’ve been living the lazy life here the past two days – Tuesday was filled with lots of ice and a little snow, which transitioned to nothing but snow overnight and is going to keep coming down until 10:00 tonight! Watson is great at snow days – he loves to sit on top of the fire and keep warm…

And – a little comparison shot from the first day of Spring two years ago and the first day of Spring this year. My how different those pictures are! Snow is lovely, to be sure – but I certainly like the sunshine and blue skies a bit more!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Another Weekend Recap

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Another weekend has come and gone – much too fast for my liking! I feel like the weekend passed in a blur and I am sorely looking ahead to the three day weekend coming up next weekend. I’m thankful for Good Friday for so many reasons – and while a day off from work is the least important of those reasons – I’m still very thankful for it.

Friday after work, I had to contend with a company charging my account for a purchase that I did not authorize (isn’t that always fun?) and so it took a little bit away from the early start to the weekend. Not to be deterred from enjoying the weekend, I sorted that nasty business out and then headed to the Alamo to meet my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy for a little dinner and a movie!


Jimmy is closing in on eleven and I always thought he hated taking pictures with me at the movies…but he took this picture with HIS phone and text it to me. We saw Tomb Raider and I mentioned in my Friday post that I knew nothing about the franchise, but I really enjoyed the movie and I’m glad to see it looks like they’ve left the ending open so that more films can be added. When I got home, I did a little reading before falling asleep.

Saturday morning was bone-chillingly cold; I sipped my coffee in front of the fire before throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt (with some green on it) and making my way to the salon to get my hair done. I spent the next three hours in various states of foil, funny smelling liquids and stints under the heater…but the final results were quite worth it! And I enjoyed catching up with my friend Melissa, who also happens to be my hair dresser!

After heading home to grab some lunch, I left once again and met up with my friends to explore a couple shops and get some dinner. We ate at a fairly new wood fired pizza restaurant called Oak Stone and the food was delicious! The pizza I got was called the Tijuana and had spiced beef, Monterrey jack cheese and a swirl of sour cream on top – it was so yummy! I got a cup of tomato asagio bisque soup to start and it was also to die for…and later in the evening, my Mom gifted me a lovely green macaron – in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, of course.

Sunday dawned absolutely gorgeous and of course, Watson made sure to take advantage of every available spot of sunshine to lay down and soak it all in…

After church we grabbed burgers and fries from Five Guys for lunch and then headed home to change and pick up the pup. We drove over to the Arboretum for some time wandering around in the glorious weather – it was sunny and almost sixty degrees! Watson loved every minute of his chance to explore and rolled around in the grass, greeted every stranger we came in contact with and generally just enjoyed life.

We drove the loop road around the Arboretum on our way out and while I don’t think Watson would ever hop right out the window – he certainly made sure to get as much of himself out of the open window as possible. I kept a hand on him and when I finally had to roll up the window, he proceeded to plop right down on my chest and make himself comfortable.

Our final stop en route to the house was Baskin Robbins – for ice cream I didn’t need but…man was it ever delicious! I got mint chocolate chip and cannoli, both were divine but my favorite was the mint chocolate chip – so, so good!

I passed the rest of the evening reading on the deck and then reading curled up on my couch. I had some leftovers for supper, took a bubble bath and had a nice chat with my Mom. The weekend ended far too soon for my liking – but then, that always seems to be the case. Oh well, the good thing about weekends is that they come around every five days.

Five on Friday

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How is it already the middle of March? What in the world is going on with how quickly time moves? I know…I say something along those lines every other week! I just can’t believe it’s already mid-March! I’m sure I’ll be just as stunned when the year continues to whirl past, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there!

It’s Friday and it’s time for another edition of Five on Friday. I try to post about five things on my mind each Friday – and you can join in if you’d like! I link up with three other blogs; two of which I actually read, Smidge of This and Carolina Charm. If you’d like to blog about your very own Five on Friday, join in and use the logo below!

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One. Winter’s Last Stand – It would seem that while the first day of Spring is showing up on my calendar as Tuesday, March 20th…Winter isn’t quite ready to let go of Northern Virginia. The weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday is snow…something like 5-8 inches of snow! While we haven’t actually had any level of snow that was substantial this Winter and I like to see at least one good snow, I’d prefer it not happen on the first day of Spring! Perhaps this is Winter’s last stand and after this, Spring will arrive?

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Two. Tomb Raider – I’m going to see Tomb Raider tonight and I know absolutely nothing about it. I have never seen the movies that starred Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft and the only notion I have of the movie is that it’s based on a video game… to me it looks like she’s a female Indiana Jones or something? I don’t know, ha-ha! It looks good though and I’m going to enjoy eating some good Alamo food and spending time with my friend!

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Three. A New Hairdo – Well…this was supposed to happen last week but it turns out I wasn’t booked on my stylist’s calendar correctly. I had huffy feelings and it was definitely a thing (I probably made it too much of a thing…) but that’s water under the bridge. I’m finally getting my hair “did” on Saturday morning and I am so looking forward to it. Maybe it’s a girl thing, but getting a new hairstyle always makes me feel so good! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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Four. Girl’s Night – Saturday evening I’m going out with some friends from work and I am so looking forward to it! We don’t have anything too crazy planned; we are planning to try out a new wood fired pizza spot and peruse some of our favorite shops. However, we always have fun when we are together and so I know Saturday night will be fun and relaxing… and of course, it’s St. Patrick’s Day… so that could fun too!

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Five. Sunshine – Having said all this…it looks like Sunday is supposed to be 55 and sunny with not a cloud in the sky, so maybe it will feel a little bit like Spring…before Winter rears it’s head again? Oh well, I suppose you’ve got to take what you can get when you can get it…

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And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday – hope you have a nice weekend planned; a weekend that’s filled with coffee and some relaxation, mine certainly has those elements! Bye for now!

Ten Years Old

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Yesterday was Watson Wednesday … but today is Watson’s birthday. When Watson “magically” appeared way back in 2009 and I took him to the vet, they told me that he looked to be about a year old. I don’t have any actual idea when he was born but to commemorate the day/season he came into my life, I decided March 15th would be his birthday.

He arrived on the scene incredibly skinny, with sores under his legs but his sunshine-y personality intact. After 6 weeks of posting flyers inquiring about his owner, I (happily) gave up the search and claimed him for my own.

He plumped up nicely under my care and although it took a little while to coax him out of his shell, with time and love, he became the most precious little companion. He has proven over and over how smart he is, he’s loving and especially fierce when it comes to his people but he never meets a stranger.

One of his favorite pastimes is taking a nap and he can be found most days in one of the many spots that he loves to sleep in. He’ll nap in the middle of a rug, curled up in the sunshine outdoors, in one of the multiple beds that he has and in his personal favorite spot – the center of my bed, under the covers if he can manage to maneuver them! He is a lover of all things comfortable.

Watson is also a great adventurer – he’s always up for a ride in the car and whether that ride lasts 5 minutes or 5 hours (or more…), he is always up to explore new places. When we made the move from Mississippi to Virginia, I was worried as to how he’d react but he has flourished and loves being near family and exploring all that Virginia has to offer. He has taken especially well to having four seasons to thrive in – snow is something he seems to enjoy more than I’d have ever imagined. Diving through drifts make him supremely happy.

In short – I can’t believe this little guy is already ten years old. He has been the best little dog a person could ever have and while I know that he’s getting older, I do so hope he has plenty of years left. He is one of a kind and will be irreplaceable one day. I love him so and can’t believe he’s already ten!


Happy Birthday to my Watson!