Five on Friday…Sort of…

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Can you believe there are only two weekends left in the month of June? I can’t – but then again, I always seem to be blown away by how quickly time flies! I’m especially mind-boggled since June had five weekends instead of four…and yet here we are, on the cusp of the second to last weekend of the month!

Shall we get right into things? It’s Friday, so it’s time for Five on Friday! I share about five things on my mind on this Friday and if you blog, you’re welcome to join in! Let’s go!



One. Summer is Here – Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer! While it’s not my favorite season(that would be Autumn)…it earns the second place spot. Summer has baseball, vacations (usually), warmer weather…I could really go on and on. While it doesn’t hold the same joy of long days of doing nothing that it did when I was a child (#adultingishard), I love the longer days and the joy of sipping a cool drink in the shade of the deck after work.

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Two. I ❤️ Chris Pratt – Not only is Chris Pratt handsome, hilarious, a talented actor and a doting Dad to his sweet son, he also loves Jesus and proclaims it proudly. It’s so refreshing and inspiring to see a man of God speak out about his faith in such a public setting – gotta love that!

Three. Weekend Things – June has been a really “slow” month for me…at least where weekend plans are concerned. I do have plans to have dinner with some friend tomorrow night, but that’s really the only thing on my calendar and that’s so unusual for me! I would like to go see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom but beyond that, the weekend is pretty wide open for me. I’m sure I’ll find something to get into!



And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday – I can’t even think of five things, so I put three and it’s Friday Favorites instead of Five on Friday, ha-ha! Y’all have a good weekend and enjoy this second to last weekend of June… July will be here before you know it!


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Another weekend has come and gone – a weekend that unfolded a bit differently than expected, but when unexpected things happen – you just roll with it. I finally saw Deadpool (it was hilarious) and passed my Friday night with dinner out with my family, watching the Nationals play baseball (rather poorly) on TV and just poked around for most of the evening.

I woke up on Saturday morning at 6:40 AM and couldn’t ever quite go back to sleep, so I finally got up around 7:45 and discovered my Mom had been left to run the garage sale on her own because my Dad was called in to work… I had my coffee and proceeded to pass the morning going in and out to sit with my Mom, walk my pup and just take in the nice weather. Around 11:00 Watson and I made a run to grab lunch from Burger King and we all munched on our burgers in the garage together – even Watson got a few bites!

Shortly after noon, I went to get my hair cut and had a lovely time chatting with my friend Melissa while she did my hair for me! Mid-way through my hair cut, my evening plans were unexpectedly cancelled and so once I got home, I course corrected a bit and ended up spending my afternoon perusing Target with my Mom, getting ice cream and grabbing some groceries before heading home and taking a nap.

Now – I wouldn’t normally take a nap at 5:00 in the afternoon, but I’d been dealing with a headache for almost 48 hours and the medicine I took…thinking it was non-drowsy…was very much the kind of medicine that makes you drowsy! Whoops! We grilled kabobs and had dinner on the deck together – not the way I thought my Saturday evening would be unfolding, but it was nice all the same.

I joined my parents at a church they visited on Sunday morning – it was Father’s Day after all and I felt I should spend most of it with my Father, ha-ha! We had dinner at Carrabba’s and went to see Oceans 8, my Dad loves a movie with Sandra Bullock in it. The rest of the day passed quickly – Sundays always seem to fly by – but I took a bubble bath, washed some clothes, read a bit and watched Westworld before calling the weekend done.

Five on Friday

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Oh yahoo – Friday has come once again! This week hasn’t been long or arduous in any way but I’m always glad to see the weekend arrive again, if only because I get to sleep late tomorrow and I do love sleeping in, ha-ha! Five things that I’m loving or excited about on this Friday…take a look!

Flora Boom

One. Lore – I listen to quite a few podcasts and most of them are related to shows I watch…and most of the shows I watch are ending for their seasons, so I went looking for a new podcast to listen to. I like history and true crime…and while searching this section of iTunes podcast library, I stumbled on the podcast Lore by Aaron Mahnke – the winner of The Best of 2015, The Best of 2016 and Best History Podcast of 2016.

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The description of the podcast reads: Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the people, creatures and places of our wildest nightmares. Each episode examines a new dark historical tale in a modern campfire experience. It’s so good and only (to me – a self-proclaimed pansy) mildly spine-tingling to me!

Two. Dresses Y’all – I love a good dress and I know that when my Mom reads this (hey Momma *waving*) she’ll say that the last thing I need is another dress, but I just love them! There are two on Amazon that I have my eye on and both have really excellent reviews, so I think I might push the button and order both of them…

The great thing about ordering them from Amazon Prime is that if they don’t work out (*sad face*), they offer free returns, so I can send them back with no fuss and get my money back just as easily! So, maybe I’ll be adding two cute maxi dresses to my wardrobe over the weekend!

Three. New Hairdo – I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and I cannot wait! Earlier in the year I added some lighter pieces to my hair and while I loved it when I first had it done, as the past couple months have passed… my love (like my hair color) has faded. I know that lightening your hair damages the hair, but as much as I’ve changed the color of my hair I’ve never really seen any signs of damage, until this time. I’m planning to get my hair cut into a lob (long bob) and hopefully that will remove the damaged ends. I haven’t decided what to do after that, but for now I’m just looking forward to shorter, healthier (hopefully) hair. My inspiration is below – so we shall see!


Four. Weekend Plans – I don’t have too much on the agenda this weekend…but I do have plans on Saturday evening (that are still being formulated). This evening is pretty open and beyond getting dinner with my family, I’m not sure what else will unfold. Saturday is my neighborhood’s yard sale and so I’ve contributed some things here and there – who knows, perhaps I’ll end tomorrow with some extra pocket change? I’m getting dinner tomorrow evening with a life long friend and I have no idea what Sunday will hold – but it’s Father’s Day, so I suppose my sweet Dad will get to make the call on Sunday’s activities.

Five. Watson (but not Wednesday) – I found some pictures of Watson from our road trip/move from Mississippi to Virginia on my Time Hop yesterday and I just couldn’t resist sharing them here. I didn’t know it at the time but my pup really is such a good traveler – he likes to sit in the front seat, take in the scenery, take long naps and maybe get a bite of french fry or cheeto if you’ve stopped for snacks.


That’s it for this week! The weekend ahead looks gorgeous (if hot…) and I can’t wait to see what it will have in store! Y’all have a great rest of Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Four Years

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I haven’t been blogging for four years – although that would make perfect sense, wouldn’t it? I’ve lived in Virginia for four years as of today! Originally I’d had a plan to write a long and winding post about the past four years but I don’t know that I could put down in words all the memories I’ve made over the past four years. So – a gigantic picture collage it is! Behold…

The past four years have been filled with so many wonderful memories and even now, I am still meeting new people and forging new relationships – and while life in Virginia after four years doesn’t always look like I imagined it might (and let’s be honest, when does life really look the way YOU imagine it?), it always looks like a life filled with happiness and so much joy.

I look forward to what the next four years…and hopefully so many more here in Virginia have in store.




Watson Wednesday

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It’s Wednesday and I snapped a little picture of Watson doing what he does best – soaking up the sunshine on the back deck. I had to fancy it up with some Snap Chat filter(s), of course!

Making the Best of Things

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Well – this weekend recap had the potential to be filled with pictures of nature’s grandeur but for multiple reasons, I opted out of going to New York and Ontario for the weekend – and so my weekend was a bit…simpler, if you will. It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my weekend but I did feel a sense of regret at having chosen not to go – I’ve never seen Niagara Falls and now that item will stay on the bucket list just a bit longer, I suppose.


I’d had plans to go to a Nationals game on Friday night but they fell through around mid-day last Monday and so I made some new Friday night plans – going to see Oceans 8 with my friends from work. We were lucky to be able to leave work early on Friday, so we spent some time at my house chatting and perused a favorite local store, Lantz’s Pharmacy, before heading to the Alamo to catch the movie. After it was over, I headed home and caught up on The Handmaid’s Tale before reading until after midnight…

Saturday was a gorgeous day – my dog reveled in the sunshine, I think he spent almost the entire day outside in the backyard and lounging on the porch. I had my coffee and ate some breakfast before walking about 2 miles with Watson…even though we set out on our walk around 10, it warmed up pretty quickly on Saturday and by the time we returned to the house, I might as well have been panting like Watson was!

After taking a shower and having lunch, I alternated between watching the Nationals game and sitting on the deck reading The Winter Garden. Around 2:00 I made a quick Target run for milk and Cool Whip (essentials, you know…) and also picked up a pair of flip flop/sandals to replace a pair of Sperry flip-flops that I have practically worn out. It was probably the quickest Target run I’ve made in ages – I left Watson lounging on the deck and I’m pretty sure he never moved in the 45 minutes I was gone!

My friend Katie came over on Saturday night for dinner – I did BBQ pork and baked beans, she brought a salad and we spent most of the evening chatting on the porch…until a storm blew in and chased us indoors. When the rain shower passed, there were two gorgeous rainbows, the temperature had cooled off and it was incredibly nice outside! Katie left around 8:00 so she could be home in time to kiss her sweet baby goodnight and I decided to start watching the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’d been fighting a headache all evening and so I finally gave in around 10:30 and just went to bed.

Sunday started out rather dreary and the sun couldn’t quite decide if it wanted to show it’s face – rain was predicted for Sunday afternoon, but I was hoping the sun would show up for the first part of the day. It never did; the day proceeded to be gloomy right up until the rain started. I went to church and then made the ever important decision between Taco Bell or Burger King for lunch – Taco Bell was the winner – before heading home.

I watched the final episode of the miniseries Patrick Melrose while finishing my lunch and Watson settled himself on the deck couch to nap – he gave me the above look when I came outside to finish up reading my book. Knowing that rain was coming, I covered the furniture and coaxed Watson indoors, where we both took Sunday afternoon naps – mine was rather short, it may have lasted about twenty minutes. When I woke up, it was raining and try as I might to fall back asleep – it just wasn’t happening.


I’d left the umbrella on the deck open and it allowed me to sit at the table and sip my afternoon coffee while the rain fell – which I thought was absolutely wonderful! Watson did not understand why he couldn’t sit outside with me while it rained…hence the look of disgust he is giving me in the above picture.

Once the rain passed, the sun came out and we wandered the neighborhood a few times, I made some dinner and cleaned up around the kitchen… I also took a bubble bath and got myself settled in for Westworld at 9:00 – a really excellent episode, I might add. When it was over, Watson and I made our way downstairs and into bed.

Not a bad weekend by any means but I did find myself, at multiple points throughout the weekend wishing I’d chosen differently. Oh well – such is life I suppose and another week is here once again, which will bring another weekend with choices to make and things to do.